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How to get the most of the course?

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How to get the most of the course?


Here are the best practices to get the most of the course:

1. Join and Engage on our Discord Server

You can now sign up for our Discord Server. This is the place where you can chat with the community and with us, create and join study groups to grow with each other, and more

👉🏻 Join our discord server here.

2. Modify our demos

While following our demos step by step is essential to learn, don’t hesitate to get hands-on by modifying them. Experimentation is a powerful learning tool 🧪.

3. Join a team to make your final demo

While creating your demo independently is possible, we strongly recommend you join a team.

To find a team, check #ml-4-games-searching-for-team. You can pitch an idea if you already have one, or join an existing team.

4. Share this course with your community ❤️

Spread the love: By sharing the course, you help us reach more game developers who are interested in making games with AI.

If you like the course, don’t hesitate to star ⭐ the course’s repository . This helps us a lot 🤗.

You can also share the course on X (Twitter), LinkedIn, and other social media.

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5. Share what you’re doing online

Sharing your work online is a fantastic way to showcase your progress and skills. We encourage you to share your progress on your game demo during the course.

If you don’t know how to start sharing, check this fantastic tutorial by Buildspace’s founder Farza

I found a bug, or I want to improve the course

Contributions are welcome 🤗

I still have questions

Please ask your question on our Discord server, #ml-4-game-dev.

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