AutoCLIP: Auto-tuning Zero-Shot Classifiers for Vision-Language Models

Published on Sep 28, 2023
· Featured in Daily Papers on Sep 29, 2023


Classifiers built upon vision-language models such as CLIP have shown remarkable zero-shot performance across a broad range of image classification tasks. Prior work has studied different ways of automatically creating descriptor sets for every class based on prompt templates, ranging from manually engineered templates over templates obtained from a large language model to templates built from random words and characters. In contrast, deriving zero-shot classifiers from the respective encoded class descriptors has remained nearly unchanged, that is: classify to the class that maximizes the cosine similarity between its averaged encoded class descriptors and the encoded image. However, weighting all class descriptors equally can be suboptimal when certain descriptors match visual clues on a given image better than others. In this work, we propose AutoCLIP, a method for auto-tuning zero-shot classifiers. AutoCLIP assigns to each prompt template per-image weights, which are derived from statistics of class descriptor-image similarities at inference time. AutoCLIP is fully unsupervised, has very low overhead, and can be easily implemented in few lines of code. We show that for a broad range of vision-language models, datasets, and prompt templates, AutoCLIP outperforms baselines consistently and by up to 3 percent point accuracy.


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