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XLNet Fine-tuned on SQuAD / Quoref Dataset

XLNet jointly developed by Google and CMU and fine-tuned on SQuAD / SQuAD 2.0 and Quoref for question answering down-stream task.

Evaluation Result on Quoref

    "exact_match": 73.65591397848462,
    "f1": 77.9981532789881

Results Comparison on Quoref

Metric XLNet Base Line Model FT on SQuAD
EM 61.88 73.66 (+11.78)
F1 70.51 78.00 (+7.49)

How to Use

from transformers import XLNetForQuestionAnswering, XLNetTokenizerFast

model = XLNetForQuestionAnswering.from_pretrained('jkgrad/xlnet-base-cased-squad-quoref)
tokenizer = XLNetTokenizerFast.from_pretrained('jkgrad/xlnet-base-cased-squad-quoref')
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