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The dataset preview is not available for this split.
Server error
Status code:   400
Exception:     ManualDownloadError
Message:                         The dataset reclor with config default requires manual data.
                  Please follow the manual download instructions:
                     to use ReClor you need to download it manually. Please go to its homepage ( fill the google
form and you will receive a download link and a password to extract it.Please extract all files in one folder and use the path folder in datasets.load_dataset('reclor', data_dir='path/to/folder/folder_name')

                  Manual data can be loaded with:
                   datasets.load_dataset("reclor", data_dir="<path/to/manual/data>")

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Thanks to @lewtun, @thomwolf, @JetRunner, @mariamabarham, @patrickvonplaten, @lhoestq for adding this dataset.

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