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Adapter AdapterHub/xmod-base-bn_IN for AdapterHub/xmod-base

An adapter for the AdapterHub/xmod-base model that was trained on the bn/cc100 dataset.

This adapter was created for usage with the Adapters library.


First, install adapters:

pip install -U adapters

Now, the adapter can be loaded and activated like this:

from adapters import AutoAdapterModel

model = AutoAdapterModel.from_pretrained("AdapterHub/xmod-base")
adapter_name = model.load_adapter("AdapterHub/xmod-base-bn_IN", source="hf", set_active=True)

Architecture & Training

This adapter was extracted from the original model checkpoint facebook/xmod-base to allow loading it independently via the Adapters library. For more information on architecture and training, please refer to the original model card.

Evaluation results


Lifting the Curse of Multilinguality by Pre-training Modular Transformers (Pfeiffer et al., 2022)

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