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Soushiki (葬式)

The model some previously may have downloaded as `9-AAAAAAA` is now renamed to SoushikiV0.9.

For 1.0 I very slightly slightly increased finger separation (it doesn't necessarily mean better hands, rather it's less likely that hands become an eldritch mess).
I bumped the vibrance a bit.

Do not hang up on the versions too much, 0.9 might be more to your liking.



Use whatever the fuck you want.
I keep my negative to low quality, worst quality, and usually use DPM++ 2M Karras or Restart samplers at 20-25 steps with 5-10 cfg. kl-f8-anime2 or a variant for VAE.


Yet another fairly shizo merge. I started off from Gishiki, adding elements I liked from CTD's lovely connectmix3 and Jemnite's amazing TangYuanV3.
This time I also utilized some artist LoRA and some diffLoRA to push the textures, contrast, details noise offset and such into directions I wanted.
The artstyle loras were mostly mine, but I got some off of Derrian and one anon.
I consider this less style neutral from what I usually go for, but I had no trouble using LoRAs with it.
This is a product of autistic XYZ comparison and abusing supermerger and I find it satisfying for now.

does this have new holos

No, I can't be arsed to make a finetune from scratch, maybe sometime in the future that will change.
Use this or whatever for holo advent https://huggingface.co/Aotsuyu/LoRA/blob/main/characters/%5Bchars%5D%20holoadventv5.safetensors

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