Structured Packing in LLM Training Improves Long Context Utilization

Published on Dec 28, 2023


Recent developments in long-context large language models have attracted considerable attention. Yet, their real-world applications are often hindered by ineffective context information use. This work shows that structuring training data to increase semantic interdependence is an effective strategy for optimizing context utilization. To this end, we introduce Structured Packing for Long Context (SPLiCe), a method for creating training examples by using information retrieval methods to collate mutually relevant documents into a single training context. We empirically validate SPLiCe on large 3B and 7B models, showing perplexity improvements and better long-context utilization on downstream tasks. Remarkably, already relatively short fine-tuning with SPLiCe is enough to attain these benefits. Additionally, the comprehensive study of SPLiCe reveals intriguing transfer effects such as training on code data leading to perplexity improvements on text data.


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