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Can you merge models of different sizes? ⚗️

Well, yes, if the models are somewhat compatible. Here is an experiment I did. I wanted to merge two of the best performing models: mlabonne/NeuralBeagle14-7B and jeonsworld/CarbonVillain-en-10.7B-v4

Here is my recipe:
1. Expand the layers of NeuralBeagle to 10.7B ala frankenmerge.
2. DPO-tune the previous model with a high-quality preference dataset, argilla/distilabel-intel-orca-dpo-pairs
3. Merge the previous model with CarbonVillain (needs —allow-crimes in mergekit! 🔪)

And here is the resulting model, CarbonBeagle-11B, which ranked top in the leaderboard for its size class: