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Tensorflow CamemBERT

In this repository you will find different versions of the CamemBERT model for Tensorflow.


CamemBERT is a state-of-the-art language model for French based on the RoBERTa architecture pretrained on the French subcorpus of the newly available multilingual corpus OSCAR.

Model Weights

Model Downloads
jplu/tf-camembert-base config.jsontf_model.h5


With Transformers >= 2.4 the Tensorflow models of CamemBERT can be loaded like:

from transformers import TFCamembertModel

model = TFCamembertModel.from_pretrained("jplu/tf-camembert-base")

Huggingface model hub

All models are available on the Huggingface model hub.


Thanks to all the Huggingface team for the support and their amazing library!