DisCo: Disentangled Control for Referring Human Dance Generation in Real World

Published on Jun 30, 2023
· Featured in Daily Papers on Jul 4, 2023


Generative AI has made significant strides in computer vision, particularly in image/video synthesis conditioned on text descriptions. Despite the advancements, it remains challenging especially in the generation of human-centric content such as dance synthesis. Existing dance synthesis methods struggle with the gap between synthesized content and real-world dance scenarios. In this paper, we define a new problem setting: Referring Human Dance Generation, which focuses on real-world dance scenarios with three important properties: (i) Faithfulness: the synthesis should retain the appearance of both human subject foreground and background from the reference image, and precisely follow the target pose; (ii) Generalizability: the model should generalize to unseen human subjects, backgrounds, and poses; (iii) Compositionality: it should allow for composition of seen/unseen subjects, backgrounds, and poses from different sources. To address these challenges, we introduce a novel approach, DISCO, which includes a novel model architecture with disentangled control to improve the faithfulness and compositionality of dance synthesis, and an effective human attribute pre-training for better generalizability to unseen humans. Extensive qualitative and quantitative results demonstrate that DISCO can generate high-quality human dance images and videos with diverse appearances and flexible motions. Code, demo, video and visualization are available at:



Dance with rain

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