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01.AI is founded by Dr. Kai-Fu Lee and venture-built by Sinovation Ventures AI Institute. The company’s global ambition is to build cutting-edge large language model technology and software applications in the AI 2.0 era. The core focus of 01.AI platform is to develop industry-leading general-purpose LLM, followed multi-modal capabilities incorporating image, speech, video, and others. In the consumer applications area, 01.AI is actively exploring AI for productivity, social, and innovative user engagements that may lead up to a new AI 2.0 super app. 01.AI is also open to exploring enterprise solutions that may benefit industries by introducing generative AI and LLM technologies. Over time, 01.AI also plans to launch open-source models, platform middleware, and developer tools to help foster the ecosystem. 01.AI team firmly believes that the new AI 2.0 trend is revolutionizing technology, platforms, and applications at all levels. Just as Windows popularized PCs and Android boosted the mobile internet, we predict that AI 2.0 will create a platform opportunity ten times larger than the mobile internet, rewriting all software and user interfaces. This trend will give rise to a new wave of AI-first applications and AI-driven business models. We anticipate that this new AI 2.0 platform will effectively enhance human productivity and create significant economic and social values, realizing 01.AI’s vision of AI


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