Sketch-A-Shape: Zero-Shot Sketch-to-3D Shape Generation

Published on Jul 8
ยท Featured in Daily Papers on Jul 11


Significant progress has recently been made in creative applications of large pre-trained models for downstream tasks in 3D vision, such as text-to-shape generation. This motivates our investigation of how these pre-trained models can be used effectively to generate 3D shapes from sketches, which has largely remained an open challenge due to the limited sketch-shape paired datasets and the varying level of abstraction in the sketches. We discover that conditioning a 3D generative model on the features (obtained from a frozen large pre-trained vision model) of synthetic renderings during training enables us to effectively generate 3D shapes from sketches at inference time. This suggests that the large pre-trained vision model features carry semantic signals that are resilient to domain shifts, i.e., allowing us to use only RGB renderings, but generalizing to sketches at inference time. We conduct a comprehensive set of experiments investigating different design factors and demonstrate the effectiveness of our straightforward approach for generation of multiple 3D shapes per each input sketch regardless of their level of abstraction without requiring any paired datasets during training.

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