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- mbart-50
# mBART-50 one to many multilingual machine translation
This model is a fine-tuned checkpoint of [mBART-large-50]( `mbart-large-50-one-to-many-mmt` is fine-tuned for multilingual machine translation. It was introduced in [Multilingual Translation with Extensible Multilingual Pretraining and Finetuning]( paper.
The model can translate English to other 49 languages mentioned below.
To translate into a target language, the target language id is forced as the first generated token. To force the
target language id as the first generated token, pass the `forced_bos_token_id` parameter to the `generate` method.
from transformers import MBartForConditionalGeneration, MBart50TokenizerFast
article_en = "The head of the United Nations says there is no military solution in Syria"
model = MBartForConditionalGeneration.from_pretrained("facebook/mbart-large-50-one-to-many-mmt")
tokenizer = MBart50TokenizerFast.from_pretrained("facebook/mbart-large-50-one-to-many-mmt", src_lang="en_XX")
model_inputs = tokenizer(article_en, return_tensors="pt")
# translate from English to Hindi
generated_tokens = model.generate(
tokenizer.batch_decode(generated_tokens, skip_special_tokens=True)
# => 'संयुक्त राष्ट्र के नेता कहते हैं कि सीरिया में कोई सैन्य समाधान नहीं है'
# translate from English to Chinese
generated_tokens = model.generate(
tokenizer.batch_decode(generated_tokens, skip_special_tokens=True)
# => '联合国首脑说,叙利亚没有军事解决办法'
See the [model hub]( to look for more fine-tuned versions.
## Languages covered
Arabic (ar_AR), Czech (cs_CZ), German (de_DE), English (en_XX), Spanish (es_XX), Estonian (et_EE), Finnish (fi_FI), French (fr_XX), Gujarati (gu_IN), Hindi (hi_IN), Italian (it_IT), Japanese (ja_XX), Kazakh (kk_KZ), Korean (ko_KR), Lithuanian (lt_LT), Latvian (lv_LV), Burmese (my_MM), Nepali (ne_NP), Dutch (nl_XX), Romanian (ro_RO), Russian (ru_RU), Sinhala (si_LK), Turkish (tr_TR), Vietnamese (vi_VN), Chinese (zh_CN), Afrikaans (af_ZA), Azerbaijani (az_AZ), Bengali (bn_IN), Persian (fa_IR), Hebrew (he_IL), Croatian (hr_HR), Indonesian (id_ID), Georgian (ka_GE), Khmer (km_KH), Macedonian (mk_MK), Malayalam (ml_IN), Mongolian (mn_MN), Marathi (mr_IN), Polish (pl_PL), Pashto (ps_AF), Portuguese (pt_XX), Swedish (sv_SE), Swahili (sw_KE), Tamil (ta_IN), Telugu (te_IN), Thai (th_TH), Tagalog (tl_XX), Ukrainian (uk_UA), Urdu (ur_PK), Xhosa (xh_ZA), Galician (gl_ES), Slovene (sl_SI)
## BibTeX entry and citation info
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