LongVQ: Long Sequence Modeling with Vector Quantization on Structured Memory

Published on Apr 17


Transformer models have been successful in various sequence processing tasks, but the self-attention mechanism's computational cost limits its practicality for long sequences. Although there are existing attention variants that improve computational efficiency, they have a limited ability to abstract global information effectively based on their hand-crafted mixing strategies. On the other hand, state-space models (SSMs) are tailored for long sequences but cannot capture complicated local information. Therefore, the combination of them as a unified token mixer is a trend in recent long-sequence models. However, the linearized attention degrades performance significantly even when equipped with SSMs. To address the issue, we propose a new method called LongVQ. LongVQ uses the vector quantization (VQ) technique to compress the global abstraction as a length-fixed codebook, enabling the linear-time computation of the attention matrix. This technique effectively maintains dynamic global and local patterns, which helps to complement the lack of long-range dependency issues. Our experiments on the Long Range Arena benchmark, autoregressive language modeling, and image and speech classification demonstrate the effectiveness of LongVQ. Our model achieves significant improvements over other sequence models, including variants of Transformers, Convolutions, and recent State Space Models.


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