ClimaBench: A Benchmark Dataset For Climate Change Text Understanding in English

Published on Jan 11, 2023


The topic of Climate Change (CC) has received limited attention in NLP despite its real world urgency. Activists and policy-makers need NLP tools in order to effectively process the vast and rapidly growing textual data produced on CC. Their utility, however, primarily depends on whether the current state-of-the-art models can generalize across various tasks in the CC domain. In order to address this gap, we introduce Climate Change Benchmark (ClimaBench), a benchmark collection of existing disparate datasets for evaluating model performance across a diverse set of CC NLU tasks systematically. Further, we enhance the benchmark by releasing two large-scale labelled text classification and question-answering datasets curated from publicly available environmental disclosures. Lastly, we provide an analysis of several generic and CC-oriented models answering whether fine-tuning on domain text offers any improvements across these tasks. We hope this work provides a standard assessment tool for research on CC text data.


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