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Run open source LLMs across CPU and GPU without changing the binary in Rust and Wasm locally!

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Run Open source LLMs and create OpenAI-compatible API services for the Llama2 series of LLMs locally With LlamaEdge!

Give it a try

Run a single command in your command line terminal.

bash <(curl -sSfL '') --interactive

Follow the on-screen instructions to install the WasmEdge Runtime and download your favorite open-source LLM. Then, choose whether you want to chat with the model via the CLI or via a web UI.

See it in action | GitHub | Docs


LlamaEdge, powered by Rust and WasmEdge, provides a strong alternative to Python in AI inference.

  • Lightweight. The total runtime size is 30MB.
  • Fast. Full native speed on GPUs.
  • Portable. Single cross-platform binary on different CPUs, GPUs, and OSes.
  • Secure. Sandboxed and isolated execution on untrusted devices.
  • Container-ready. Supported in Docker, containerd, Podman, and Kubernetes.

Learn more

Please visit the LlamaEdge project to learn more.


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