BuboGPT: Enabling Visual Grounding in Multi-Modal LLMs

Published on Jul 17, 2023
· Featured in Daily Papers on Jul 18, 2023


LLMs have demonstrated remarkable abilities at interacting with humans through language, especially with the usage of instruction-following data. Recent advancements in LLMs, such as MiniGPT-4, LLaVA, and X-LLM, further enlarge their abilities by incorporating multi-modal inputs, including image, video, and speech. Despite their effectiveness at generating precise and detailed language understanding of the given modality signal, these LLMs give up the ability to ground specific parts of inputs, thus only constructing a coarse-grained mapping. However, explicit and informative correspondence between text and other modalities will not only improve the user experience but also help to expand the application scenario of multi-modal LLMs. Therefore, we propose BuboGPT, a multi-modal LLM with visual grounding that can perform cross-modal interaction between vision, audio and language, providing fine-grained understanding of visual objects and other given modalities. As a result, BuboGPT is able to point out the specific location of an object in the image, when it is generating response or description for that object. Our contributions are two-fold: 1) An off-the-shelf visual grounding module based on SAM that extracts entities in a sentence and find corresponding masks in the image. 2) A two-stage training scheme and instruction dataset to endow joint text-image-audio understanding. Our experiments show that BuboGPT achieves impressive multi-modality understanding and visual grounding abilities during the interaction with human. It performs consistently well when provided by arbitrary modality combinations (either aligned or unaligned). Our code, model and dataset are available at .


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