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{"name": "Al", "url": "", "text": "Al\n\"Red door!\"\nAl was a chauffeur in the employ of the Silver Mustang Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.\nBiography\nAl was assigned to drive home \"Dougie Jones\" (actually Dale Cooper) one night after Cooper won several hundred thousand dollars at the casino's slots machines. Cooper could only say that his house on Lancelot Court had a red door. As they drove down the street, Al struggled to make out the doors on each house, saying that it was hard to see without the sun. Finally, he spotted the correct house and pulled over. Cooper exited and stood, silently, holding his winnings, so Al exited the car and agreed to wait with him as long as necessary. An owl flew overhead, hooting, and Al remarked that he found them \"spooky.\" Finally, Janey-E Jones emerged from the house and slapped Cooper, screaming at him for disappearing without warning. Al apologetically explained that he had been assigned to drive Dougie home, and promptly left.\nThe following week, Al picked up Cooper at the Lucky 7 Insurance office, and recalled him as the \"red door\" man. Instead of driving to Santino's as Cooper had been promised, Al drove him out into the desert, where Rodney and Bradley Mitchum were waiting to kill him. However, they were allayed when they discovered Cooper had brought them a cherry pie."}