JourneyDB: A Benchmark for Generative Image Understanding

Published on Jul 3, 2023
· Featured in Daily Papers on Jul 4, 2023


While recent advancements in vision-language models have revolutionized multi-modal understanding, it remains unclear whether they possess the capabilities of comprehending the generated images. Compared to real data, synthetic images exhibit a higher degree of diversity in both content and style, for which there are significant difficulties for the models to fully apprehend. To this end, we present a large-scale dataset, JourneyDB, for multi-modal visual understanding in generative images. Our curated dataset covers 4 million diverse and high-quality generated images paired with the text prompts used to produce them. We further design 4 benchmarks to quantify the performance of generated image understanding in terms of both content and style interpretation. These benchmarks include prompt inversion, style retrieval, image captioning and visual question answering. Lastly, we assess the performance of current state-of-the-art multi-modal models when applied to JourneyDB, and provide an in-depth analysis of their strengths and limitations in generated content understanding. We hope the proposed dataset and benchmarks will facilitate the research in the field of generative content understanding. The dataset will be available on


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