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posted an update 12 days ago
Hear, hear, AMD MI300Xs have started to emerge much sooner than expected.

Here is a 2-part benchmarks report on performing BLOOM-176B inference using @MSFTDeepSpeed optimized for AMD MI300X.


This was published in response to our BLOOM-176B super-fast inference blog post

Note that these have 192GB of HBM!

The NVIDIA monopoly is strong, but it'll have to start sharing the pie and hopefully drive the costs down at least somewhat.

Thanks to for sharing this writeup with me.

p.s. at the PyTorch conference in the fall, the AMD representative said we will see MI300X available to us mortals in Q4-2024/Q1-2025.

Very excited about AMD next gen hardware 🔥

do you know if is on the HF Hub?


I pinged Elio to see if he wants to join.

Awesome! Very promising

very cool!