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πŸŽ‘ ~ Amedira ~ 🎏

Go check out Ahnn which my other model

Gawr Rain Sunflower Miko Miku Ina'Nis Flat

↑ bV3

🎈 ❱ A model merge using clip transfer and more

This model is capable of doing multiples styles, such as flat and 2.5d.

You can also prompt Hololive vtubers with their danbooru tags (you will need to prompt their outfit too for some of them).

And it is somewhat compatible with LoRA and lyCORIS.

Every models in this repository should be made using some sort of clip transfer, except if said otherwise.

πŸ“₯ ❱ Downloads section

These are the models I have merged and published

bV retains most of AuroraOne features

bV2 and 2.5 are somewhat competent Models

bV3 is a big improvement in my opinion

cV is a mix of both bV3 and Counterfeit 3

mV is a very good model made with more MeinaMix 10

Don't hesitate to try the inpainting versions on InvokeAI canvas.



The Dreams variant are experimental/accidental merges that I keep because they have unique styles.


These are somewhat obsolete because of ControlNet

🧬 ❱ Usage

Positive prompt

Add the following string of text to the start of your prompts.

sle, masterpiece, detailed background, mksks style

You can add this next string to get a flat shading style.

(flat color, pastel style, black outlines:1.2), sketch

Negative prompt

(worst quality, low quality:1.2), [an10:fcNeg-neg:8], (etone:0.4),
nsfw, lowres, bad hands, bad anatomy, watermark,

negative_hand-neg isn't needed but can be added before etone

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πŸ₯ ❱ Credits

⚜️ ❱ Legal Thing

You are free to use this model locally but
1. You aren't allowed to redistribute on another platform. (like CivitAI or Tensor.Art)
2. I am not responsible for how this model is used to generate images.
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