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posted an update 13 days ago
Introducing Remove Background Web: In-browser background removal, powered by @briaai 's new RMBG-v1.4 model and πŸ€— Transformers.js!

Everything runs 100% locally, meaning none of your images are uploaded to a server! 🀯 At only ~45MB, the 8-bit quantized version of the model is perfect for in-browser usage (it even works on mobile).

Check it out! πŸ‘‡
Demo: Xenova/remove-background-web
Model: briaai/RMBG-1.4

Made a little contribution and it is now easier than ever to use the model via the transformers library
all you have to do is use the following code to access the model :
checkout more details in this pull request :

github pls.
how to fine-tune with custom data


try adding labels parameter to the forward function in my version of of the RMBG-1.4 model in here, this should allow the model to be finetuned easily using the trainer API.
find out more about the labels parameter in this documentation :
it should look somethind like this :
any open contributions are welcome.

this product has been published several month


I don't think it's running locally so it's not similar.

thanks it works great , where can we find the React code for it


The source code can be found here.

Note that it’s just vanilla JavaScript, but you can integrate it into your own react application.