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🤗 PEFT v0.10.0 release! 🔥🚀✨

Some highli📝ghts:
1. FSDP+QLoRA and DeepSpeed Stage-3+QLoRA
2. Layer expansion + LoRA
3. DoRA support for Conv2D layers and quantized bitsandbytes layers
4. New LoftQ utility
5. Batched inference for mixed LoRA adapters.

http://Answer.AI team in collaboration with bitsandbytes and Hugging Face 🤗 open sourced code enabling the usage of FSDP+QLoRA and explained the whole process in their insightful blogpost This is now integrated into Hugging Face ecosystem.

For an end-to-end example on FSDP+QLoRA, please refer

For an end-to-end example on DeepSpeed Stage-3+QLoRA, please refer

With the PR these changes are now upstreamed in thanks to Wing Lian ! 🚀

Kudos to http://Answer.AI team, Titus von Köller , Younes Belkada, Benjamin Bossan and Zachary Mueller for all the help without which this couldn't have been possible. 🤗

For efficient depthwise layer expansion akin to passthrough method of mergekit but without using additional memory and attaching LoRAs to it, refer to the details below! 🔥

Now DoRA is supported for Conv2D layers as well as bitsandbytes quantized layers ✨. For more details, please refer the below thread.

Now you can mix different LoRA adapters in a batch during inference which speeds-up the inference by avoiding computation of base model multiple times which would be the case for adaptive inference with batch_size=1! ⚡️.
Details below.

LoftQ reduces quantization error by appropriately initializing the LoRA adapter weights. Normally, this is a two-step process. Benjamin Bossan
added new util replace_lora_weights_loftq for LoftQ to use it on the fly with bnb.

For more details, refer to the release notes. 📝 As always, make sure losses go down and be happy to watch your model train!
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🚨 Now you can run Starcoder- 2 models locally on your Mac M1 Pro Apple Silicon with 16GB memory! 🧑🏽‍💻 ⚡️✨

Below is the UX with Twinny extension using bigcode/starcoder2-3b for FIM and codellama/CodeLlama-7b-Instruct-hf for chat. Dev tools is showing the prompt being sent to ollama server.

Starcoder-2 is now supported in llama.cpp!
cd llama.cpp
python ../starcoder2-3b/ --outfile models/starcoder2-3b.gguf --outtype "f16"
./quantize models/starcoder2-3b.gguf models/starcoder2-3b-Q4_K_M.gguf Q4_K_M

For more details, please go through the following tweet thread: