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SwapAnything is a new method that allows swapping any object in an image with personalized concepts given by a reference image.

Key points:
1️⃣ It uses pre-trained diffusion models to enable precise and high-fidelity object swapping in images.
2️⃣Targeted variable swapping ensures perfect background preservation while swapping specific areas.
3️⃣SwapAnything achieves good results in single-object, multi-object, partial-object, and cross-domain swapping tasks.

Paper: SwapAnything: Enabling Arbitrary Object Swapping in Personalized Visual Editing (2404.05717)
Project page: https://swap-anything.github.io

Congrats to the authors for their work!
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Anthropic introduces "Many-shot Jailbreaking" (MSJ), a new attack on large language models! MSJ exploits long context windows to override safety constraints.

Key Points:
* Prompts LLMs with hundreds of examples of harmful behavior formatted as a dialogue
* Generates malicious examples using an uninhibited "helpful-only" model
* Effective at jailbreaking models like Claude 2.0, GPT-3.5, GPT-4
* Standard alignment techniques provide limited protection against long context attacks

Paper: https://www.anthropic.com/research/many-shot-jailbreaking
More details in my blog: https://huggingface.co/blog/vladbogo/many-shot-jailbreaking

Congrats to the authors for their work!


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