How Good Are Low-bit Quantized LLaMA3 Models? An Empirical Study

Published on Apr 22
· Submitted by akhaliq on Apr 23
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Meta's LLaMA family has become one of the most powerful open-source Large Language Model (LLM) series. Notably, LLaMA3 models have recently been released and achieve impressive performance across various with super-large scale pre-training on over 15T tokens of data. Given the wide application of low-bit quantization for LLMs in resource-limited scenarios, we explore LLaMA3's capabilities when quantized to low bit-width. This exploration holds the potential to unveil new insights and challenges for low-bit quantization of LLaMA3 and other forthcoming LLMs, especially in addressing performance degradation problems that suffer in LLM compression. Specifically, we evaluate the 10 existing post-training quantization and LoRA-finetuning methods of LLaMA3 on 1-8 bits and diverse datasets to comprehensively reveal LLaMA3's low-bit quantization performance. Our experiment results indicate that LLaMA3 still suffers non-negligent degradation in these scenarios, especially in ultra-low bit-width. This highlights the significant performance gap under low bit-width that needs to be bridged in future developments. We expect that this empirical study will prove valuable in advancing future models, pushing the LLMs to lower bit-width with higher accuracy for being practical. Our project is released on and quantized LLaMA3 models are released in


I don't get why they used quip instead of quip#, it has been around since quite a while.

Paper author

Thanks for your attention and kind reminder! Due to time constraints, some quantization methods could not be evaluated completely prior to this preprint. We have never forgotten them, more work is on the way! 😊

They should of cause also include the imatrix method of llama.cpp. how can they miss that.

for 2 bit mistral instruct IQ2_XS, compare fp16 with the imatrix numbers for mmlu hellaswag


we're talking about a 7b model here.

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Great work!
May I ask which library did you use to get w8a16 awq quantization? As far as i know, AutoAWQ and llm-awq only support 4 bit quantization.

How Effective Are Low-bit Quantized LLaMA3 Models? An Empirical Analysis

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