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Access 🤗 Inference Endpoints

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Access 🤗 Inference Endpoints

To access the Inference Endpoints web application, you or your organization need to add a valid payment method to your Hugging Face account.

You can check your [billing]( if you're unsure whether you have an active payment method.

There are two pricing plans:

  • Inference Endpoints pricing is based on your hourly compute, and billed monthly. This can be as low as $0.06 per CPU core/hr and $0.6 per GPU/hr depending on your needs.
  • There is also an Enterprise plan for Inference Endpoints which offers dedicated support, 24/7 SLAs, and uptime guarantees. Pricing for Enterprise is custom and based on volume commit and annual contracts; contact us for a quote if you’re interested!

After you’ve added a valid payment method to your account, access the Inference Endpoints web application and start deploying! 🥳