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posted an update 27 days ago
πŸ“£ DPO Dutch model release + datasets

After teasing for a while, I am finally releasing **GEITje 7B Ultra**, building upon the great GEITje 7B by @Rijgersberg . New contributions include: large new datasets for SFT (instruction/chat), two datasets for DPO training (i.e. RLAIF), and an SFT and DPO version of GEITje. The READMEs describe everything well (I hope), and I'll also share more info on social medias tomorrow.

For me this is a huge release, the datasets more so than the models. I'm especially pleased with UltraChat, which I created with the intent of having a diverse dataset - the model must be able to communicate with different types of users. So the user questions are created as if they were written by different personas, e.g. language learners, young children, experts, critics, etc. The focus with this is "building a good communication bot that is accessible and can handle different kinds of user input".

I wish I could find the time to also write a paper to get some "academic recognition" but that'll have to wait for now. I just want to bring it to the public so that others can play with it and use it to build new, cool stuff!

I hope that you can all appreciate the work. Let's build some cool stuff with it!

- Demo: BramVanroy/GEITje-7B-ultra
- DPO Model: BramVanroy/GEITje-7B-ultra
- SFT model (not recommended): BramVanroy/GEITje-7B-ultra-sft

Datasets with GPT-4 turbo completions:
- No robots (~10k instructions): BramVanroy/no_robots_dutch
- UltraChat (~200k instructions): BramVanroy/ultrachat_200k_dutch
- UltraFeedback (DPO with GPT4+GEITje chat, ~50k): BramVanroy/ultra_feedback_dutch
- Orca DPO Pairs (DPO with GPT4+GEITje chat, ~10k): BramVanroy/orca_dpo_pairs_dutch

πŸš€ Huge thanks and congratulations @BramVanroy ! Awesome to see what open source contributions can build together.

I've playing around with the demo now, and I have to say: I'm very, very impressed with it. It's amazing how much extra quality you can get from better finetuning and DPO! 😯

Great one, congrats! Made an gguf if you are interested you can try it out ^^

Great job Bram! πŸ€—