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ModelScope is built upon the notion of β€œModel-as-a-Service” (MaaS). It seeks to bring together most advanced machine learning models from the AI community, and streamlines the process of leveraging AI models in real-world applications. We are joining hands with HuggingFace to make AI more accessible for everyone.

To use models in ModelScope, you can pip install modelscope or refer to our github repo

Models and Online Accessibility

Hundreds of models are made publicly available on ModelScope (700+ and counting), covering the latest development in areas such as NLP, CV, Audio, Multi-modality, and AI for Science, etc. Many of these models represent the SOTA in their specific fields, and made their open-sourced debut on ModelScope. Users can visit ModelScope( and experience first-hand how these models perform via online experience, with just a few clicks. Immediate developer-experience is also possible through the ModelScope Notebook, which is backed by ready-to-use CPU/GPU development environment in the cloud - only one click away on ModelScope.

Note: Most models on ModelScope are public and can be downloaded without account registration on (ModelScope website), please refer to instructions for model download, for dowloading models with api provided by modelscope library or git.


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