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A newer version of the Gradio SDK is available: 4.38.1

title: 📺RTV🖼️ - Real Time Video AI
emoji: 🖼️📺
colorFrom: purple
colorTo: yellow
sdk: gradio
sdk_version: 4.4.0
pinned: false
license: other
  1. Process Images in real time with prompts:
  2. Example:
  • Elves Toy Factories North Pole Christmas Magic Elf Happy Magical Toy Robots Polar Bears Creatures Winter Streets with Holiday Festivals Christmas Present Lists Toys Candy Books Christmas Fun Facts Happy New Years
  1. Add prompt here and download images:
  2. Load images to 01.png thru 09.png below
  3. Rebuild

One of the greatest new generative AI models. This model is being tested to generate Christmas themed videos including:

  1. Reindeer
  2. Sunset and Sunrise views of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  3. Saint Nicholas
  4. Elves and Toy Factories
  5. Polar Bears, and Other Winter Creatures
  6. Winter Streets with Holiday Festivals
  7. Christmas Present Lists Toys and Candy
  8. Books of Christmas with Fun Facts
  9. Happy New Years!

-In this is implemented here and will cache the examples and process while loading creating 4 second videos for each image: