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Natural Language Processing, Biomedical NLP, Clinical Machine Learning

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NLPie Research

We are a team of researchers affiliated with the University of Oxford who are passionate about the application of AI and NLP to problems in healthcare. Our initiative, NLPie Research (Natural Language Processing in eHealth Research), focuses on the development of efficient and lightweight Machine Learning models specialised for Biomedical applications.


Our mission is to make AI more accessible to researchers around the globe, particularly those in developing countries who may not have access to the latest hardware and resources. We believe in transparency and openness in our research and strive to make our work available to anyone who can benefit from it.

Research Areas

  • AI for healthcare
  • Biomedical Natural Language Processing
  • Clinical Machine Learning


If you are interested in collaborating with us, inquiring about consultancy or simply have any questions about our research, please ✉️ reach out to our team.


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