WaveCoder: Widespread And Versatile Enhanced Instruction Tuning with Refined Data Generation

Published on Dec 20, 2023
· Featured in Daily Papers on Dec 26, 2023


Recent work demonstrates that, after being fine-tuned on a high-quality instruction dataset, the resulting model can obtain impressive capabilities to address a wide range of tasks. However, existing methods for instruction data generation often produce duplicate data and are not controllable enough on data quality. In this paper, we extend the generalization of instruction tuning by classifying the instruction data to 4 code-related tasks and propose a LLM-based Generator-Discriminator data process framework to generate diverse, high-quality instruction data from open source code. Hence, we introduce CodeOcean, a dataset comprising 20,000 instruction instances across 4 universal code-related tasks,which is aimed at augmenting the effectiveness of instruction tuning and improving the generalization ability of fine-tuned model. Subsequently, we present WaveCoder, a fine-tuned Code LLM with Widespread And Versatile Enhanced instruction tuning. This model is specifically designed for enhancing instruction tuning of Code Language Models (LLMs). Our experiments demonstrate that Wavecoder models outperform other open-source models in terms of generalization ability across different code-related tasks at the same level of fine-tuning scale. Moreover, Wavecoder exhibits high efficiency in previous code generation tasks. This paper thus offers a significant contribution to the field of instruction data generation and fine-tuning models, providing new insights and tools for enhancing performance in code-related tasks.


@zjy2001 Thanks for this paper. Are you planning to publicly release the CodeOcean dataset?

Paper author

@zjy2001 Thanks for this paper. Are you planning to publicly release the CodeOcean dataset?
Thanks for your interest in our work. We are confirming Microsoft's open source policy. If approved, we will release all code, data and models.

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