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Ikea Instructions - LoRA - SDXL

Image 0

where is waldo

No trigger word needed. Weight of 1.0 works well on the SDXL 1.0 base. Negatives are usually not needed, but "blurry" and "low quality" seem to help. You can use simple prompts such as "hamburger" or describe steps you want it to show. SDXL does a pretty good job of figuring out the steps to make it.

Image examples for the model:

Image 1


Image 2

hamburger,, lettuce, mayo, lettuce, no tomato

Image 3

barbie and ken

Image 4

back to the future

Image 5

the dude, form the movie the big lebowski, drinking, rug wet, bowling ball

Image 6


Image 7

fat man, eat pizza, eat hamburgers, drink beer

Image 8

dayman, fighter of the night man, champion of the sun

Image 9

nightman, pay troll toll to get into that boys hole

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