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# An English-Arabic Bilingual Encoder
from transformers import AutoModelForMaskedLM, AutoTokenizer
tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained("jhu-clsp/roberta-large-eng-ara-128k")
model = AutoModelForMaskedLM.from_pretrained("jhu-clsp/roberta-large-eng-ara-128k")
`roberta-large-eng-ara-128k` is an English–Arabic bilingual encoders of 24-layer Transformers (d\_model= 1024), the same size as XLM-R large. We use the same Common Crawl corpus as XLM-R for pretraining. Additionally, we also use English and Arabic Wikipedia, Arabic Gigaword (Parker et al., 2011), Arabic OSCAR (Ortiz Suárez et al., 2020), Arabic News Corpus (El-Khair, 2016), and Arabic OSIAN (Zeroual et al.,2019). In total, we train with 9.2B words of Arabic text and 26.8B words of English text, more than either XLM-R (2.9B words/23.6B words) or GigaBERT v4 (Lan et al., 2020) (4.3B words/6.1B words). We build an English–Arabic joint vocabulary using SentencePiece (Kudo and Richardson, 2018) with size of 128K. We additionally enforce coverage of all Arabic characters after normalization.
## Pretraining Detail
We pretrain each encoder with a batch size of 2048 sequences and 512 sequence length for 250K steps from scratch roughly 1/24 the amount of pretraining compute of XLM-R. Training takes 8 RTX6000 GPUs roughly three weeks. We follow the pretraining recipe of RoBERTa (Liu et al., 2019) and XLM-R. We omit the next sentence prediction task and use a learning rate of 2e-4, Adam optimizer, and linear warmup of 10K steps then decay linearly to 0, multilingual sampling alpha of 0.3, and the fairseq (Ott et al., 2019) implementation.
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