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AGI ML Pipelines, Ambient IoT AI, Behavior Cognitive Memory AI, Clinical Medical Nursing AI, Genomics AI, GAN Gaming GAIL AR VR XR Simulation AI, Graph Ontology KR KE AI, Languages NLP AI, Quantum Compute GPU TPU NPU AI, Vision Image Document Audio Video AI Pipelines, Bias Equity Fairness Explainable AI, Art Music Video Creative AI for STEM and K-12 Education, AI Teaching By Example, Pain to Joy to Superpowers AI

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This classroom is a public open source forum to create and teach AI together. Our goal is turning Pain to Joy and ultimately creating Superpowers for those in need. More info and long term documentation of our progress is at 🌲 Yggdrasil Yggdrasil 🌲
Intended audience are those interested in learning, or teaching AI and creative technologies for health care and clinical experts, but making it fast and easy to meet goals of anyone interested in learning new technologies like the 🥇Huggingface AI Platform🥇, Streamlit, Gradio, ML Models, Datasets and 🥇HF Spaces🥇.


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