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🕵️‍♂️💻 Verifiers for Code

Verifiers for Code is an organization dedicated to developing cutting-edge models and datasets for code generation tasks. Our primary offerings include:

🏆 CodeNet-16K Dataset

CodeNet-16K is a carefully curated dataset consisting of 16,500 Python attempts from the CodeNet dataset. The dataset has been meticulously filtered and deduplicated to ensure a high-quality resource for code generation tasks. It includes:

  • Problem descriptions
  • Input/output descriptions
  • Sample test cases
  • Submission attempts
  • Detailed plans for each problem (available in CodeNet-Planner)

📊 Dataset Breakdown

Field Description
problem_id Unique identifier for the problem
problem_description Detailed description of the problem
input_description Description of the input format
output_description Description of the expected output format
samples Sample test cases with input and expected output
submission_id Unique identifier for the submission attempt
status Status of the submission (Accepted, Runtime Error, Wrong Answer)
attempt The actual code submission
plan Detailed plan for solving the problem (in CodeNet-Planner)

🦙 LlamaPlanner Model

LlamaPlanner is a fine-tuned version of Meta's Llama-8B model, specifically designed for generating high-quality plans for code generation tasks. The model was trained on CodeNet-16k and leverages Parameter Efficient Fine-Tuning (PEFT) to achieve performance comparable to much larger models by generating high-quality plans for models to follow.

🎯 Model Details

  • Base Model: Llama-8B Instruct
  • Fine-Tuning Approach: Parameter Efficient Fine-Tuning (PEFT) using Unsloth
  • Training Data: CodeNet-16k
  • Training Infrastructure: H100-SXM5 GPU
  • Evaluation Benchmarks: HumanEval and EvalPlus

🔍 How to Use Our Resources

CodeNet-16K Dataset

from datasets import load_dataset

codenet16k = load_dataset("verifiers-for-code/CodeNet-16K", split="train")
codenet_planner = load_dataset("verifiers-for-code/CodeNet-Planner", split="train")


import transformers
import torch

model_id = "verifiers-for-code/Llama-3-LlamaPlanner"

pipeline = transformers.pipeline(
    "text-generation", model=model_id, model_kwargs={"torch_dtype": torch.bfloat16}, device_map="auto"

prompt = "Generate a plan for a program that sorts an array of integers in ascending order."

📜 Citation

If you use our resources in your research or applications, please cite them using the provided BibTeX entries:

  title={CodeNet-16K: A Curated Dataset for Code Generation},
  author={Chinta, Abhinav and Shashidhar, Sumuk and Sahai, Vaibhav},
  title={LlamaPlanner: A Fine-Tuned Llama-8B Model for Effective Plan Generation in Code Generation Tasks},
  author={Abhinav Chinta and Sumuk Shashidhar and Vaibhav Sahai},

🙏 Acknowledgements

We would like to thank tMeta, and the open-source community for their invaluable contributions to the development of large language models and their applications in code generation tasks.