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The dataset preview is not available for this split.
Server error
Status code:   400
Exception:     ManualDownloadError
Message:                         The dataset wikihow with config all requires manual data.
                  Please follow the manual download instructions:
                     You need to manually download one of the wikihow files. An overview of which files to download can be seen at
You need to download one the following two data files manually, depending on the version you want:
  1) all: and save the file under <path/to/folder>/wikihowAll.csv
  2) sep: and save the file under <path/to/folder>/wikihowSep.csv

The <path/to/folder> can e.g. be "~/manual_wikihow_data".

Wikihow can then be loaded for example using the following command `datasets.load_dataset("wikihow", "all", data_dir="<path/to/folder>")`.

                  Manual data can be loaded with:
                   datasets.load_dataset("wikihow", data_dir="<path/to/manual/data>")

Need help to make the dataset viewer work? Open an issue for direct support.


Thanks to @thomwolf, @lewtun, @patrickvonplaten for adding this dataset.

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