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Template spaces to help you add chatbots powered by gradio to your discord server!

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Turn any Gradio ChatBot into a Discord Bot 🤖

We're excited to announce that Gradio can now automatically create a discord bot from any gr.ChatInterface app.

It's as easy as importing gradio_client, connecting to the app, and calling deploy_discord!

🦙 Turning Llama 2 70b into a discord bot 🦙

import gradio_client as grc

Getting started with template spaces

To help get you started, we have created the following template spaces you can use to turn state of the art LLMs powered by Gradio to discord bots.

Currently we have template spaces for:

Click on the link for the LLM you want to deploy to discord and follow the instructions.

❗️ Additional Notes ❗

You can deploy ANY gr.ChatInterface app exposed on the internet! So don't hesitate to try it on your own Chatbots.

Technically, any gradio app that exposes an api route that takes in a single string and outputs a single string can be deployed to discord. But gr.ChatInterface apps naturally lend themselves to discord's chat functionality so we suggest you start with those.


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