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TRL - Transformer Reinforcement Learning

You are viewing main version, which requires installation from source. If you'd like regular pip install, checkout the latest stable version (v0.7.11).
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TRL - Transformer Reinforcement Learning

TRL is a full stack library where we provide a set of tools to train transformer language models with Reinforcement Learning, from the Supervised Fine-tuning step (SFT), Reward Modeling step (RM) to the Proximal Policy Optimization (PPO) step. The library is integrated with 🤗 transformers.

Check the appropriate sections of the documentation depending on your needs:

API documentation

  • Model Classes: A brief overview of what each public model class does.
  • SFTTrainer: Supervise Fine-tune your model easily with SFTTrainer
  • RewardTrainer: Train easily your reward model using RewardTrainer.
  • PPOTrainer: Further fine-tune the supervised fine-tuned model using PPO algorithm
  • Best-of-N Sampling: Use best of n sampling as an alternative way to sample predictions from your active model
  • DPOTrainer: Direct Preference Optimization training using DPOTrainer.
  • TextEnvironment: Text environment to train your model using tools with RL.


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