, and is very, very accurate . but for the most part, we find that the Garmin software provides accurate directions, whereever we intend to go . This function is not accurate if you don't leave it in battery mode say, when you stop at the Cracker Barrell for lunch and to play one of those trangle games with the tees . It provides immediate alternatives if the route from the online map program was inaccurate or blocked by an obstacle . I've used other GPS units, as well as GPS built into cars and to this day NOTHING beats the accuracy of a Garmin GPS . It got me from point A to point B with 100% accuracy everytime . It has yet to disappoint, getting me everywhere with 100% accuracy . 0 out of 5 stars Honest, accurate review, , PLEASE READ ! Aside from that, every destination I've thrown at has been 100% accurate . In closing, this is a fantastic GPS with some very nice features and is very accurate in directions . Plus, I've always heard that there are quirks with any GPS being accurate, having POIs, etc . DESTINATION TIME, , This is pretty accurate too . But, it's always very accurate . The map is pretty accurate and the Point of interest database also is good . Most of the times, this info was very accurate . I've even used it in the pedestrian mode, and it's amazing how accurate it is . ONLY is only accurate when an ad says, Top sirloin steak, ONLY $1 . The most accurate review stated that these machines are adjunct to a good map and signs on the interstate . The directions are highly accurate down to a T . Depending on what you are using it for, it is a nice adjunct to a travel trip and the directions are accurate and usually the quickest, but not always . The screen is easy to see, the voice tells you where you are and it's very accurate . It was accurate to the minute when it told me when I would arrive home . 0 out of 5 stars GPS Navigator doesn't navigate accurately on a straight road . I was familiar with the streets and only used the Nuvi to get an accurate arrival time estimate . but after that it is very easy and quite accurate to use . The accuracy at this point is very good . While the 255W routing seems generally accurate and logical, on my first use I discovered that it does have some errors in its internal map . Bottom line is I wanted a unit that is accurate and had reliable satellite connection . I've used it around town and find it to be extremely accurate . I found the maps to be inaccurate at first, but after I updated them from Garmin's website everything is golden . A lot of my friends' addresses are inaccurate by any GPS . It loads quickly, have pretty accurate directions, and can recalculate quickly when I miss a turn . Because the accuracy is good to the street address level, it may not be able to guide you to the exact location if your destination is inside a shopping mall . I updated to the latest 2010 map soon after I received the unit, so the map is accurate to me . I was blown away at the accuracy and routing capability this thing had . I used it the day I bought it, and then this morning, and as soon as it comes on it is ready to navigate The only downfall of this product, and the only reason I did not give it 5 stars is the fact that the speed limit it displays for the road you are on isn't 100% accurate . If your looking for a nice, accurate GPS for not so much money, got with this one . 0 out of 5 stars Inexpensive, accurate, plenty of features, August 6, 2009 The only glitch I have found so far is that the speed limits are not 100% accurate, although the GPS, amazingly, is able to very accurately tell you how fast your vehicle is moving . I was a little disappointed in the inaccuracy of the posted speed limit, as I'm guilty of not paying close enough attention to those signs, especially w interstate speed traps that are constantly changing up and down . The closest one that gives the most accurate route that I usually take is the Navigon . After 2 weeks, it has yet to make a mistake, and is always completely accurate , even to the point of telling me which side of the street my destination is on . It has worked well for local driving giving accurate directions for roads and streets . The estimated time to arrival does not seem to calculate the travelling time accurately . Accuracy is as good as any other unit, they all sometimes tell you you have arrived when you haven't, or continue to tell you to turn when you're already there . Accuracy is determined by the maps . Less traveled rural roads will not be accurate on any unit . Accuracy is within a few yards . What the 255w does best is find a street address, business, point of interest, hospital or airport and give you turn, by, turn directions with amazing accuracy . The Garmin is loaded with very accurate maps that generally know the roads in even the remotest areas . I'm really glad I bought it though, and like the easy to read graphics, the voice used to tell you the name of the street you are to turn on, the uncannily accurate estimates of mileage and time of arrival at your destination . My new Garmin 255w had very Easy Set Up, Accurate Directions to locations, User Friendly Unit to anyone in my vehicle who tried it . I had a GPS 10, years ago when I owned a boat that was difficult to use and with very poor accuracy so I had assumed that the road GPS wasn't any better . Practiced visiting places I already knew to see how accurate the directions and maps would be . Easy to use, excellent accuracy, nice and intuitive interface . The directions provided have all been quite accurate thus far . , Very Accurate but with one small glitch I found , I'll explain in the CONS This is a great GPS, it is so easy to use and it is always accurate . Very easy to operate and pretty accurate as well, only led me astray once and that was in northern Maine where roads are few and paved ones fewer . Easy to use and amazed at how accurate this item is . To date it's been a very easy to use and accurate . Mounted really easily and has been very accurate . seems to be rather accurate . It was accurate on determing original directions and recalculating when necessary . Highly accurate, POIs are great . I can't believe how accurate and detailed the information estimated time of arrival,speed limits along the way,and detailed map of my route, to name a few . Speed of calculation, accuracy, and simplicity of operation are top notch .
[ "This unit is generally quite accurate. \r\nSet-up and usage are considered to be very easy. \r\nThe maps can be updated, and tend to be reliable.", "The Garmin seems to be generally very accurate.\r\nIt's easy to use with an intuitive interface.", "It is very accurate, even in destination time.", "Very accurate with travel and destination time.\r\nNegatives are not accurate with speed limits and rural roads.", "Its accurate, fast and its simple operations make this a for sure buy." ]
The room was not overly big, but clean and very comfortable beds, a great shower and very clean bathrooms . The second room was smaller, with a very inconvenient bathroom layout, but at least it was quieter and we were able to sleep . Large comfortable room, wonderful bathroom . The rooms were nice, very comfy bed and very clean bathroom . Bathroom was spacious too and very clean . The bathroom only had a single sink, but it was very large . The room was a standard but nice motel room like any other, bathroom seemed upgraded if I remember . The room was quite small but perfectly formed with a super bathroom . You could eat off the bathroom floor it was so clean . The bathroom door does the same thing, making the bathroom seem slightly larger . bathroom spotless and nicely appointed . The rooms are exceptionally clean and also the bathrooms . The bathroom was clean and the bed was comfy . They provide you with great aveda products in the bathroom . Also, the bathroom was a bit dirty , brown water came out of the bath tub faucet initially and the sink wall by the toilet was dirty . If your dog tends to be a little disruptive or on the noisy side, there is a bathroom fan that you can keep on to make noise . The bathroom was big and clean as well . Also, the bathrooms were quite well set up, with a seperate toilet shower to basin, so whilst one guest is showering another can use the basin . The bathroom was marble and we had luxurious bathrobes and really, every detail attended to . It was very clean, had a beautiful bathroom, and was comfortable . The bed was comfortable and the bathroom was clean with a nice selection of toiletries . The bathroom was an adequate size . First, from day one our bathroom had a urine smell that never went away . Otherwise the bathroom was decent enough , decent temperature and decent water pressure . Bathroom shower curtain reeked of mildew enough to smell up the room . The bed was comfortable and the rooms and bathrooms were kept clean and although the refrigerators are honour bars the hotel is happy for you to chill your own drinks in them . The room was very nice, and had a nice bathroom . The room was wonderful with great beds, a nice bathroom and we also had an excellent view of Coit Tower as well . The room was small, with a king bed, and a truly claustrophobic bathroom . Amenities , While this hotel isn't a luxury property, they have some nice touches like marble bathrooms, mini bar, room service and an evening wine reception every day . The bathroom was clean, well lit, and always well stocked with shampoo etc and towels . The only odd thing was the bathroom door and room door opened outwards into the room and hallway respectively . Room spacious 2 double beds gave us plenty of room, the beds were comfortable and the bathroom was a good size . The bathroom was large and included a mounted makeup mirror . The rooms are abit smallish , but immaculately maintained, and tastefully decorated, with excellent bathroom facilities . Shower bathroom was good with good shower and plenty of space . Both the bedroom and bathroom had plenty of room . large clean bathrooms fully stocked with everything needed . However, when we arrived at our room there was a maintenance worker there measuring the bathroom counter, so maybe they're doing work in some units . The room was large and very comfortable with a nice large bathroom . There is a wall, mounted hair dryer in the bathroom . The thing that bothered me the most was the bathroom was very dated . There is virtually no counterspace in the bathroom at all . Upon our arrival, there was a SLIGHT odor in bathroom but nothing worth complaining about . The bathroom was adequate with thick, fluffy towels . The bathroom was large and private . The bathroom was very clean and well appointed with nice towels and toiletries, it was not big, but room enough to do what one needs to . The Tuscan Inn room was quite nicely appointed, the bed was comfortable the chairs TV adequate, the bathroom reasonably good . my only real complaint would be that the bathroom does not have a separate vanity area, so 2 people getting dressed had to improvise, which was kind of surprising since the bathrooms were all redone on 2005 . The clever use of mirrors behind the bed helped to create the illusion of space, however, in reality the room was cramped and with two of us trying to use the hand basin and bathroom at the same time was particularly awkward . The bathroom containing the toilet and the shower was also very small, not to mention the sink and counter directly outside of it . Turning the bathroom light on also turns the counter light on, meaning a middle, of, the, night trip to the bathroom means the whole side of the room gets illuminated and the wooden shutters that were installed in place of traditional curtains to add to the hotel's theme do absolutely nothing to keep the room dark once the sun comes up . The room was a good size but the bathroomm was very small . Bathroom was adequate and clean and there was a hairdryer . The wash basin was in the room without any privacy and there was a small bathroom for the toilet and bath shower . The bathroom had not been remodeled in alignment, but it was all very clean and perfectly acceptable . The bathroom had several problems . Bathrooms were also very nice . The shower stall could have been bigger as the bathroom itself was pretty large . Then they gave us a room which had a view of a wall, a tiny bathroom so small in fact that the sink had to be in the bedroom . The room is not the most modern room but there was tons of space especially in the bathroom . We may have had an ADA room because it was pretty big with large bathroom , it was room 459 , and the room had all the amenities we were looking for . The room and bathroom were perfect in size, just what is needed . The only possible complaint was that the sink in the bathroom had a crack in it, but it did not bother me enough to ask for a different room . Bathrooms, though, are plenty big . Although the rooms were clean and fresh, one of ours had several small problems , the phone didn't work, the bathroom door handle was quite loose, and the thermostat didn't work properly . It represents value for money, the rooms and bathrooms were impeccably clean, fresh linen daily, and the staff extremely helpful and friendly . There were plenty of thick towels in the bathroom, and all the usual toiletries, hair, dryer, etc . I really didn't get a chance to experience the staff's level of service but the rooms are small as is the bathroom . The bathroom was also small it was difficult to close the door once inside to avoid the door hitting you no joke ! Some rooms had the bathroom sink outside the bathroom, which we would have preferred, but our sink was inside the bathroom . The bathroom was clean and bright and the toiletries were so good that we took the leftovers home because there was a website selling the shampoo listed on the bottle . The rooms were very nice, could of use just a little more shelf space by the bathroom sink . The bathroom was clean but a little dated . The only thing wrong with the room was the bathroom, it was not up to the standard of the rest of the decor but it was clean and large enough . The bathroom was just okay, but for the price we survived . Hair dryer in bathroom constantly fell in sink from it's holder when anyone used the door to our room . The reasonable price of the hotel allowed us to book 2 rooms, thus giving the 4 of us a bit more space and 2 bathrooms . Plenty of room in the bathroom . Nice clean rooms and a spaciousbathroom . The only minor downside, as a few others have mentioned, is the bathroom sink lighting . Did not like the bathroom light shining into bedroom . Only negative is the bathroom area is a little small . Our suite we had was small there was pubic hair on the bathroom floor from ? bathroom a little on the older side . The bathroom needed a face, lift also . The bathrooms are quite small compared to other hotels but adequate . The hotel was of a good standard, big clean rooms, decent bathroom and the free wine reception in the evening was an added bonus .
[ "The rooms were not large but were clean and very comfortable. \r\nThe bathroom size varied but generally they were fully stocked. \r\nThere were some isolated problems with maintenance issues.", "Rooms are not big, but clean and with comfortable beds. \r\nBathroom are clean with shampoos, soaps and hairdryers.", "Bathrooms are satisfactory. \r\nThe rooms are clean generally clean. \r\nThe lighting in the bathroom is an issue for many.", "Bathrooms are mostly adequate sized and clean with a few exceptions. \r\nAmenities such as shampoo and soap are provided. \r\nMost have been remodeled.", "People were most impressesd with the bathrooms. \r\nThe bathrooms were large, comfortably sized, and very clean and well maintained." ]
After I plugged it in to my USB hub on my computer to charge the battery the charging cord design is very clever ! After you have paged tru a 500, page book one, page, at, a, time to get from Chapter 2 to Chapter 15, see how excited you are about a low battery and all the time it took to get there ! NO USER REPLACEABLE BATTERY, , Unless you buy the extended warranty for $65 . After 1 year you pay $80 plus shipping to send the device to Amazon and have the Kindle REPLACED, not the battery changed out . The fact that Kindle 2 has no SD card capability and the battery is not user, serviceable is not an issue with me . Things like the buttons that made it easy to accidentally turn pages the separate cursor on the side that could only select lines and was sometimes hard to see the occasionally awkward menus the case which practically forced you to remove it to use it and sometimes pulled the battery door off . The issue with the battery door opening is thus solved, but Amazon went further, eliminating the door altogether and wrapping the back with sleek stainless steel . Frankly, I never used either the card slot or changed the battery on my Kindle 1 but I liked that they were there and I miss them on the Kindle 2, even though, I have to admit, I don't actually need them . It's also easy to charge the Kindle in the car if you have a battery charger with a USB port . You can't carry an extra battery , though with the extended battery life and extra charging options it's almost a non, issue , and you can't replace the battery because of the iPod, like fixed backing . For one thing, there's no charge except battery power no pun intended ! Before purchasing, I was obsessed with the reviews and predictions I found online and reading about some of the critiques such as the thick border, the lack of touchscreen, lack of battery SD slot, lack of a back light, awkward difficult keyboard layout, minimally faster page flipping, and the super, high price . As for the battery, Amazon's explanation was that it'd thicken the Kindle, so I'm fine with it b c the slenderness of the K2 is such a plus . Short battery life , I charged this thing for a couple of hours, 24 hours ago , it's still running and just at 75% of full power . I turned it on, noticed there was about a half a battery charge and proceeded to find my way around the thing . Fourth, your battery icon stinks . It is so subtle that you can't tell how much battery life is left . Kindle is an out of the box reading, ready unit that immediately addressed me by my nickname, no log, in necessary, and could have begun downloading whatever I wanted over the 3G Whispernet within seconds as the battery was charging, very thin, light, weight, and attractive, looking with more data storage and faster battery charges with longer usage compared to Kindle 1, What I'm ambivalent about , I don't find the battery life any better than the K1, I thought the K1 battery life was perfectly fine . extended use of this feature will cut into battery life significantly, I've been getting 2 . because the battery ran down . A week ago, I ordered my Kindle 2 and when it was delivered, the battery was in critical stage and it would not power on . When that came in, it was also in the critical battery stage and this time the charge light would not even come on upon charging . Battery life is very good, even with the wireless on constantly . K2 goes into sleep mode if you leave it be for a few minutes, but in this mode it still uses battery power if wireless is enabled . Many have been critical of the non user replaceability of the battery . I can do without the K2 several years from now for a week while the battery gets replaced . More likely, by the time the battery no longer holds a charge, there will be a K7 with a color screen and 200 times the memory that I'll want to upgrade to ! , Battery life is weeks at a time, even with constant use . And the battery life has gotten a lot shorter too, again, after TONS of use . which, I guess, is unavoidable with rechargable batteries, but I wish I could change the battery myself . The battery was almost fully charged upon receipt so I turned it on and I was in business . Good thing the nook boasts a removable back cover, because the store clerk had to take it off to remove the battery for a hard restart . Battery life is pretty spot on . The 2 days battery life was with the wireless turned ON which is wholly unneccesary in the normal operation of the device . Turn wireless OFF , It saves your battery . And I like the fact the wireless is a menu option, I just leave it on all the time anyways with little perceptible battery drain . , Battery life seems a bit longer but the K1 was good too . The Sony takes 60 seconds to go back to the main menu and used an incrediable amount of battery . The original Kindle had a removable battery and you could buy extra batteries in case you'd be away from a power source for an extended time . The battery in the Kindle 2 is not removable by the owner . The Sony is smaller and thinner and, I think, has longer battery life . It's not clear how big an advantage it is to have the extra battery life, though, because both get you through a long day with power to spare . the screen is small, and the battery doesn't last long enough to be used in the way I use books . The battery charged quickly, in less than 2 hours . If I didn't have a reading lamp handy, I find that the Mighty Bright clip on battery operated book light that amazon . would no doubt run down the Kindle 2's battery faster . So far, the battery charge seems to last quite a long time for reading . I leave the wireless access feature turned off for longer battery life . So far, it has taken anywhere from two to three hours to recharge the device, depending on how far down I've let the battery run . I'm not pleased with the prospect of having to send the unit in to have the battery replaced when it finally fails and won't take or hold a charge . Apparently the Kindle 1 had a battery the owner could replace quickly, the way a cell phone does . So I give the Kindle 2 an A, minus, the minus because the battery isn't replaceable by the end user . So my only real complaint right now is a battery the end, user can't replace . And the lack of backlight saves on the battery . I can leave it on sleep for days and hardly ever need to recharge the battery . 3The battery definitely does not last two weeks on mine . With 2, 3 hours of reading per day, my Kindle battery has lasted me only 4 days . No idea what battery life is like because I just gave it to her . >> Better battery life, FAR better with wireless function on . To me, this is more important than a user, replaceable battery . >> It has a user, replaceable battery, though this is offset by improved life with the built, in Kindle 2 battery . The battery life is disappointing , with the wireless on, it probably wouldn't last 20 hours of determined reading . A single battery charge of my Kindle lasts almost two weeks compared to the 3, 4 hours on my iphone or the 5, 6 hours on my netbook . Besides, I don't want to make the tradeoff of inferior battery life in order to power a device, native backlight . Plus the touch screen consumes battery life . 4, I like that you can change the battery in the Nook and you can add a memory card . However I have IPods and I never use up all the memory or battery life . Plus the Kindle 2's Battery life is 4 days longer per charge . Oh and one more thing , I've discovered that if you turn of wifi until you know you need to send or retrieve something, the battery lasts for many many more hours . A clip, on light seems like a fine solution, plus it doesn't drain the battery . , The battery life seems fine to me . I left wireless on for the first 3 days, and after reading through Ur and 25% of DaVinci Code , plus lots of general playing around with the device and checking out features, I got the low, battery warning about 55 hours after intially charging it to full . This feature uses a lot of battery and the battery lasts for maximum 2, 3 days but it is worth it . I live in the UK, my Kindle arrived last Thursday and it was up and running in minutes as the battery had some charge when it arrived . The Kindle does not come with a UK power adaptor, so that has been an extra 拢12 expense, but I could charge the battery using the computer and USB cable . The battery life is unbelievable too . Also, I only carried my kindle on the plane to Japan, and I could read for over 15 hours and the battery wasn't even halfway over . The books download quickly, the battery lasts a long time, it is simple to use, the bookmark feature is nice, and I love the cool pics on the screen when you turn the gadget off . The battery life is great and I even like the screen savers . I just found out how to save the battery and you can read for well over a week without a charge . If the battery lasts a couple years, not being able to replace it myself will not be a factor either . I've left the wireless on and really don't see tremendous battery usage yet . At first I thought,wait a minute,no memory chip,no exchangeable battery,a few other diff . It came with battery uncharged, but it charged up as advertised in less than 3 hours . And the long battery life is amazing ! The battery life seems amazing . While the Kindle 2 shows the title on the left as before and more readable, the battery life and network icons are in the place of the author's name . By the way, Kindle battery lasts forever indeed !
[ "Battery life is exceptional.\r\nThe Kindle can run for days without a need for recharging.", "Battery life is exceptional.\r\nThe Kindle can run for days without a need for recharging.", "It can be a very difficult process when trying to replace the battery.\r\nThe battery seems to lose charge quickly.\r\nThe battery meter is hard to distinguish and provides little insight into the expected life of the battery.", "The battery life of the Kindle is very long.\r\nAlthough the battery cannot be replaced as there are large number of ways to charge the device.", "The battery life of the Kindle is very long.\r\nAlthough the battery cannot be replaced as there are many ways to charge the device." ]
short battery life I moved up from an 8gb . I love this ipod except for the battery life . long battery scratch resistant Battery drains even if I don't use it . I only wonder why the battery seems to drain when I'm not using it, even after sliding the top control button to off when shutting down . great in the car, light, portable, good quality, long battery,scratch resistant . 5G lies a more mature iPod, many steps wiser and more able than its one, year, old The iPod gains many incremental improvements, including a brighter screen and better video battery life, but probably the most appealing aspect is the tantalizing price points of $249 for the 30GB version and $349 for the huge 80GB version . 5GB and the better battery life rated for up to 6 . battery, not dummie proof I love the color of this iPod . Battery life isn't amazing, Definitely need to get a case for it I wanted to get a new iPod because I was upgrading from the mini . The battery doesn't last a long time especially when you're recording or watching a video but I just listen to music most of the time and it lasts me a good length of time doing that . doesn't take pictures, battery life It's my first ipod, but it's amazing . Also, the battery life wasn't that long enough for me, but i'm new to this so it just might me be . When you use the radio it uses a lot of battery life i got this exact iPod for christmas . good quality light long battery portable scratch resistant scratches easily, short battery life I purchased this for my 6 year old son and he LOVES IT ! Price battery replacement The iPod basically does what Apple says it does . I do not like it that I will have to get Apple to eventually replace the battery . I think Apple's idea is that instead of replacing the battery, you will exchange it for a newer iPod . Make it inconvenient to replace the battery make it convenient to replace the iPod . The Pedometer feature seems accurate, but a battery waster . short battery life I like the product . good quality scratch resistant light portable long battery Battery life is short Received as a Christmas gift . Battery life isn't great, but other than that, would highly recommend . Battery Life Product is exactly as advertised and was probably my wife's favorite gift this past Christmas . shortened battery life, not kind to beginners this ipod is a great new item with a camera and built in speaker . It is easy to use and has great battery life . Thought would have longer battery life before recharge This is my first iPOD but if endurance is as I expect will not be my last . The battery dies quickly and seems to die quicker in cold weather . Watching any videos drains the battery very quickly . Battery life is much better as well . Shorter battery life than old iPod, camera is in inconvenient spot When I first listened to a song on this iPod, the first thing that caught my attention was the audio quality . One thing I noticed that was not so good was the battery life, but I've only charged it once and that was on the computer as far as I've seen my computer doen't charge well with either of my iPods so the battery life is possibly greater than I thought if using a wall outlet . the battery life this was an awsome christmas present and i love it its really easy to use and sounds great . this is my first ipod and its awsome the only thing i dont like is the battery life it lasts all day if you dont use it a lot but if you use it constantly like i do it only last about 4 or 5 hours not a big deal though . short battery life,have to keep changing it . the battery lasts 4 hours great product for a great price . Battery life is excellent and the LCD display is clear and easy to see . Long battery life and easy directions make this a snap to use . The battery dies faster than my previous 2nd Gen Nano . My only complaint is that the battery doesn't last as long as my previous 2nd gen nano . The battery is great and the screen as well . shipping charges I bought this ipod as a birthday gift and purchased the battery charger for the auto as well . SHORT BATTERY LIFE,SCRATCHES EASY, I DONT LIKE THE APPLES LIBRARY . Battery Life I bought this ipod to replace my 2nd gen 2gb ipod nano, because i filled that one's memory up . The only bad thing is it's battery life . 8 hours or less is a more realistic battery life . shoes if using vid cam for long time, it kills battery Standard Def video recording, but still sharp ! battery life, becuase of all the features I had an apple ipod 3rd generation and the 5th genteration is twice as good as the numbering would suggest . I have not found one thing other than the battery life last for only one full day of use . So, the battery thing is not that big a deal . Overall, almost perfect just watch out or you will run out of battery life . battery life, freezes up I just got the 5th gen as a replacement for my 2nd gen nano . the pedometer is also very nice but seems like it drains the battery if you have it in always on mode . The new Nano has a very short battery life most likely due to all the new features . Very easy to use, love the pedometer, lightweight, thin, nice screen, great sound, battery lasts much longer than stated . Easy to use, Great sound, long battery life, love the fact that I can tune in to my favorite radio station, and I'm into exercise so the pedometer with calories burned is a great addition . Battery life seems to be good . Scratches easily and the battery does not last . The battery is not as strong as it should be . But the battery is a little bit unpleased, but it is very good . Battery life is bad, real bad . Long battery life, Decent camera for such a small device, excellent sound quality and easy to use ! The video camera works great and the battery Then you find the battery only lasts about 1 . Long Battery Life, Sleek Compact, Easy To Set Up, Reliable Performance, Great Sound, Lots of Storage bought it for the gym and it was just the right weight ! My only complaint with this product is that the battery doesn't last long at all I bought the nano as a replacement for an older classic, which was a great unit but time has taken it's toll on the battery and screen .
[ "The battery life is too short.\r\nThe time between chargers is not enough.", "The battery life of the ipod nano is very short.\r\nIt seems to continue using battery even when the ipod is not in use, otherwise, it's a great product.", "The battery life of the Ipod Nano 8GB is far too short.\r\nBattery life is not very good. Needs charging frequently.", "Battery life is very short, especially when you're recording or watching a video.", "Battery life short, especially for video." ]
6GHz 533FSB cpu, glossy display, 3, Cell 23Wh Li, ion Battery , and a 1 . Not to mention that as of now Asus will not sell you a spare 3 or 6, cell Li, Ion battery . It also features a N270 cpu, 6, cell 48Wh Li, ion Battery 8 . 3MP webcam, 6, Cell 63Wh Li, ion Battery with a whopping 10 . Realistic battery numbers are between 8 . of battery life if you're using wifi & doing email word processing YouTube web surfing . The Eee Super Hybrid Engine utility lets users overclock or underclock their Eee PC's to boost performance or provide better battery life depending on their immediate requirements . A few other things I'd like to point out is that you must push the micro, sized right angle end of the ac adapter until it snaps in place or the battery may not charge . In addition the ac adapter does get quite hot while it is actively charging the battery, which Asus clearly mentions in the user manual, so one should not be alarmed over the heat output . 5 Hour Battery, Glossy Display, Bluetooth, Netbook Sleeve 5 Hour Battery, Matted Display 5 Hour Battery, Matted Display After you add sales tax, you are then approaching the price of the V series which gets twice the battery life . Battery life is one of the biggest features of a netbook so I wouldn't go cheap and get less battery . Deciding between the V series and the P series really comes done to how much you care about a slight speed different , a small battery life difference, a better web cam, Bluetooth, and or the netbook sleeve . , The best thing about this unit is the battery life . , The long life battery makes this unit heavy . Since the battery life difference is minimum, the only reason to upgrade would be to get the better keyboard . For $30, $40 more you get one less usb port, you get covered usb ports which is annoying, and you get less than half the battery life . It has the longest battery life of any notebook . While my 1005HA works like a charm, I personally know several folks that have experienced issues with the battery and or power supply . Eventually, I noticed that most of these critical reviews referred to the battery or to the charging brick and most of those were describing what could have easily been mistakes made by the owners of the machine . They didn't attach the power cord properly or the charging time was too short and some didn't seem to understand how to determine when the battery was fully charged . Some complainers faulted the battery life, but didn't take into account what was running or turned on when using the computer . The battery is drained more quickly when the computer is operating with all rockets running . I suppose that is one reason why I kept gravitating to the ASUS Eee PC 1005HA, PU1X, BU as I explored the reviews for other brands, , in spite of the warnings about unworkable battery chargers and inoperative batteries I bought the Asus Eee PC . The main difference is probably the ten hour battery that is unique and ships with the ASUS Eee PC 1005HA, PU1X, BU . I wanted the netbook to use on long airplane flights so the long life battery was a real plus for me . The Asus Eee PC is sleek and that big battery doesn't stick out on the back edge like the other netbook high capacity batteries do . I like it a lot the battery and charger problems I feared so much have not materialized . I am still a little worried about that battery thing . I may have left you with some question about the battery and charging system, , I am sorry about that . After almost two months of using my new Eee PC 1005HA I can report no problem with the battery, bringing the battery to a full charge or the charging brick itself . My Jabra bluetooth headset works great with Skype, I've gotten 6 hours on my battery watching movies, listening to music before plugging it back in . Two other things that make this a superior computer are battery life, and the LED backlighting for the screen . The backlighting is definitely a factor in the longer battery charge life, but it also makes for a very nice bright picture . For the average user the battery charge life will be a plesant surprise . faster overall performance, and shorter charge life on the battery . When I recently started looking into purchasing a netbook, I was impressed with the battery life of the Asus Eee PC 1000HE . When I found out about the Dell Mini 10v coming out, I ordered one with upgrades to a six cell battery and larger hard drive . To make a long story short, the track pad buttons are a nightmare and the battery protruding on the bottom is an ugly compromise . Add the high running temperature to the poorer than expected battery life, and the Dell went back . The 1008HA was not a consideration because of the non, removable battery and significantly shorter battery life . I have not experienced the problems with the battery charger mentioned by other reviewers either . The light weight, the battery life, the keyboard, the non, protruding removable battery, the bright screen, the track pad disable button and general ease of use makes it hard to beat . Battery life continues to hold up and the keyboard is a true godsend with its full size keys . The battery life on this thing really is , Very sharp, clear image, even with brightness turned down low to get the most from the battery 0 out of 5 stars I wish I had listened to everyone with charging AC battery issues ! the AC charger just stopped charging the battery . I bought this back in early July and have had NO problems with my battery or charger . I haven't drained the battery yet, and I've been coast to coast with it, waits, etc . It is a big battery, and it does tend to tip backwards if fully opened and placed on a flat surface . Bluetooth narrowed it down, battery life narrowed it further, ability to R&R the memory was a further contraint, and when I was done it was this model or an MSI Wind . After receiving it in the mail , I plugged it into the outlet in the living room and allowed the battery to charge . Recently, however, my battery was about to die, and I had already set up shop in another room of my house, so I decided to move the power cord to the other room with my computer and let it charge while I worked on it . The battery life is quite extensive . If money is your leading consideration, then one of these may be for you, but for just a bit more money you get a much better screen, better battery life, bigger drive, more upgradeable, etc . It has a solid feel to it , but the battery juts out quite a bit, the touchpad keys are terribly placed, the webcam is only 0 . Since then, I've used it exclusively on battery power . has an 11 screen with the same or better battery life, . However, the second time my daughter tried to charge the computer using the supplied battery charger . The charger would not operate at all and the computer became useless once the onboard battery ran down . With some tweeking, the battery indeed lasted over 10 hours, even while watching hours of . Four hours of solid on running through a projector on the battery and still showed 4 hours left on the battery . 5 hour battery is the real deal , I had my unit on for 10 hours and it was still running with just over 10% battery capacity remaining . The battery power is as advertised which is a main reason I selected this netbook . The battery does not protrude and is removeable . I think I will love this machine for the purposes I bought it, portability, battery life to carry me through travels and for my teenager to use . 5 battery life was just a claim, but charged at %100 my battery life clocked in 10 . The battery life on this thing is truly incredible . The first day I got it I used it for at least 7 hours and Windows still said it had an hour and a half battery life left before I decided to charge it . All in all, great product, great battery life . This thing has great battery life, fits in the glove box of my car, and serves the uses of a netbook in excellent fashion . My only other gripe is the speakers are very weak for media use, but there are pocket, able battery powered speaker options, I am using the Altec Lansing Orbit Altec Lansing iM, 237 Orbit Ultraportable Speaker for MP3 Players , which is great . Luckily this thing has a great battery life our I'd be out of luck . But the strongest feature to recommend the machine is the battery life . I expected six or seven hours in reality, , I'm aware that battery life claims, like MPGs with cars, are usually puffed up . If your primary needs are portability and epic battery life, so that you never have to worry about sitting near a power outlet when you're on the go, and you want good construction then this is the machine for you . It won't give you all the functionality of a full, sized laptop, and the small screen may take some getting used to, but no regular laptop gives you this kind of battery life, and most of the functions absent here aren't used by most people most of the time anyway, so if the tradeoff is fewer features for greatly, increased battery life, I'll take the latter . While this is still a fine machine, battery life has started dropping off already . My 10, hour battery is now a 7 . The battery arrived pre, charged . When putting the battery on, it nearly doubles the weight of the computer . I have been able to make the battery expectancy get up the reported 10 . 0 out of 5 stars Would have been 5 stars except for failed battery and failed ac adapter . 4 PASS , Battery life is amazing, used the laptop in Super Performance Mode for over 6 hours of watching videos, checking email, connecting with USB Verizon broadband card, and still had battery life leftover . 1 FAIL , After one charge cycle, the battery blew a circuit, and would no longer power the netbook . 2 FAIL , After three charge cycles, the AC Adapter blew a circuit, and would no longer charge the battery . The battery life was the huge selling point for me and it is truly awesome . Seriously, I felt extravagant and almost guilty when he noted the 10 hour battery life on my Asus . Of course, without the adapter you can't charge the battery or operate the computer . the battery life is so good, it was not an issue ! I have had the laptop for 3 weeks now and I have had no trouble with the battery life or the charging process . 9GHz, but it's unstable, and I have actually returned it to stock speeds since the battery life is much better at stock . The battery life is as advertised here . Battery life is the longest of any system I've ever had or seen . As for the ac adapter wigging out i've had no such problem as when plugged in it's always on and when on battery it lasts a long time . Won't send battery without fax letter of agreement . If we don't get fax no battery . When might the battery arrive . Battery is width of 10 pencils . Will update when battery arrives in a few weeks . Pro's , I so wanted to love the small size, long battery life, brilliant blue color and light weight . the battery life is as advertised . Battery Life depends on how it's being used but it's much better than it's little brother the Eee PC 900 . Well I first ordered this netbook through J&R Music for a good price and when it arrived I charged the battery fully and later turned it on . A few hours later the battery light is on and green . Battery life seems to be good . 0 out of 5 stars Battery problem, August 10, 2009 When received battery defective would not charge . After sending Fax and battery at my expense with a time 5 hour battery pack and the 2 GB Crucial upgrade from Amazon after continued delays from Dell on my new Vostro 1520 notebook with Xp . 5 hour battery claim, but it seems to be accurate . The wireless networking logs on as soon as the unit is booted, I've had the charger plugged in while cycling the battery and the charger has not quit, the battery life has peaked to the point I can leave this thing on all day without it shutting down . I needed something comfortable for typing documents plus something with long battery life to keep in my briefcase . I picked it up right away due to the battery life, keyboard and sleek design . I actually went without charging it for more than a day because the battery life is just so amazing . With such a great battery life, keyboard and responsive touch pad, there's really no other model that can hold a candle to this puppy . My battery recharger failed within 24 hours, I returned it and received no notification that a replacement was shipped . 3 megapixel camera, the n280 atom processor, a 6, cell battery, and much more . I bought this about 3 weeks ago, and just until now, the charger wont completely charge the battery . The warranty card plainly states that the warranty covers everything but, the battery or free accessories such as mice or laptop bag . The battery is spectacular, and the key board didn't take any time getting used to, and of course it is a very cute cool little gadget . I had a 2 year old dell that just gave me problems so often, and recently the warrenty went out, coincidentally the battery's connection malfunctioned so it had to stay plugged in and the internet could not be detected, while my parents laptops were fine . 1005ha has Longer battery life and $30 cheaper, plus people complained about the port covers getting annoying in the 1008 . And you can upgrade the ram and remove the battery to be replaced in a few years, or buy another battery to carry around . The 1008ha you would have to ship into the Asus company to get a new battery upgrade for ram, which will cost something . Great battery life, very fast on my wireless router, does websites with flash and other media supported elements and even though I still love my Blackberry I needed something with a bit more umph to store vacation pics in on the road and attach files to email . Sure this one has a larger battery . The keyboard is easy to type on , the battery life is great, and I've found that I really do like the touch pad with all its features . My computer exhibited the precise symptoms described by others, , the first charge, up went fine, but when I had depleted the battery and went to recharge it, the power supply failed to do anything . , around the house, i can freely roam to wherever i find comfortable or least noisy, NEVER having to worry about the power cord because of the seemingly infinite battery life . this thing shines, yet barely sips at the battery Full sized laptops are so freaking bulky, heavy, and the battery wouldnt even make it though one of my evening classes . Her computer is a top of the line notebook that never leaves her desk because of bulkiness and pathetic battery life, so her only backdrop is the block wall of her dorm XD but with this eeepc, she never sees me in the same place twice, and almost all of the time im outside, far from buildings which really says something about the wireless card . The reason I went with Asus is the long battery life without the huge bump in the back , a fast processer, easy memory upgrade, good looks and great price . I bought this to use when traveling within a developing country, where I need lots of battery life and don't feel like lugging around my conspicuous 15 notebook . Good battery life under Linux about 7 . It's bigger, heavier, and has less battery life, but it is much easier to upgrade internal components . Its battery life is much longer , though not quite the stated 10 . The 6, cell lithium, ion battery is seamless integrated into the mainframe to minimize space usage . Now add in the N, standard wireless, free netbook sleeve and the usual laptop microphone webcam suite, and together with its aforementioned compactness and long battery life, it becomes possible to do productive work on the Asus Eee HA1005 , maintaining web sites, writing long articles, coding, e, networking, etc , almost anywhere . The battery life is amazing . With the battery in the back the computer has most of its weight in the back so the computer easily tips back when the screen is opened all the way up . The battery life has not been tested in one complete sitting . However, as would be expected, if I tether my cellphone for internet use, it does drain the battery very quickly . The use of WIFI also seems to drain the battery, but just not as quickly . As far as I can tell, I do not think the battery will last more than six hours for my use . I suppose if I turned off the WIFI and Bluetooth and did nothing more than use MS Word, the battery would last longer . I also noted the charger becomes extremely hot when plugged in and charging the computer battery . Long battery life, sharp looking machine, fingerprint magnet,glossy screen=glare,ease of use and portability . Charges fully and swiftly,long lasting battery time, functions beautifully . 5 Hour Battery Life, August 7, 2009 And the battery last only about 7 hours of normal use . Battery life is over 8 hours and I plan to upgrade the memory soon . The battery life is excellent, with normal usage I can get about 7 hours easily, more if I turn off WIFI and turn down the screen brightness . One of the downside I have noticed is that the netbook is heavy near the hinge because that's where the battery is located and if you want to put it on your lap while sitting, you have to put your hand on the bottom chassis so that the netbook doesn't tip over, and the screen doesn't bend all the way backwards which can be annoy, otherwise this is a really nice netbook . 1incredible battery life, 2weight it runs Windows XP not Vista [bleah ! I do imagine playing games on it would reduce the amount of time on the battery . Also, if you're on the web a lot it does take up a little more battery but not enough that you can't still use it most of the day on one charge . It's incredibly light even with the battery pack in . The best part of the 1005HA is that the battery IS user, replaceable . I was originally going to buy an ASUS 1000HE but heard the batteries were not user, replaceable, thus you had to send the computer back to ASUS for them to replace the battery with a turn, around time of up to a few months ! The laptop itself is great , nice crisp display, great battery life, light, and a nice form factor . I've run the machine on battery power some four or five times so far and have found no problems with charge or battery power life . I spend a lot of time in battery, power environments for other technical devices, so I'm a bit more forgiving when it comes to expected battery life versus real battery life . 0 out of 5 stars netbook with power and battery life, August 24, 2009 The seashell allows for a big battery . I say it's a small price to pay for a sleek and light computer with an incredible battery life . After an initial full charging, I ran this netbook to 1% battery life before the first three times I recharged it . The adapter that charges the battery overheats really easily . 0 out of 5 stars A great little machine, perfect for travels, though battery life bit shorter than advertised . I was looking for portability, light weight, and long battery life, which removed a great many manufacturers off my list . When I read the specs and the reviews and the extra hour of battery life for just a few bucks more, my decision was revised . I've had the machine for 2 weeks now and the only thing that I'm not very happy with is that the battery power, for me anyway, doesn't last 10 . 5 hours from the battery I usually get 7 . I'm just glad that I didn't buy a machine with slightly less hours of battery life . If someone is in the market for a great little traveling machine to access the internet, send receive emails, do some writing, and need extended battery life, I highly recommend this Asus eee netbook . There are other machines out there, some with identical specs, some similiar, but none match the battery life . Terrific value at $324 , , especially considering the six cell battery ! Some reviewers have complained about the physical size of the battery extrusion from the bottom of the netbook . Again, the long, lasting battery makes it worth it . Then I switched to battery power and the machine froze . When I put back the factory memory the machine worked perfectly on A C and battery . Our unit has operated flawlessly so far and the 10 hour battery is a real plus . The trick is to fully charge and then fully discharge this battery several times before you start using it in the regular mode . Great battery life, decent sized screen, and the keyboard was large enough to be comfortable to type on . I originally bought the EEE to take with me whenever my laptop was too big to take somewhere, but have started exclusively using the EEE in place of my laptop because of its portability and battery life that greatly exceeds most full size laptops . The only minor issue is that the battery life is a bit less after the Windows 7 upgrade . What none of the reviews I read told me is that the Asus company recommends that when you are somewhere that has electricity, you should take out the battery and just plug in the machine . They said there are only so many recharges in the life of any battery, and when you don't have to use the battery, it extends its life . One of the reasons I chose this netbook was that the battery does come out , my old laptop had an internal battery, and when it stopped taking a charge, I had to replace the whole machine . So I decided that whatever I buy has to have a removable battery . The battery life has been very good, especially if you follow the rule of turning off the wireless and bluetooth, and turning down the screen brightness . This isn't a hassle, and usually when you want extended battery life, you're on a plane where you don't need full brightness or radio anyway . Such much lighter and smaller, and compared to the Lenovo, its battery is immortal . The battery life is also great , I can charge my phone out of the usb port in class and not have to worry about running low on battery before the day is over . The battery life is plenty for me . I haven't done a real battery test, but I can tell you that it's on all day at work and I don't even bring the power cord from home . and I love the battery, life I'm not sure it was 10 . In terms of battery life its not really 10 . I'm glad I did, I charged the battery before attempting anything . I mention the battery life which I usually get about 8 hours with full brightness, playing videos or music, and have multiple programs running simultaneously . I needed a computer easy to move, to work efficiently and with long battery life and that was precisely what I got . This did not affect me much, I can write without problems full university texts, media files run without any problem and the battery have been used for seven consecutive hours using the computer to the maximum in High Performance Mode without depleted . The advantages over Acer and HP are in the best battery and the magnificent instalation that comes with the computer . another, i needed one that had a LONG battery life, since it would be a bother to have to charge a netbook every 4, 5 hours . Decent speed processor, nice screen quality, great asus softwares , and very long battery life . For those wanting to install Win 7, it works great, no glitches or hiccups, startup is fast, and less battery loss than vista . space bar changes battery settings on the ASUS software . I like Eee 1005PA, V's battery life . Keeps it nice and cool and doesn't have a significant effect on the battery . The battery life is incredible . For another $50, you get a 6 cell battery with 8 hours of run time . 5 hours of battery life, bluetooth, a better webcam can someone confirm this ? I am a college student that got tired of lugging around a heavy 15inch laptop with less than 3 hours battery life . The battery life is unbelievable, even while using USB to transfer files, watching movies and surfing the internet with screen brightness all the way up . I didn't time it but I got tired of waiting to run down the battery . I look forward to having something much lighter and not worrying about when the battery will die . 0 out of 5 stars No issues at all, battery charger works fine . My charger battery has never had any problems . I carry this netbook in my purse at all times, the long battery lasts as long as described . The small size makes it very easy to carry compared to a standard laptop, the long battery life is really great, and the speed and performance using various wi, fi connections was better than I expected it to be . I always dreamed of a PC that has very long battery life Has three USB ports on the sides and the back area houses the six cell battery . Factory settings to preserve battery life have the screen luminescence set to 50% but can easily be adjusted to the necessary ambience illumination you may need . Regarding battery duration I cannot comment on its purpose since whenever I am doing word processing tasks, have always music or videos running . And using the two USB port external ASUS disk drive, battery life decreases to only two hours . It's battery life and ease of replacement is key . I have the $299 version from Best Buy, it has a 3 cell battery with 3hrs of battery operation . A 6 cell battery costs over $79 dollars . I was skeptical about the long battery life and the cool, touch but I got about 9 . 5hr battery model is going to run a touch heavier than the 6 . 5hr battery models but the extra battery life is really worth it . It does not overheat and the battery lasts a long time, not 10 . Using a USB mouse lessens the battery time but I LOVE it anyway, it fits into my purse, the colors are great and it is much quicker than my desk top . The computer will rarely turn on even though the battery has plenty of charge in it . The battery life is to die for , my full size laptop doesnt have 10 I'm actually downgrading in performance in getting this netbook but the performance lost is made up with the smaller form factor and greatly increased battery life . Real world battery life is less than the 10 . I usually get 8, 930 hrs of battery while browsing the internet and using office . Within a few hours of owning this netbook the battery meter stopped working . The battery life will ensure that i can go hours without needing a recharge . First is the incredible battery life . I have not done an actual test of the full battery life but from what iv seen in general use it has around 9 hours while running wifi and other applications with around half screen brightness . Has a very long battery life, runs videos and multimedia smoothly without issues, fast loading, very usable keyboard, stylish sleek design, decent pricing for what you get The ~10 hour battery life is great . Since I have bluetooth and wi, fi on most of the time I actually get about 6~7 hours of battery life . The battery power is long lasting, and it serves me well throughout the day . 1 light weight, 2 long battery life, and 3 reasonable performance . Although 1008HA is lighter and thinner, I felt that 1005HA is a better choice for me because of its removable, long battery life and easy RAM access . When you start it up for the first time, leave it plugged in ONLY as long as it takes for the battery to charge to full . At this point, it is normal for the adapter to become very, very hot while charging all the way from low battery . If you follow these instructions for several battery cycles, you should find that the charger eventually stops overheating . And over 9 hours of battery life ! It has the best battery life out of all the netbooks currently available . You have to physically shut, down, unplug, plus remove the battery , then restart . If the ratio of battery, life to cost is important to you , this is a decent netbook, except for the inevitable charger failure . Battery life advertised at 10 . 5 Hour Battery Life to anyone who was looking to make a netbook purchase Asus seems to have gotten a poor reputation based on their customer service and the faulty power cords they've been sending out, but the netbook itself is a gem . I love this netbook so far I have not been able to run out of battery 10 . 5 hour battery life is not true , if your doing anything other then nothing you will usualy get like 6, 7 hour battery Battery performance couldn't be more nice, as well as performance . It boots up quickly, especially after getting rid of the extra asus software that auto, boots at startup, its battery life is phenomenal, the screen is clear and easy to read, the keyboard is comfortable to type on and feels natural . Unboxed the netbook, put in the battery, charged it up, everything was great . The battery life lasted me about a good 6, 7 hours of e, mail, internet, some MS office work, and watched a video or 2 from streaming Netflix . Only problem was when I went to recharge my battery for the SECOND TIME EVER OWNING THIS NETBOOK, the power adapter wasn't working . I bought this netbook and the AC adapter worked fine, but the battery wouldn't charge at all . So I exchanged the bad netbook for a new one, but the new one is just like the first the battery will not charge at all . I read the reviews before I first bought this netbook and was aware that there was an issue with the battery . Extra long battery life , pretty accurate specs given 5 Hour Battery Life was the one that caught my eye . Obviously , the battery drained out within hours . Battery life is longer than I had expected obviously 10 . And even better, has a built in webcam, an impeccable battery life, a great touch pad and exceptionally ergonomic design . Battery life around 6 hours playing games or DVIX videos which in my book is simply awesome ! Love the LED backlight concept which saves battery life and you don't have to worry about the flourescent bulbs fading after a few years . Now I keep battery topped off or charge when not in use and no longer seems to be a problem . This netbook has plenty of power for my needs and the battery life is great . Been very pleased with performance and battery life, however power supply went out after 60 days . 0 out of 5 stars Initially battery problems , , however now it works, December 22, 2009 In the mean time I let the battery go down completely turned out the battery would not charge, even though Windows XP was reporting it was . when experiencing charging problems, let the battery go out completely . Noticed that the battery indicator started flashing orange, instead a steady orange . After 3 hrs the battery was fully charged, unplugged the netbook, started up Windows, and the battery indicator showed about 10 hours charge remaining . The battery life is pretty good though the trackpad is annoying . what i loved is the battery : The battery's longevity is amazing I get around it is designed to be as small as possible, and the long, life battery on the back end makes it tipsy . Excellent battery life, small and light enough to drop in a handbag and forget it's there . I tug it around for all my personal stuff and it is light, easy to carry and I really do get 10 hours plus use of the battery . The battery on my netbook lasts almost 13 hours since I keep the LCD brightness relatively low . It has the fastest processor currently available , huge battery, life 10 . I bought this although I already have a Sony Vaio for its light weight and long battery life . Indeed it runs as fast as advertised and battery life is excellent . The most impressive on this is the battery life : The battery life is incredible . I spent a bit of time researching the various netbooks currently available and thought that the 1005HA, P had a nice mix of style, battery life, ergonomics, and performance . I have found the actual battery life to be around 8 hours . The main selling point for this netbook is its amazing battery life . The battery doesn't add much bulk to the overall unit at all either . For this extra amount, I was looking for the larger screen, the longer battery life and the keyboard ergonomics . I haven't put it to the test on how long it actually lasts, but I use it off and on all day and I've never had the battery go dead on me . The long battery life is on and off . Sometimes it says that I have 70% battery life AND 3hrs : Saying that, I don't have any battery saving settings set as I'm not too familiar with that and haven't had the need . The sound wasn't all that great but hooking up some battery op speakers or headphones would be the way to go there . The battery life last almost 4 hours with contine use but I have the battery charger that charges in no time . I can easily get 8 hours on the battery life while running multiple programs and listening to music over the wireless internet . I have not tried running the battery out quickly or seeing if I can shut things down to get the full 10 . The image is nice and crisp and the longevity of the battery is a definite plus . The battery life has been amazing so far . Very lightweight and portable and the battery life is outstanding . I took this on a trip and the battery lasted about 6 hours before showing it was at 53% . The computer is quite fast and the battery is amazing . Much to my surprise I was shocked at how well it performed, especially the battery . 5 hour battery life is really helpful . 5 hour battery life is great . It looks good, is very sleek and stylish, very light and gives around 9, 10 hrs battery backup on 1 charge . I am very pleased and would recommend it anyone that wants something very portable with great battery life . Battery life is great and it seems to charge fast as well . On top of that, ASUS tech support reports that the brick is out of stock and will not be available for 2 weeks and my battery is completely dead . As a backup I purchased a second battery . Key features in my decision were b,g, & n wireless, built in bluetooth mouse capability, and the best in class battery life . I bought this to take notes in college classes, so battery life was very important to me and it did not disappoint . With the very first charge, I got nearly 10 hours of battery life . The battery life is not its promised 10 . 0 out of 5 stars Good ergonomics, exceptional battery, performance meets expectations . Pretty standard list of specs for a netbook with the addition of bluetooth and a very long battery life . The long battery life is awesome ! The battery is INFINITELY better, and I can easily squeeze 10 hours out of it if I need to . When I learned about the battery life, the memory, hard drive, processor, etc .
[ "The battery life is longer then 5 hours.\r\nBut due to the battery charger this may decrease or not work at all.", "Battery lasts about 5 hours.\r\nTime is shorter when running many drives or using bright backlight.", "battery-life is fantastic and good.\r\nThe 6 hours battery life is great.", "Battery lasts about 5 hours.\r\nTime is shorter when running many drives or using bright backlight.", "Battery lasts about 5 hours.\r\nTime is shorter when running many drives or using bright backlight." ]
I thought it would be fitting to christen my Kindle with the Stephen King novella UR, so went to the Amazon site on my computer and clicked on the button to buy it . As soon as I'd clicked the button to confirm my order it appeared on my Kindle almost immediately ! After reading through the introductory guide that loads up automatically at the start and following along it took me almost no time to learn which buttons are where and what each of them do . I started reading with the default size without my glasses and noticed I was squinting a bit, so changed to one size larger with a couple button clicks and it was much easier without feeling like the print was too big and took up too much of the page . The gadget feeling is underlined by needing to press a button to turn pages . It took very little time to get used to having to push a button to turn pages and the screen flash as they turn only really startled me the first few times . I don't feel the need to push the button ahead of time to prepare for the end of the page at all, which evidently a lot of Kindle 1 owners do since it's a bit more sluggish . unintended page changes, the awkward way I sometimes have to hold it to keep from hitting buttons, the sometimes slow page refresh, and the screen freezes that now has me traveling with a paper clip lest I need to do a reset while commuting on the train . No longer do I have to press and hold two buttons to put the device to sleep . the button hinges are on the outside , at the edge , of the K2 . You need to press on the interior of the button to get it to click . Combine that with the smaller button sizes and one major source of frustration has been instantly eliminated ! The little power button at the top of the Kindle is really a power slide . The change in the hinging and size of the buttons is major plus and would make it hard to go back to the K1 . sleeker look and feel , sharper screen, no longer accidentally depressing the next page button by accident and having to find your place in the book again . , The 5, way button, though a bit small, allows you to select left and right, and not just up and down like the original version . Only issue is I need to recalibrate now, , in general, I try to anticipate how much time it will take the next page to load, and when I'm two lines from the bottom, I would hit the next page button . Now I need to push the button later . That 5, way button is magical . The main issue I had with Kindle 1 was the navigation button design and placement . I like to read holding the Kindle with one hand and it just didn't work well because I kept bumping the next, previous and back buttons . The display is better and the 5, way button is a major improvement . On off buttons are repositioned to be easily accessible . Things like the buttons that made it easy to accidentally turn pages the separate cursor on the side that could only select lines and was sometimes hard to see the occasionally awkward menus the case which practically forced you to remove it to use it and sometimes pulled the battery door off . The second thing is the buttons . This means that when you handle the Kindle 2 by the edges, the pages don't change even if you grab by the buttons . Yet changing pages is effortless when you do , the buttons are right between your thumbs and the slightest pressure on their faces is enough to activate them . That it doesn't have the quirky, clunky, annoying buttons that filled 戮 of each side of its predecessor, buttons that caused dozens upon dozens of accidental page turns makes it that much sexier . What I like most about the Kindle 2 is the placement of the buttons and their inversion . It has the feel of the mouse button in the middle of a laptop keyboard and I never liked those . Manipulating that button reminded me of something I'd rather not think about when trying to get work done . if you don't upgrade, you will regret it every time you accidentally hit one of the obscenely large buttons and advance or retreat one, two, three, or even four pages . The page turn buttons are better . With the Kindle 1, I was constantly at risk of accidentally bumping the next page buttons . With the Kindle 2, the buttons have been scaled down to a much more manageable size and are a lot less sensitive . I love the 4, way directional button . It took a little getting used to after having used the Kindle 1, especially since the context menus that I was used to in the first gen have changed due to the new directional button, but for any Kindle user, this change is a god send . It looks good, feels good in the hand, has good buttons, which are easy to operate on purpose but not so easy accidentally . A button click brings up the dictionary, starting with that entry . It's very easy to page forward or backward through the text with the dedicated buttons . The button layout looks odd because it's so regularly spaced in rows versus the keyboard's staggered style, but it isn't any harder to use than a cellphone's tri, letter entry or blackberry keyboard . The buttons are not hard to press at all . Every K2 button has a satisfying Just like how I prefer to grasp the page a few sentences before the end of a page, I tend to press the Next Page button a bit sooner than I finish reading the page . The lag actually helps in that respect, and even so, the lag between pushing the button and the new page appearing is much faster than I could ever physically flip any book page without shearing it from the spine . , Inside, edge buttons , These have saved me from accidentally pressing buttons many times . The text is darker and clearer and the buttons are more like the Sony , , both on one side . when I received my Kindle 2 I was very impressed with the design, especially the improved button design . Tiny buttons with even tinier text on the buttons . The incredibly tiny buttons are literally impossible for people with low, vision to read . And the tiny buttons with the even tinier text ? Greatly improved page turning buttons . The codes vary depending on which button I press and the most recent code has been 90UGC . Each time this has happened, I have contacted the support team, each time the team member has made me delete the book from the device,they've resent it to me and I've had to do the hold the power button for 20 seconds process each time . I'm not crazy about the way that the scroll button works either . The buttons and the controller work smoothly . Sleek style, easy to hold, the white causes it to disappear as suggested in its description, highly transportable, well thought out button placement, easy to use, adjustable font, ease of downloading new books . I love how the content manager is better integrated and I don't have to hit so many buttons to manage my books . What I hate , I hate the new button positioning . Since the K2 is longer and the buttons are near the bottom, its awkward to hold and feels unbalanced in my hands, almost like it will tip over . When I'm trying to go to the next page, I hit the home button by accident a lot . I also hate the fact that you really have to push the buttons hard to change the page . I really liked the extra responsiveness of the K1 buttons . However I was disappointed to discover that I was unable to press the buttons from that position . With the K2 I can turn on the TTS feature with one button, place it beside me, and have it read to me all night ! I contemplated changes to my beloved Kindle with dread, I was one of the few who loved the old page, turning buttons . I worried that the new buttons would be Sony Reader size, and impossible for me to press . Thankfully the buttons are still at least thumb, size, and may appear hard to press, until you realize that they are hinged on the inside . I like the new size and feel of the buttons . It is much harder now to accidentally hit the page buttons . But holding the darn thing was a chore without pressing that next button page . Kind of hard to do when you're inadvertently pressing buttons . Also the keyboard has been redesigned to make things easier as well as added buttons like menu which is nice . I find myself using a large size typeface to compensate for the lack of contrast, but this means frequent next page button presses which is extremely annoying . The buttons have a cheap feel . The next page buttons should activate when pressed at any angle . Upgrade the quality of the hardware especially the buttons . You can pretty much figure everything out by just trying the buttons . The next, previous, back buttons are much smaller and are hard to hit accidentally . The keyboard buttons are small, round, low, profile and have slightly convex tops . The on, off button is now on top and the radio on, off switch is now in a software menu . The Kindle 1 roller button and quirky silver navigation bar are gone . My thanks to Arts&HistoryFan for pointing out that when you hit the menu button, the time is shown in the top banner . Yes, I noticed some of the initial design flaws in the first, generation Kindle , the placement of the next page buttons, the general sense of flimsiness , but I decided I could live with those . Opened the box, press the button and it begins downloading books that I pre, ordered . The welcome screen comes on to explain all the buttons . One thing I didn't like was the page next button failed to work when the text to speech was in use and I wanted to skip ahead . sym button depressed at same time Buttons are accessible, raised for convenience of all involved , another big plus for the visually impaired or those with other conditions . The sound button is raised only slightly , fine for VI but potentially problematic for those with arthritis or other issues with fine motor function as it is a relatively thin button that must be pressed slightly . The buttons are well placed and need a good push to change pages, but not so much that it detracts from your reading . Navigation is much easier with the 5, way button . I miss having a dedicated button to deactivate the wireess, but the overall device has improved so much that I will get over the loss quickly . Buttons are not hard to press for me . They do require a bit of pressure, but I like it that way so I can rest my thumbs on the buttons without turning the page accidentally . They seem to be in the perfect location, I can grip the K2 easily and do not have to worry about pressing a button on accident but when I need to change the page they are right where I want them . Moving the cursor to the word in question can be a bit awkward since there is some delay using the 5 direction button, but it's not so awkward as to not use the feature . Getting a free sample wirelessly and then just hitting a button to buy it is great . I hate tiny gadgets with tiny screens covered with tiny buttons that lead to a labyrinth of tiny submenus filled with nonsensical options . Click a button and it's there in seconds . The buttons have been made smaller, which fixed the large buttons on the lst generation that made the device hard to hold and frustratingly easy to advance the page . , One button to turn on, turn off, and sleep . I also like the fact the button is on the top and not on the back as it was on the K1 . I just have to use the new five way button to highlight the word and look up shows at the bottom without leaving the page . significant improvement over Kindle 1's non intuitive forward and previous buttons . Also I'm afraid that overusing the mouse button may cause it to wear out quickly . If you wish to go back say a dozen pages to look up something you simply have to press the 'previous page' button 12 times in succession . Again navigation is by using the next and previous page buttons . My mother, in, law has enough difficulty with her fingers and the tiny buttons that she generally uses a pencil, eraser to push the buttons . When you look at it, if you don't focus too hard, the little buttons and controls fade away and all you see is the text . The only thing you can do is rotate, which makes some PDFs readable but then you're in the awkward position of having to press the next and previous page buttons vertically instead of horizontally . One day while laying on the couch reading I pressed the 'next page' button and the screen went blank . While not as much text fits on a screen as on a mass, market paperback page using the font size I like, pushing the next page button has become second nature . My one complaint is that I'd like a previous page button on both side of the screen, the way there's a next page button on both sides, but that's a very minor consideration . Reading the book in the cover isn't a problem as the front cover readily folds around to the back so that it isn't making the left, edge buttons hard to press . To use the enter function, that is to execute a command or enter the text I've typed in, I just have to push downward on the square button . The prev next back home buttons are too small ? Add a prev page button on the right and a home button on the left . Next page and other buttons , very easy to use . The buttons really are much better . I also found using the navigation button difficult . The size and buttons are fine with me . The new navigation button works well, and the keyboard feels good to my fingers . The buttons are also laid out and I'm so glad they put the Next buttons on both sides since it makes it so easy to use . The Qwerty keyboard, while the buttons are small, is spaced nicely for ease of use . I find the Kindle buttons perfect for this type of device . I find the buttons easy to use . , I find the myriad of buttons on the face of the device to be very nicely done . As highly documented before, the buttons on the side of the device used for page turning, going to the home screen, and accessing the menu all engage with an inward click . This enables you to pick up the device with the edges without pressing any buttons . They buttons are well placed . The page turning buttons are a lot easier to hit than say, flipping a page in a real book while lying in bed, having said page get caught up on the covers, and having to adjust to get it squared away . The major buttons on both sides are for the next page . For some reason, my brain wants a prior page button on the left side and the next page button on the right . I hit the page button once and looked left as though I had turned an actual page in a book . A minor grumble, I keep wanting to press Next Page rather than the select button to make things happen . Its the position of the buttons that seems to make me want to do that . I intuitively want the biggest button to be 'select' rather than Next Page . Your finger can rest on the next page button, and a simple click is all you need to advance . When you hold it in the opposite hand, the next page button is on the other side too . I don't need two hands to hold the book open when I'm on the train, or whenever, just one hand gives you good access to all the buttons even while you are holding the device . I also love the fact they made the next and previous page buttons a little bit harder to push so I am not constantly pressing buttons I don't mean to . The buttons work well even with my large fingers and the navigating 5, position control is easily mastered and easy to use effectively . , new buttons are a massive step up . You can hold the buttons on the edge and not turn pages . There is a feeling of strength to the thumb buttons, they are not oversensitive like the old ones, and the keyboard is a great improvement over those odd keys on the K1 . My only fear is that I will wear out my 5 direction menu button within the month, since there is SO much to see, do and find Just hit the enter button on the keyboard, and it takes you directly to the full dictionary entry, complete with pronunciation guide . The buttons are placed in a convenient area without being in the way, yet turning a page is a breeze . Previous button presses inward, toward the screen, while other buttons press toward the outside edges . All of the controls and buttons are well placed and easy to understand . The redesign of the buttons is a great improvement . When I purchased the Kindle originally, I had several issues with the physical layout, the inability to stop the accidental button pushing and the sharp corners . In the Kindle 2, the corners have been rounded and the buttons have been restructured so that it takes a little pressure to press inward instead of outward . The placement of the on off button is much better at the top rather than the back as previously . I really enjoy the menu button and the 5, way controller to navigate . The buttons rubbed the fingers at the bottom . On the Kindle 2, the button has been moved to the top right side of the device . The keyboard buttons are smaller and also require some pressure to activate . What remains to be seen, however, is whether the Kindle 2 will be plagued with having to be reset as frequently as the Kindle, nor did I see a reset button . I love the next page button on both sides of the Kindle 2 . The buttons on the K2 are not easily pressed while reading, and I love the 5, way button that allows me to easily navigate between my newpaper pages . I flicked the switch to start reading, and the screen froze with a bunch of lines on it that would flicker a bit when I hit a button, but that was all . There is no 1, 800 number for Canada for Kindle support, so you request them to call you via a button on their site . I hit the button, bent over to plug in the Kindle, and the phone rang before I straightened up .
[ "It is not user friendly and the buttons are not easily pressed.", "The buttons are well placed, but can be hard to press down.", "Magical five way button.\r\nNext page button on both side of kindle.\r\nNo reset button.", "New buttons are easy to use and effective.\r\nNo more accidental button presses.\r\nButtons make navigation easy." ]
Drivers seat not comfortable, the car itself compared to other models of similar class . It's very comfortable, remarkably large inside and just an overall great vehicle . Front seats are very uncomfortable . I'm 6' tall, and find the driving position pretty comfortable . However, there are a couple of things that kill it for me 1 terrible driver seat comfort, kills my back 2 lack luster interior design, my Acadia has much better comfort 3 the VCM drives me crazy because the constant change in cylinder use is perceptible enough to be an annoyance . The seats are extremely uncomfortable . While the Accord is no Acura it is a close relative in terms of quality and comfort . I previously owned a 98 Avalon, and found the seats more comfortable than the Honda . I'm very sad , I loved my daughter's Civic and the dealer service is fantastic, but even good service can't help the uncomfortable seats . Overall performance is good but comfort level is poor . The ride is a great balance between handling and comfort . Although it is fun to drive and quality seems ok, the leather seats are very uncomfortable, especially on a long drive . Although not the fastest, most luxurious, or technologically advanced in the very competitive mid, size sedan segment, the Accord strikes the perfect balance of sport, comfort and value, creating a vehicle that feels and acts like a much pricier machine . Has lots of features, is comfortable, everything works . The two door coupe is very comfortable and roomy and draws plenty of attention . The seat is extremely uncomfortable . The driver's seat is very uncomfortable . The head rest tills forward which pushes the driver's head forward at a very uncomfortable position . The front driver seat's lumbar support seemed very uncomfortable at first . The car is comfortable and QUIET . No big deal The car is huge and very comfortable . Very tight, runs great, very comfortable to drive . The interior quality is OK, my 1999 Accord EX had a better comfort level on the seats . Initially the dashboard controls were a little intimidating, but it doesn't take long to get comfortable with them . I fit in the Coupe comfortably . The driver seating is uncomfortable . It's a comfortable ride and is very high quality . For a 4 cylinder car I am surprised at the comfortable and peppy drive . This a good choice if you need an affordable and comfortable commuting vehicle but hate the idea of a boring boxy sedan . What a car, design, ride, comfort, 270 watt audio system, I love this car . The seats are very comfortable & supportive . I like my Accord very much, but had I known the drivers seat was so uncomfortable I would have never bought it . Aside from missing the turbo's acceleration, I've preferred the Accord's better mileage, handling and comfort . This Accord is the only large car I found with upscale comfort amenities and a good manual transmission . Comfort inside is better than expected . My family of 5 can comfortably ride in this car . This car is a dream from the GAS to the STYLE to the COMFORT . Its the most comfortable Accord I have had . I do find the lumbar on the driver's seat a bit uncomfortable though . The car is very comfortable, the steering is tight and precise . The seats are comfortable, and there is ample leg room in the front and rear . Most uncomfortable seats in any vehicle I have ever owned . It is very comfortable, easy to drive and park . I would recommend this car for great value, comfort, & fun to drive ! Seats are firm but not uncomfortable , very BMW like . Rides with comfort and motor will pick up if you need it . It gives a sporty driving feel and offers a very comfortable Highway ride . Uncomfortable in Camry, Had a Nissan before, rough ride . Test drove Honda and enjoyed the firm yet very comfortable ride . It's very comfortable, has pretty much every luxury feature you might want, and is still fun to drive . DON'T rely on your test drive, the seats are Very uncomfortable and when the engine goes into the econo mode the vehicle shifts rocks violently forward and when leaving the econo mode it shifts rocks forward once again which means that the vehicle is CONTINUOUSLY SHAKING AND ROCKING . Seats are very comfortable and ride is very smooth ! My only complaint is comfort . The front seats are extremely uncomfortable after anything more than 15 minutes of driving due to what I see as a design flaw, the seat curvature is too great, and even with the lumbar support all the way retracted, it still feels like there is some type of bar sticking out in the wrong part of my back . However, the 08 Accord is well designed, handles well for its size and the comfort level is so much better than the TL . Absolutely got a great car, roomy, comfortable, great ride for a nice price . Fun to drive, safe, reliable, and comfortable . Driver's seat is not fully adjustable using 8, way power seat which is very uncomfortable . The car is solid, beautiful, comfortable, fuel efficient and big enough for my family of 5 . Everyone loves the way it rides and we took it to the lake without a single complaint of comfort . Driving 55 miles per hr between Houston and Austin this slow is very painful, boring to drv,Our Avalanche averaged 15 city with a very comfortable seat and only 20 highway but the vast majority of our driving is in the city not a good trade off . At 6'5 it is very comfortable . Good looking inside and out, comfortable and roomy, commendable performance, and excellent gas mileage . However, long, distance comfort is poor due to hard, narrow and deeply, bucketed seats combined with a very taut suspension which transmits even minor road imperfections through the whole vehicle . The seat contour creates uncomfortable pressure points which quickly become tiring and downright painful . The Camry was very comfortable, but not sporty and the ride was boring . s a great car, spacious, comfortable, fun to drive, and handles very well . At first the seats seemed stiffer than I'd like, but after making a 2 1 2 hour trip, It felt very comfortable once I got the seat and lumbar adjusted to my liking . extremely comfortable, more power than camry, lots of space, good fuel economy, and mean looking Cons : Ride, comfort, visibility, braking, steering and acceleration are excellent for a car of its size and price . The '08 is more comfortable and handles quite a bit better than the very good experience we had with the '06's . Door closure is solid, leather seats are very comfortable . From the hard and uncomfortable driver seat, excessive body roll, several rattles in the interior and intrusive road noise, the vehicle just does not strike a chord n . In fact, I find my 2006 Civic Ex w Nav to be a better built, more comfortable and more engaging car . Lots of room and very comfortable . I purchased this car because the amount of time I spend on the road, I need a comfortable car that is reliable . This car is comfortable, loaded with options and every one that gets into it loves it . Seats are not very comfortable and not happy with the heated seats . The seats are very comfortable and I love the cloth . The Accord has looks, comfort, great ride and reliability . Ample room for someone that is 6'2 , and extremely comfortable for my daily commute . An extremely comfortable and capable sedan . I went for comfort over performance to fit it in my budget so the EX, L with the 4 cyl engine . So far, the reliability has been as expected, it is comfortable on my back, and the gas mileage has been pretty good . The interior design is roomy and very comfortable . Steering nice and tight, seats a little stiff but comfortable . Interior is very roomy, and I can sit comfortably in the rear seat at 6'2 . Great car, really comfortable and quiet . Solid build, comfortable interior, smooth ride, fuel efficient averaging 27 . This is my second Accord and it's bigger, zippier and more comfortable . This car is stylish and very comfortable to drive . It is comfortable, easy to drive, and fast ! Very comfortable and roomy vehicle . The ride is firm but not harsh, It is more comfortable than the Maxima and looks much better than any Camry . I previously owned a Chrysler 300 2006, so it is difficult going from a real comfortable interior, really massive dash to a bland and old fashioned interior . Fun to drive, economic, very comfortable, and excellent on the highway . It's much more comfortable than the Vette and I absolutely love driving it . It has great handling and does so with comfort . Have to say the comfort, look, design and how it drives is first rate . Back seat comfort and entry exit are great . Ride is superior, comfortable seats, radio excellent . my first fill up was 26 mpg mixed city and hwy I only expect it to get better, steering is tight and precise, only complaints are road noise is more than i like but its livable, rain or just dew pours in right on top of the power window controls when the window is cracked, but window guards have fixed that, its a fun car to drive, and for what it is, its comfortable, controls are great, easy to reach, I'm looking forward to a lot of great miles with this car . The Honda was very comfortable to drive and averaged 32 miles per gallon . The leather seat is not the most comfortable, but not bad . I drive 140 miles daily, and found the comfort the best feature . It drives well, the satellite radio is awesome and it has the comfort of home . It has a comfortable ride and most controls are logical, but the location of the volume knobs takes some getting used to . Excellent car, would recommend this to anyone looking for a sharp, reliable, comfortable sedan . A little pricy but it's really a comfortable car and a great driving machine . Great comfort in the Accord . Awesome interior with great comfort . Three months and I still can't get comfortable in the LX . For test drive , I wish I had removed the hard plastic from the driver's seat tried harder to get comfortable in the non, electric seat spent more time on rough roads . but I do miss the more comfortable ride of my '05 & '96 Camry's . Otherwise the car is comfortable, stylish, spacious and it handles well . Very comfortable ride compared to my Lexus . My main reason for purchasing this car was to get a fuel, efficient vehicle that also was comfortable to drive on long trips . Interior is nice but not as comfortable as past Accords and feels a little cheap . I am extremely satisfied after the first week though it was more costly, I still like the smooth power and handling of the V, 6, the comfort of the leather interior, and something new for me . This Accord model has a great balance of features that blends attractive styling, driveablity, build quality, economy, and comfort with all the loaded options that I will enjoy over several years and 100000 I wanted a larger car that was comfortable and the redesign of the Accord making it bigger made the difference . The car is roomy inside, comfortable, handles and performs great and is fun to drive . Cloth front seats big & comfortable . Seats are stiff but once adjusted seem to become more comfortable . Traded in my Oddysey for better gas mileage and more comfort . So far not super impressed with gas mileage, and comfort, well lets just say my dealership just ordered a new seat cushion for me today . Comfort is my only real complaint . My my, I have never experienced such smooth performance, stability, pick, up, mileage and comfort that I am enjoying with my new 2008 Honda Accord . I admire engine performance and comfort while driving atleast 30 mile a day to job . On the inside, it was for the most part comfortable and luxurious . The only hiccup I can report is that I think that the seats in our 2008 Odyssey are a bit more comfortable . Don't get me wrong, the Accord is a comfortable car, I am just a big guy and the seats just feel like they could use a little more of something . The 2008 Honda Accord EX, L V6 is an ideal combination of comfort, economy, and pleasure ! No, the Honda does not have the anti, sway of those vehicles in high, cornering speeds, but it is more comfortable . Was looking for something fun, fast, comfortable and practical and got it all with this car . The car achieves a nice balance between sportiness and comfort . There is an amazing comfort level with this car . Comfort based on the quality and attention to detail Honda efficiently packs into this newly reclassified full size car . The interior is comfortable, neat and you can find everything within reach . The heated leather seat is very comfortable and audio system is rocking . Although it's a lower trim level, it has high quality interior trim very comfortable seats and and very smooth, quiet ride . I love the interior layout and comfort . My only complaint is the seat is not comfortable for a long period of driving and if it is raining and you barely roll the window down uou will get soaked . Very roomy and comfortable even with 5 adults . At 6'3 I can sit comfortably in the drivers seat and have an unobstructed view out the windows . 00 per gallon I wanted something more fuel efficient but large enough to seat four adults comfortably and provide a sense of safety too . I commute alot, so interior is important to me, and its leather is does not seem cheap and comfort is top notch . Gliding can best define the comfort and quietness of the ride inside . With the leather seats, comfort is close to EX, L's at a best buy price . Its ride, comfort and overall performance is an absolute joy . Traded in a 2007 Hyundai Azera Limited that depreciated too fast for my comfort zone . Leather seats are very comfortable . Interior is very comfortable w ergonomic design in mind . Front seats much more comfortable . Comfortable, good in snow, easy to drive . The driver, side seat is not comfortable . This car is very comfortable car to drive . Driver seat could be more comfortable however, but I love everything about it . I find the interior comfortable for short and long trips . My wife does say the vehicle is not as comfortable for long trips as other cars we've owned . Comfortable ride no thanks to the comfort of the drivers seat ! Very comfortable drive, holds the road very nicely and a blast to drive . The Accord is so large, comforting, and easy to understand radio system . I was slightly concerned about all the reviews with the seats being uncomfortable . This is by far the most comfortable vehicle I have owned . When I bought this car a year ago, I initially wrote a review stating I may have buyer's remorse due to extremely uncomfortable driver's seat .
[ "The 2008 honda accord has an extremely uncomfortable drivers seat.\r\nWhile it is nice to drive, expect back pain, especially on long trips.", "The driving position and the leather seats are pretty comfortable.\r\nThe overall interior is comfortable, stylish and spacious.\r\nBack seat comfort and entry exit are great.", "Comfort is ok, but the front seats are too firm and can be uncomfortable after sitting in them for extended periods of time.", "The front seats are uncomfortable.\r\nThe contour of the driver's seat is hard your back.", "The seats are not comfortable as many other cars in this segment." ]
Ride seems comfortable and gas mileage fairly good averaging 26 city and 30 open road . Seats are fine, in fact of all the smaller sedans this is the most comfortable I found for the price as I am 6', 2 and 250# . Great gas mileage and comfortable on long trips . Good gas mileage, comfortable seating, lots of leg room . Lots of comfort for the price . The ride is loud and not comfortable . I drive 2 hours to work each day and it is just not comfortable to me . Getting about 26 mpg mixed city hwy with conservative driving, seating 4 people comfortably . The ride is quiet and comfortable . Styling is bland, the engine isn't strong at all, and the car doesn't deliver good comfort while driving it . The seats aren't comfortable either . It is relatively comfortable inside . It's a pretty good car, reliable, comfortable as far as it goes, but limited rear visibility because of high rear bumper, and a problem with its computer learning my driving style . The driver seat is still soft and mostly uncomfortable . The ride is comfortable and it seems to ride a little higher than the average sedan, which I like . I've had 3 BMWs and only one of them could offer a more comfortable ride than the Camry . Second the internal comfort id awful . The previous soft seats were replaced with hard cheap ones which are very very uncomfortable and give me back pain . If you keep in mind that the Camry is a comfort car, you may even enjoy the experience . While the 4 cylinder does not have the punch of the Honda Accord 4 cylinder, the comfort and quietness of the ride won out . No hestitation, comfort is great in front in back . I feel uncomfortable driving this car and will get rid of it . Very comfortable, great styling . I was surprised by how quiet the cabin was and just how comfortable it was to sit in and drive . This car offers poor driver's seat comfort, poor vision , only average ride quality, gas mileage We have had this Camry about two years now, and it is not a boring car but it is smooth, comfortable and has good road manner, and overall it is a good car . I'd highly recommend anyone buy this car if they are seeking an affordable, comfortable, reliable vehicle . You can not get that comfort with any other automaker other than perhaps Honda . Looks are great and interior is comfortable, but it ? I needed a comfortable commuter that I could also run around with the family in . great ride, quiet comfortable spacious cabin, superior electronics , fair price and good looks . You can't have it both ways, either a car is full of power and stiff suspension or it's smooth and comfortable on the road . The interior is very luxurious and comfortable, however the car feels slower than my 2002 Camry LE . For the comfort and entertainment of the ride, I like the Camry . The driver's seat is really comfortable . I have had no transmission issues or rattling, the comfort and ride of this vehicle felt to me much more high end then what I had paid . I love the look, and the comfort, but would never buy one again . I've read other reviews stating that the leather seats were not comfortable for long drives due to lack of cushion support, but that's not been the case for me especially after recently driving from Houston to Key West, Fla . The seats were very comfortable . The car comfort, looks, performance and fuel economy are great but the paint is a disaster . Front seats are not comfortable on long trip . I was not sure at first about trading my 01 Honda Accord but have been more than satisfied with the performance, looks, and comfort . A little stiffer ride than the xl and xle models I have had, but still comfortable and quiet . Very comfortable ride and seating . Very low interior noise level, which adds to the long trip comfort . The ride, comfort, and drive is as expected, however, the quality and reputation of yore are completely gone for the flagship Camry . Over the month it was in the shop, we rented several different cars and nothing seemed to measure up to the comfort and options of the Camry . The seat comfort is not as it was and I found that the gas, brake pedals are offset too much to the left of my body centerline . Very comfortable, quiet interior . Seats are padded more firmly than previous model but comfortable on trips . Feels expensive, yet comfortable with larger interior than my Grand Prix . Trunk is big and rear seat very comfortable for 2 and will seat 3 . Headroom body room comfort great for my 6'1 250 lbs . I feel that the Camry just gets better and better in terms of comfort, styling and performance with each generation . It looks awesome, turns like it's on rails, has a great sound system, and is just comfortable and fun to drive . It is very quiet and comfortable . Smooth, comfortable, reliable, fast . Very comfortable seating position for both me and my husband . The interior is extremely comfortable, and spacious . For the price I couldn't have asked for a better performing, comfortable and stylish whip . The seating is relatively comfortable . Other than that, technology is mind blowing on this sedan and performance is incredible, with a smooth and comfortable ride . I'm 6'3 and I find this car very comfortable to drive or ride in . My friends say my car is just like a Lexus and I have to agree, very comfortable and beautiful . Seats are comfortable, but wish the seat bottoms tilted back more into a bucket position . Solid, high quality, comfortable and quiet . Uncomfortable head restraint, too close to my head . Superb handling, performance and comfort . Turns out, it was one of the smoothest, most comfortable rides ever . I bought this car smitten by its exterior look and interior comfort . Yes, it is very comfortable, esp for the price paid . Very quiet and comfortable ride, more than enough power . It is very reliable and comfortable . It's very comfortable and a quiet ride with low levels of road and wind noise . The seats are way to low to the ground making long drives uncomfortable . I do not find the front seats as comfortable as the seats in my old 96 Ford taurus . Toyota made many improvements since 03, including more comfortable front seats, better rear seat room and comfort . Very comfortable, quite and smooth ride . The sound system is incredible, the seats are comfortable, the controls are ergonomic and straight forward and the take off power is quite impressive . My passengers are expecially happy with it and love the room, comfort, and adjustability . On longer trips, however, they have a tendency to fall asleep, , which I think emphasizes how comfortable, smooth, and quiet it is . It is a very comfortable car that gives us options that we never had on previous vehicles . I test drove and compared similar 4 door sedans like the Maxima, Accord, Mazda6, and noticed that none had all the features,performance,comfort ,safety,and looks that the Camry has . The navigation works flawlessly, comfortable seats . I have to say the car rode great,comfortable and gas mileage great . I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a comfortable ride as well as good fuel economy . The seats were very comfortable on a four and a half hour trip, and wind and road noise were minimal . The interior is much more comfortable than my last 3 Camrys and the exterior styling is oh so chic . Comfortable and quiet with excellent gas mileage . Comfort is great, mileage is good overall, better on the road than expected , compared to my 1999 Camry . Having flown 26 different aircraft and driven cars for 61 years, I find the 2007 Camry to be the most uncomfortable cockpit I have every been in . The headrest presses into my head at an uncomfortable angle and it is imposssible to tell where the front of the car is for parking . The window sill is too high and the armrest too low to be comfortable . The new looks are what attracted it to me initially, but its relatively smooth drive, comfort and reliability sold me on it . It is a beautiful sapphire blue, has really nice lines, is very comfortable, is plenty peppy, and hugs the road . The ride is very comfortable, although I'm 6'6 and I didn't think head room was an issue but I do think leg room could be better, I think this is mainly because the back seats have tons of leg room . It is so comfortable and drives perfect . Overall this car is very quiet, comfortable, smooth, powerful, and absolutly the best mid, size in the current market . Leather seats are comfortable, Nav system is easy to use . I only have a vibration shimmy problem at 70 mph, visited dealer three times and ended up with changing a new tire and now the ride is even quieter and comfortable . Leather seats were comfortable . Leather interior very comfortable . My conclusion after doing a ton of research regarding safety, reliability, comfort and gas mileage : the Hyundai Sonata is thousands of dollars cheaper and matches the Camry in all respects except comfort . Bottom line was that I was going to be in that driver's seat for years to come and I was not going to skimp on the critical comfort factor . While the '03 was roomy and comfortable, the steering and handling were very vague . The interior is upgraded markedly, and although there is a bit less headroom, the added telescoping feature of the steering wheel combined with the greater travel of the seat yields greater comfort . , a luxurious comfort feature, and a fuel consumption that is best in the class . Nice looking interior but seats are very hard and are not comfortable for long trips . Top notch rating on interior comfort . The car is VERY comfortable and the air conditioning is perfect for the heat here in Arizona . Extremely comfortable with 3 separate power driver seat adjustments . I purchased a Camry LE approximately 2 months ago, it's a smooth comfortable ride . I selected the Camry for its comfort and reliability . This new Camry is indeed very comfortable with quiet and soft ride . Very uncomfortable when driving long distances . I am not real fond of the electric seat and I find it is not as comfortable as my F150 pickup on trips . This car is easy to drive, great gas mileage and comfortable . However, when we drove the Camry we were impressed with its looks and the comfort of the ride .
[ "The Camry offers interior comfort, while providing a quiet ride.\r\nComfortable seating and easy to drive.", "Overall very comfortable ride front and back.\r\nNice and roomy.", "Overall very comfortable ride front and back.\r\nNice and roomy.", "Its very comfortable for long trips.", "Its very comfortable and a quiet ride with low levels of noise ." ]
You also get upscale features like spoken directions including street names and programmable POIs . I used to hesitate to go out of my directions but not any more . the directions didn't tell me anything I didn't already know after fiddling with it for 10 minutes . It also does not offer an option to view the route as a series of turn by turn directions . It gives your heading not in terms of degres but only in terms of one of eight directions . The widescreen is a plus and I highly recommend it, even though it has the wide screen you can stick it in your back pocket which can be conveniently used for walking directions . Garmin's nuvi 255W is a handy little device that provides excellent value, but more importantly spot on directions . While I recommend that you refrain from entering a directions request while driving your car, I note that some of the more impressive features of this GPS are literally one touch away, and so mounting the device close enough to you to activite a one touch feature would seem to be relatively important . But leaving it on the seat next to you is likely to cause a few double takes because as comfortable as you think you're going to be just listening for directions, the fact remains that the graphics will attract your eyeballs like a moth to a flame . I've found the directions in major metropolitan areas to be excellent . but for the most part, we find that the Garmin software provides accurate directions, whereever we intend to go . Another screen at the touch of the button will show you the turn by turn directions coming up so that you can plan even better, especially in areas that you have just enough familiarity to be considered dangerous . I like how the Garmin 255W doesn't make you type in complete directions when it isn't necessary . The only other annoyance of any time is that if you deviate from your route and don't indicate that you are detouring, you get to hear the Garmin repeatedly chastize you because it has to recalulate your directions . No more firing up the computer, going to the site, printing the directions . It speaks the directions so that you don't have to keep looking down at a piece of paper . It allows for detours with directions on how to get back . Saves mobile phone minutes, because you don't have to call and ask for directions . Traffic directions are as good and detailed as can be, as you would expect from a Garmin, and less intrusive than on some other brands . In closing, this is a fantastic GPS with some very nice features and is very accurate in directions . The sound is tolerable, but when you are hearing spoken directions a lot, it gets really annoying . However, the TTS gave me few wrong directions during my trip to NY city . 0 out of 5 stars gives strange directions, July 6, 2009 The directions are highly accurate down to a T . Depending on what you are using it for, it is a nice adjunct to a travel trip and the directions are accurate and usually the quickest, but not always . I tend to be a technological idiot but I figure this out, right out of the box and I hadn't even read the directions yet, , this is major easy . Gives you immediate directions to get to the location you chose to set up as your home location . Allows you to type in two street names, and if they intersect, the GPS unit will give you directions to that intersection . You can touch anywhere on the map and press GO for directions to that location . Shows you your current latitude and longitude location, and allows you to enter new coordinates to set up so you can get directions to that location . If you missed the spoken directions, you can look at the top of the screen for written directions . However, I much prefer robotic voices to no spoken directions at all . Some of the verbal directions : It should tell me to take the Southwest Drive exit, or the Buffalo Gap Road exit, like the highway sign says, or like I would verbally tell someone to take if giving them directions . So, although the Nuvi doesn't verbalize those directions, I can look at the screen to see the exit I need to take . Directions seemed to focus on Interstate travel and I have not played with the device enough to know if it can be set to avoid Interstates . It lost satellite contact a couple of times on the trip but apparently picked them up again because there were no skipped directions . Directions were easy to see and understand . The spoken directions are generally easy to understand . Since the directions are also displayed on the screen, I find the occasional mispronunciation entertaining and not an issue . It does know when you are not near a public road but it cannot give directions to the road . The spoken turn, by, turn directions are clear and very timely . My only real gripes on the software interface side would be its inability to show 1, way streets on your overhead map and that this particular model does not support the Garmin routing feature that you can sync between your PC and their more expensive models to pick multiple waypoints instead of just a point 'A' to point 'B' directions system . You can even get turn, by, turn directions from the program, and Google Maps has features that work with Garmin units . Any time you're facing a closed roadway or are terribly stuck in highway traffic, you'll get a very slick change in directions to your destination given to you in literally less than 5 seconds than you ask for it . button, and it gave us directions right to Carmel . The purpose of the GPS is to give me directions in unfamiliar locations . The voice directions are great, but sometimes it mispronounces names . It takes a little while to get the satellites sometimes, but I just set it up as soon as I get in the car and by the time I'm out on the road and actually need directions it's up and going . I had a great time torturing the poor thing and deliberately not following its directions while driving one day in downtown Sacramento . As with the 285WT, it gave me bad directions in one place in Sacramento . I avoided the more complex ones as I had read that FM updates can confuse the device and changing directions after the obstruction has been cleared is not a good option . I like being able to select different voices, however when I am using Daniel with the English accent, he seems to be clearing his throat at the end of his directions . It loads quickly, have pretty accurate directions, and can recalculate quickly when I miss a turn . Often when I'd get a phone call or was talking to someone, it would have been nice to just have the ability to quickly make the voice directions mute . The directions were pretty right on, with a brief glitch with the distance it was calculating for some approaching streets . I am sure I've not even touched upon the many features this GPS boasts, but for basic travel directions for the non, techie then this is a great product . My daughter would then call my wife, asking her to plot a course using a mapping Web site and recite the directions . Daughter Dearest now carries the Nuvi in the glove box of her car, pulling it out, plugging it in, and getting directions whenever she needs, in a manner that notably is much faster and clearer than reading a map or calling her mother . When it comes to directions, I'm horrible . There are different voices you can choose to give you your directions, even Australian, American and British English . I mainly bought the first one for my wife since she needs directions alot of the time . It worked so well that people from the wedding were following me for directions . In the week that I have had it, it's been spot on in providing directions and keeps up with the speed I am traveling . The Voice Prompted turn by turn directions make it easy to get from one place to another without having to look up at the GPS, but of course you also get turn, by, turn directions on the GPS with a touch of the screen . Amazon had the best price for this model which I chose for its ability to adjust the directions if you reroute, text to speech feature and 4 . For the first time in several years, my husband & I took a roadtrip with no squabbling about directions . Directions and maps are easy to use, and if you miss a turn, it updates your route in seconds . It has worked well for local driving giving accurate directions for roads and streets . I was so tired of having to go to Mapquest and print out directions . The voice directions give you fair warning when you are about to take a turn, which is really important . What the 255w does best is find a street address, business, point of interest, hospital or airport and give you turn, by, turn directions with amazing accuracy . I would have struggled to find with my usual combination of maps and Web, based directions . The directions the GPS gave me were absolutely correct , but the name of the highway was wrong . Wish I had bought it about two years ago rather than spend a lot on maps and wasting time asking directions, especially in relatively remote areas of ME . I spent 2 weeks driving around the Mid, West following Mapquest maps and directions . I chose small towns as destinations and it always led me there without any problems, thus allowing me to enjoy the scenery of the fall foliage without worrying about using a map for directions or getting lost . I use the map feature when I don't need directions which makes it easier to identify streets when street signs are obscured or missing . On the negative side, the directions it gives to a given address are not always the best way to get there . 0 out of 5 stars MyOn, StarDirectionsReplacementUnit, October 15, 2009 My new Garmin 255w had very Easy Set Up, Accurate Directions to locations, User Friendly Unit to anyone in my vehicle who tried it . This unit has replaced my GM On, Star Directions unit in my vehicle . directions routing are perfect . spoken directions are crystal clear . Practiced visiting places I already knew to see how accurate the directions and maps would be . The directions provided have all been quite accurate thus far . No more stopping at so and so gas stations for directions . Map is bright and detailed, voice directions are clear and loud . It can be a little distracting the first few times you use it, but once you find the right mounting spot, it s like it's not there until you need it and then it's there waiting for you to with all the directions to get you to your destination . I had no trouble with the volume level of the spoken directions either and found it to be an interesting and helpful tool . Several voice options will announce both directions and street names, etc . After a certain amount of frustration dealing with paper maps, missed exits and fumbling for directions in the dark , I decided it was time to get on the GPS car navigation wagon . Also, there is there no asking for directions from passengers like spouses and children who have difficulty reading conventional paper maps . Others have said that the voice directions leave something to be desired in terms of volume and clarity . It was accurate on determing original directions and recalculating when necessary . But driving on the highway with music on and windows down, it will be hard to hear the directions using just 70% of volume . I didnt know the address of the mueseum so I typed it into the unit and it found not only the meuseum, but the nearest garage, the places to eat, and directions were right ON . The display is very easy to read, and the directions were very good . The model 255W that we received seemed to take longer to find a satelite, and the man's voice was very fast and not as clear, and at times seemed a bit confused in directions .
[ "The voice directions are good, it sometime wrongly pronounce them but its understandable.\r\nIf you are in a lot of traffic you can ask it to redirect you which works fine.", "The voice directions are good, it sometime wrongly pronounce them but its understandable.\r\nIf you are in a lot of traffic you can ask it to redirect you which works fine.", "Directions are usually accurate and easy to understand, but not always the quickest route.", "Directions are accurate, easy to see and understand.\r\nThe spoken directions are generally easy to understand.", "Turn-by-turn directions are accurate.\r\nDirections are provided both on-screen and read aloud." ]
3 quot widescreen display was a bonus . This made for smoother graphics on the 255w of the vehicle moving along displayed roads, where the 750's display was more of a jerky movement . I also found that the display on the 255w was a bit brighter, clearer, and more vivid than on the 750 in both daylight and at night . The 750 just displays text on the top line for upcoming turns without the arrow . The 255 also automatically adjusts the font size of displayed text so that even lengthy text will fit . Another feature on the 255w is a display of the posted speed limit on the road which you are currently on right above your current displayed speed . The 255W has a really clear display that's easy to see in any light . The new display posts speed limit signs of major roads flush left on the screen, which is a new feature that is also really helpful, if you're driving in an unfamiliar area . The widescreen display makes it possible to view the names of roads that you are passing on the screen, , which makes it much easier to differentiate between which road to turn on when there are two streets on your right that are only one house apart . The bad , My unit only displays elevation contours at zoom levels of 20 miles or higher . UPDATE ON THIS , It finally turned out that to see the elevation contours at lower zoom levels you have to reduce the amount of detail displayed . I also miss the display of how far you have yet to go on your route . My old unit counts this down for you and provides an estimate of ETA on the map display . I have to hit too many buttons to get back to the map display when, for example, I am entering POIs . Display is excellent , the layout of information on the screen is very good showing upcoming turns at the top, your speed, the local speed limit and the estimated time of arrival at the bottom . In the map view, if you touch the display button to the left of the Menu button , it brings up a display that features some stats about your trip and includes a compass of sorts . The navigation display shows more information, such as next turn street and speed limit, and the picture update is smooth instead of jerky as I have seen in other models . For me, the visual display combined with this level of verbal instruction is just right . So I finally got the Nuvi 255w after months of analizing and comparing wit other brands, adding 3 days of looking arownd in Circuit City and Best Buy stores displays . It also can display and speak many languages . I am thinking about buying another one of these for my parents because their native language is Chinese and Garmin 255W speaks and display it ! The display is great, and is very clear . The instructions sometimes are a little difficult to understand, but written at the top of the display is the next turn information . The way map is displayed is good and the wide screen helps to see more map area . Through this option you can find sub, options which will allow you to change the language , set display, navigation, time, map, and security preferences . The extra features of the 255W over lesser models that I find highly beneficial include spoken street names and the wide screen display . Since the directions are also displayed on the screen, I find the occasional mispronunciation entertaining and not an issue . I have checked the display in three areas I am familiar with : But is impossible to display them and your current position simultaneously . Even setting the display to maximum detail is far from adequate . I have really sensitive eyes and sometimes the display is too much, but there is an adjustment for it . The display is extremely legible both in bright sunlight and at night . I used it the day I bought it, and then this morning, and as soon as it comes on it is ready to navigate The only downfall of this product, and the only reason I did not give it 5 stars is the fact that the speed limit it displays for the road you are on isn't 100% accurate . , The speed limit sign on the display is handy but in the first week of using the GPS I found it had the wrong speed limit a couple times . The unit speaks street names, has a beautiful display and a very intuitive interface . Also, if you're searching for a business, it displays the phone number . I also like the way the display changes background color for day and night and of course you have control of that as well . I thought I had seen a turn by turn display but if you pick a location and wait at the GO icon you will see a Route Info slide out but it just tells you the distance and time, though if you tap on it it will show the map so you can zoom around and see the trip as it planned it . Well when I saw that the 255W had the next turn proudly displayed in the upper left corner I jumped at it . The Garmin has a nice 3d display . One unexpected feature is the speed limit and actual speed displayed on the map . I like the larger display and quicker updating of maps . I really like the versatility of picking destination points either by inputing an explicit address, uploading from Google Maps, or just touching a point on the display . The display is bright & clear in the car . The display is laid out better than the 660 . It is very easy to use, and when driving in the US , it displays the speed limit and your speed, which is helpful when converting from Kms to Miles . it should have the names of streets written down on the display roads as you pass them . The display is very easy to read, and the directions were very good . The new speed limit display on the 205 255 is quite helpful . The sound went out on it and only the display worked .
[ "Display is wide and clear.\r\nDisplay can easily change background.\r\nDisplay has many functions available.", "The new screen is large, clear, and bright.\r\nIncludes street names and other labels.", "The wide display of the 225 is very good.\r\nIt makes seeing what is on sceen easy.", "The display is bright, clear, and smooth.\r\nDisplays helpful trip and street information and speaks street names clearly.", "Display is wide, laid out nice, and is very clear and legible." ]
It feels as easy to read as the K1 but doesn't seem any crisper to my eyes . the white is really GREY, and to avoid considerable eye, strain I had to refresh pages every other page . The dream has always been a portable electronic device that could hold a ton of reading material, automate subscriptions and facilitate quick easy downloads, and be as portable, as easy on the eyes, and as intuitive as a book . they would ask, to which I would squint my eyes and reply, Huh ? I found that the Kindle 2 is immediately appealing to the eye and once described in the barest of terms people want one for themselves . No having to turn away every few minutes to relax your eyes or ending a session of reading with a headache . , E, ink and matte screen , No harsh computer, screen look to it does not fatigue my eyes at all, and the matte helps reduce glare from light bulbs and the sun . My eyesight is fine, but I can choose the font size that suits me best . 'Easy, on, the, eyes' reading with adjustable fonts and 16 shades of gray capability using digital ink : I noticed this almost immediately but thought it was due to my poor eyesight . I can read technical books without any problems but I cannot read text on the Kindle without straining my eyes . I was starry eyed in anticipation of the newest addition to our family . The text clarity and screen sharpness of K2 is severely disappointing and produces eye fatigue . I had old favorites, and some classics that we're told we should read, samples that had caught my eye, and lots of new choices , , and I held them all in my hand . I know I need to go to the optometrist, but the Kindle will aide and abet me in avoiding that for a while , , the page is easy to read, the font size is easy to change, and my eyes sail across the words, my finger hits next page without me giving it thought . And with the Kindle, I can adjust the font to any of six different sizes, which is of some importance to those with poor vision or tired eyes . The text is easy on my eyes . For me, it was no problem at all, no eye strain after reading for a few hours . I know some people are really upset about the no backlight issue, but I'm glad because it is not as straining on my eyes as a computer screen . I read for 2 hours in the middle of the night last night and my husband never knew, and my eyes didn't hurt . Text to speech is adequate, I don't see myself using this feature too much, but it's a lot better than nothing when you need both hands free, and it would be a truly fantastic feature for anyone with poor eyesight or blindness . , The screen is easy on the eyes . The screen is amazing & the one thing that kept me from reading on into the night constantly eyestrain is NO LONGER a CONCERN ! I don't care it doesn't have a backlight , if I wanted that I'd read from my laptop and kill my eyes more . This thing is so easy on the eyes, I like it better than an actual book . 0 out of 5 stars A great tool for those of us with aging eyes, February 28, 2009 The text, bumped up two magnification levels, is sharp and clear enough for me to make out, and while I've seen some criticism of the gray page background, I actually find it easier on my eyes than stark white . For those of us in the Boomer bulge whose eyesight is failing and taking with it the pleasure of reading , and for those with other forms of visual impairment , it's nothing less than a miracle . As advertised, it is very easy on the eyes, combined with font sizing and easy navigation this does what it was meant to do . I am loving the whole concept and read almost a whole book last night with no eye strain at all . I have been keeping an eye on the Kindle since the first was brought out and did a lot of research on this product . and that is why it's easy on the eyes and uses very little power . I use that as well when it gets late and my eyes tire . The lights are casted from the side of the reader fusing towards the center, which caused me to experience severe eye, strain . Even without the back light, within fifteen minutes of reading on the sony reader due to the glare, my eyes were hurting . I have not experienced eye, strain . The illuminence of the light is equally distributed onto the screen which causes no eye strain . Using the smaller font sizes causes eye strain except in daylight conditions with open windows . And reading on the Kindle screen really is pleasant and natural, not to mention that my 47 year old eyes love the possibility of adjusting the text size ! First of all, the Kindle 2 is very easy on the eyes . Some have said they don't like the black text on a greyish background, but I find the contrast not only more than adequate but easier on the eyes than if the background were white . A backlighted display is not easy on the eyes for hours on end and the Kindle 2 display is as nice to read as any traditional book . I won't be using the feature much anyway because I get a lot more out of a book I'm reading with my eyes and hearing the voice of the storyteller in my mind . It's easier on the eyes not to have that light . It's also easy to make the font larger whenever necessary, like when my eyes are tired . E, ink hardly strains your eyes . Truly, this helps in my eyes . Easy on the eyes, font size can be changed and the book will even read to you if you want it too ! Not having your eyeballs scorched, seared and scarred by the traditional computer screen is really nice . With the great technology of electronic ink, there isn't any back, lighting pounding relentlessly like the desert sun on your tender eyes . This means you can read for longer periods of time without eyestrain . The screen is so easy on the eyes . The Kindle does not have a screen that taxes the eyes, and allows me to shift some of my time away from the computer for blogs that I would normally read online . It's lightweight and allows changes in font size that enables ease of reading no matter how tired your eyes may get . I do think the e, ink e, paper is a lot easier on my eyes for reading than the glossy or matte computer screens . The screen size is close enough to the size of a paperback book page that it hasn't caused my eyes any problems . It looks very much like a book and is easy on the eyes . 8 E, Ink display is easy to read and doesn't strain your eyes and reads better than a printed page . I can strain to read the text but then close my eye for awhile and listen . , Eye strain is completely non, existant in my experience . I would like to read on the way but my eyes get strained if I read on a bus . It is also very easy on the eyes . I can make the font the perfect size for my eyes . Although I'm turning pages quicker, my eyes are much less tired by using a bigger font . The screen is less obtrusive than the white of a book page, which also helps my eyes from growing tired too quickly . I finally got the Kindle, and my worries about the screen tiring my eyes while reading rapidly dissipated . It's easy on the eyes and easy to hold . I am 71 years old and read at least one or two books per week and this reader is easy on the eyes . Searching for books and downloading them is fast and easy, the screen is very easy on the eyes . Unfortunately my wife lost about 50 percent of her eyesight ten years ago and has not been able to enjoy reading since then . Adding one for free to the Kindle2 is just pulling wool over your eyes . As it gets lateI simply pump up the character size which eases tired eyes . Now with the Kindle 2, I can change the print to suit my eyes and further, I can make more intelligent choices of books because I have more information of what is available at my finger tips . I am amazed at how easy the E Ink is on the eyes, the slight shadowing from page to page does not bother me . The screen is easy on the eyes, easy to learn, easy to turn pages, and the device is more comfortable than a real book or trying to hold the iphone . The print is easy on the eye and the light weight of the device and easy to use controls make reading even more of a joy ! The Text, to, Speech function is great for times when my hands and eyes busy with other tasks . I have an eye issue and noticed it was getting harder to read books . I enjoy having the text at the largest size because there is less eyestrain . The e ink is so comfortable on the eyes .
[ "Most users do not encounter eyestrain.\r\nThe larger font sizes and adjustments to the shade of gray make the Kindle work good for users.", "Most users do not encounter eyestrain.\r\nThe larger font sizes and adjustments to the shade of gray make the Kindle work good for users.", "Its very soothing for the eyes.", "E-ink makes it very easy on the eyes.\r\nAllowed to make changes in the font size are an added advantage.", "Very easy on the eyes.\r\nNo fatigue or strain after extended periods of reading." ]
I had to uninstall anti, virus and selected other programs, some of which did not have listings in the Programs and Features Control Panel section . This review briefly touches upon some of the key features and enhancements of Microsoft's latest OS . All of these features combine to create a much improved and enjoyable desktop experience . I enjoyed the new convenience features in Windows 7 . They showed me PC laptops that had more features than the MacBook, and which cost way less than the MacBook, too . But that aside, I like the availability of software, the new features like the improved Taskbar, Windows Peek, and the Aero environment . If you're used to OS X, but want to come into the PC world where things cost less and you get more features, by all means consider Windows 7 the stepping stone to do just that . After seeing the pricing on the newest MacBooks this week, and the limited features compared to what I currently own, I have to say that now is the right time to consider that switch to PC . These new features make the user experience much more superior than anything Windows has ever offered . Also there are some other new things such as touch gesture features and disk encryption that normal users won't use either because it isn't needed or the hardware isn't widely adopted yet . You can read all the new features in your Windows 7 short version handbook . But what I really like about Windows 7 are the new and improved features it offers . Also in Windows Explorer, two new features . All the nifty new features mean squat if my computers don't function properly . , then Vista, but if so, none of its features have been impressive enough to have blown me away . It does have some nice features . W7 is fast and resource friendly, every hardware device works perfect , and there's a ton of great features . Runs well, but no stand out new features for my usage . Having used Windows ME and XP for several years, and before upgrading, Vista, I heard a lot of great things about Windows 7, as well as new features . I liked the built, in features of Vista and of course the appearance, but I prefered the stability and speed of XP even with a high, end system . , Better user interface features like being able to view the desktop with one mouse gesture to the bottom right of the screen . LEAST useful features of Windows 7 to me : They're features I don't use . Windows 7 Ultimate is there too off course, but I personally can't bring myself to spend that much more money just to get a tiny few features that I know I will never use like multi, language support and BitLocker . It's loaded with useful features . It has some features that I personally don't find useful, BUT if in the future I do need them, they're there . There are many features that allow me to personalize my working environment . Vista has more features than XP, but many of them didn't make the OS more usable for me . Personally I thought Vista was very handsome, what with its transparency, 3, D effects, color schemes, and usability improvements to Windows Explorer, and I believe Windows 7 continues that trend by looking just as sexy , , if not more , , while at the same time adding its own valuable features and enhancements . I haven't yet become accustomed to some features like Aero Shake, but hey, those things are there if I need them . I can't tell what positives it offers still, but it's still a nifty upgrade with a lot of nifty features over XP that make for a more fun experience for some, and a more organized experience involving navigating huge catacombs of archives and files . Did I mention that Win7 offers nothing in terms of any new worthwhile features ? 0 out of 5 stars XP speed & stability, Vista, like features without the headaches ! I really wanted to like Vista with all it's cool new features, but unfortunately it was a disaster because it just didn't work . And I love all the new Aero Shake Peek Snap windows features, but I still prefer Mac OS X's Expose . , New features with better window and file managment , Many features are copied from Mac OS X Of course there are some new features, and a little more eye candy if that's important to you too . Nice upgrade and love some of the new features, snip tool, sticky's on the desktop, Docking on the task bar and thanks for clearing the clutter on the Tray . W7 has some cool features that I like, and I'm sure I don't even know the half of it yet . I don't have a TV Tuner, so I can't take advantage of that feature, but there are other features & it seems to be working good . 00 dollars just to upgrade for some fancy new features . Since my Google Sidebar had some features that I liked, it allowed me to replace it for the Windows one . Because others on this site have already described in sufficient detail all the amazing features of W7, I will not repeat them . There are so many more features of this that are very difficult to list all here . All of these features have worked 100% of the time, which is previously unheard of . Removing a feature from the Programs and Features panel simply disables access to it, but the underlying program files associated with that feature remain on the hard, drive taking up space . I also noticed improved power management, including once of my favorite features which is the auto dimming of my laptop monitors once my computer is not being used . All the features of Vista, but without any of the problems . It still works pretty good though, just a lack of some features that i had before . What I will highlight are a few features of Windows 7 which I have been thoroughly impressed with . Perhaps my expectations were low, since Microsoft OSes tend usually to be just functional without much pizazz or many power user shortcuts and features, but Windows 7 really is a well, crafted OS . I do not use most of the features, such as gaming, that seem to benefit most from the upgrade . Does the new operating system have cool features ? My only complaint would be that I would like to have a family pack available in the Windows Professional flavor or at least the option to purchase some of the professional features separately . Seems like they actually stepped it down when it should have been stepped up with more features . I think the reason it didn't is because it wants to force the user to use the Windows Live toolbar that includes other features similar to what Google offers . Smooth OS with great little features . A lot of the new finder desktop windows features are awkward working versions of what Mac OS X has had for a couple of years or more . If you didn't come over from the bright side you would probably think these features are very cool, so enjoy them for what they are if you've never played around with a Mac enough to be comfortable in that environment . I am not going to review the features, because there's plenty of that already . There is not a lot of new features in the operating system .
[ "Has a lot of great little features that seem to work without problems.", "Good new features but similar to Mac OS.", "Good new features but similar to Mac OS.", "Window7 has many new features which make the PC more advanced and user-friendly than the earlier models." ]
Being able to change the font sizes is awesome ! For whatever reason, Amazon decided to make the Font on the Home Screen than on the K1 . I found myself constantly changing the angle of the body, changing the font size up and down and the distance away from me . I was an avid reader but increasing age has made printed books more of a challenge, but the Kindle with its varying font size and very light weight has made reading fun again . What's more, it's easy to change font size . The kindle does not recognize page numbers, since they would change radically when you change font size so Amazon provides the notion of location which is display independent . I just crank the font up a notch or two and leave the readers behind . My eyesight is fine, but I can choose the font size that suits me best . 'Easy, on, the, eyes' reading with adjustable fonts and 16 shades of gray capability using digital ink : Maximum font size is still not big enough for people with vision problems . One or two larger font sizes would have benefited the visually impaired . Downloading books is easy, the screen is NOT too dark, the font size is adjustable and the Kindle customer service support is terrific . I know I need to go to the optometrist, but the Kindle will aide and abet me in avoiding that for a while , , the page is easy to read, the font size is easy to change, and my eyes sail across the words, my finger hits next page without me giving it thought . The text appears slightly blurry and I have to increase the font size to read it comfortably . And with the Kindle, I can adjust the font to any of six different sizes, which is of some importance to those with poor vision or tired eyes . The font is clear and adjustable in size . While they may not reproduce the look of a printed page, applications for these devices, such as ereader, do offer a variety of font types, background colors, and page turning mechanisms, the ability to read in either vertical or horizontal mode, and the ability to make the text scroll on the page, like a teleprompter, at a speed of your choosing . The E, Ink screen is so much better than I thought and yes, I've read about the concerns people have raised about the Kindle screen and its fonts . Sleek style, easy to hold, the white causes it to disappear as suggested in its description, highly transportable, well thought out button placement, easy to use, adjustable font, ease of downloading new books . With good lighting it is very readable and the adjustable font makes up for this shortcoming . Dictionary entries are now shown in your currently selected font size . High, contrast e, ink, downloadable content, variable font size, integrated dictionary, integrated search . With six font sizes, even the visually impaired could benefit from this feature . Aa keys to quickly change font size, turning on off text to speech, Pause text to speech, change speech rate and speaking voice rather than using the menu . The font sizes are easy to switch between and very usable . As advertised, it is very easy on the eyes, combined with font sizing and easy navigation this does what it was meant to do . Very accessible and friendly for those with a visual impairment , all raised keys, font sizing, text to voice . azw you can change the font size of the document without the . azw conversion the pdf will usually have teeny tiny unreadable font, this solves that, text to speech it, etc . Due to being able to change the font it is also difficult to be able to read this for a class and reference page numbers from an actual book, but a search function that regular books , don't', have more than makes up for this . Being able to change your font size is really nice as well, but I keep mine at the lowest so I don't have to turn pages so often . The font size options include a slightly smaller font that before, , looks great . I use the second smallest font 90% of the time and I do find I need a little extra light where I wouldn't have when reading a normal book . I also really enjoy the ability to change font sizes, they are pretty close to large print books . As I get sleepier, I like to enlarge the font, which is a nice feature . Seemed like the perfect thing for an ex, avid reader, since you can change font size, have it read to you, download newspapers and magazines, and you don't have to drive to the book store or library ! The clarity of the screen makes even the smallest font readable . Using the smaller font sizes causes eye strain except in daylight conditions with open windows . The print appears faded especially with the smaller font sizes . This allows only about 2 paragraphs of text to be visualised at a time at medium font size . I have changed the font size so that it is so easy to see . A couple of books I've purchased aren't great, fontwise . Most books, however, are very easy to read, and the variable font size enables me to find the font size that works best for me . While not as much text fits on a screen as on a mass, market paperback page using the font size I like, pushing the next page button has become second nature . It's also easy to make the font larger whenever necessary, like when my eyes are tired . 1All the fonts look exactly the same, regardless of the book . Easy on the eyes, font size can be changed and the book will even read to you if you want it too ! It's lightweight and allows changes in font size that enables ease of reading no matter how tired your eyes may get . I also like that the amount of whitespace as well as font size on, screen is configurable . I can still make out words with the use of strong glasses and setting the font to the largest possible on the Kindle2 . I like the small size, the grey colour background is relaxing, and its good to be able to change the size of the font . I can make the font the perfect size for my eyes . Although I'm turning pages quicker, my eyes are much less tired by using a bigger font . It is quick and responsive and reading from the default font is easy . Because of the ability to change the font size on the KINDLE she was able to once again start reading a book . Everyone looking into the Kindle has probably heard about the font smoothing contrast issue which is exacerbated by the bright whiteness of the unit's housing . However, just last night, I ran across a couple of user fixes for the font smoothing problem, and I've already put a skin on mine so that the contrast between the ePaper display's gray background and the frame's white is no longer an issue . I have a bit of macular degeneration, and when reading the Kindle, for some reason, that little blurry spot does not show up, and this is at a small font . The Kindle 2 is lightweight, easy to hold, easy to read, and I love the fact that I can change the size of the font, depending on my situation . I am in my 50's and the reading vision isn't great so changing the font is a blessing . The interface is a bit like reading newsprint, though you can change the font size to 6 or 8 different settings . It is so much easier to read than a paper page and you can adjust the font size as needed . it's just like reading a paper book, but BETTER because you can increase the font size ! font sizes and page orientation can be adapted to the reader's needs .
[ "Font size is easily adjusted depending on your preferences.\r\nEven if the font is large, multiple paragraphs can still be viewed on screen.\r\nThe text is easy to identify due to crisp and precise contrast.", "Varying font size.\r\nClear and adjustable font.", "The font is clear and adjustable in size.\r\nThe amount of whitespace as well as font size on screen is configurable.", "Adjustable font makes reading easy and enjoyable." ]
The room was packed to capacity with queues at the food buffets . The over zealous staff cleared our unfinished drinks while we were collecting cooked food and movement around the room with plates was difficult in the crowded circumstances . There are a couple pubs, a great patisserie and even fast food restaurants within a block . The neighborhood is an upscale residential area full of restaurants in easy walking distance ranging from fast food to up, scale with a wide variety of cuisines , , we never had a bad meal . The food was wonderful, a selection of sandwiches, salads, cous cous and spicy wedge potato's, fruit salad and a cake was a good fill up when needed . Full English breakfast was included in our rate and was very good indeed , staff were busy clearing tables promptly and fresh food kept arriving all the time . One local restaurant stood out for having excellent food, Olives located one block away . , Great location , Very good selection of food for breakfast buffet . I can't see what sets it apart from other 3, star hotels I've stayed in , other than the fact it's in London, in a posh area and has good food . We ate breakfast at the hotel a couple of days and thought it was overprice for the quality of food . There are plenty of restaurants in the area as well, including fast food joints and two small, ish supermarkets . They also have a great room service menu and was surprised at the big portions and quality of the food, great to get a bit in your room after a night on the town . Breakfast equally tired , although a reasonable selection of food, general ambience in restaurant more like a youth hostel . The breakfast buffet full English breakfast was fantastic with a very good selection of food . really nice hotel for buissnessnot much around in terms of shoppin etcfood was ok Everything about this hotel was first class including the food ! The nicest surprise was how fantastic the food was which I hadn't expected in a large chain hotel . It is very convenient to the Gloucester Road tube stop, grocery store, drug store and fast food places . I ordered room service one night, and the food was delightful, and the service was fast and friendly . The location is just around the corner from the tube, Boots and Waitrose right next door, close to many restaurants including fast food if you like . Talking about food, something worth noticing is that there was a fridge in the room, but it was completely reserved for the mini, bar service beverages, which completely filled it . There was a massive queue for the restaurant, the food was beginning to run low we went down at 9 . There were Italian, Indian, British, American fast food, and Thai restaurants very close to the hotel on Cromwell Gloucester Rds . Room service is expensive but good, the food was delivered hot and was tasty but was chosen from the current uninspired Holiday Inn room service menu, when I ordered a 拢6 . You could buy food from Sainsburys or Waitrose which were 2 minutes away to save money . Food Drink a little pricey in local establishments . 95 if you want hot food as well . Note that all around the hotel are decent little cafes and shops to get either full breakfasts or breakfast foods . We ate on evening once at the Garfunkels pub in the mall, it was typical chain restaurant food but fast with good service . There was an adequate self service buffet, not a huge selection or very well presented, cloths were not changed when food got spilt . Not exactly what most tourists are looking for but when you have been out of the states as long as we have you eat fast food when you get the chance ! There is no mini, fridge in standard rooms, so you can't store any food , the hotel used to have mini, fridges . Poor customer service, bad and overpriced pub food . There is a grocery store close by that you can pick up food and a Starbucks nearby . As mentioned, there are several places to buy food if you're going cheap : The hotel is just a couple of minutes walk from the nearest tube station and also has a Waitrose , Tesco and various Fast Food joints and restaurants nearby . Shame that we had to use the forum restaurant this morning prior to check out , this restaurant is on the first floor and is one of the buffet style breakfasts so lukewarm food and very busy . The food is very, very good and the staff were very friendly . The hotel itself was very pleasant , the staff friendly and helpful and I can only comment on the breakfasts as this was the only meal that we had there , the food was excellent with a wide variety of choice . The food was excellent, the service was very friendly and the prices cheap . The food is excellent and the service great . The bar food actually looked pretty inviting as it passed by . If you like Indian food we ate at the Dehli Brassiere it was exellent and more reasonably priced . I would recommendeating out as the evening food is frozen re, heat type and for the price you are paying it is not simply worth it . You can buy drinks and breakfast food at a Waitrose supermarket and Tesso express mart next door . The area has a few pubs, a couple of steak places, a number of Indian restaurants and some fast food, so it's convenient for that . Within 200 yards of leaving the hotel and heading to the Tube Station you have a number of fast food outlets, highstreet Restautants, Pastry shops and supermarkets, so if you did wish to live in your hotel room for the duration of your stay, you could do ! as for the continental breakfast taste was good but became boring after the 3rd day the food served wasnt changed . We ate in the bistro downstairs and the food was very good , although the portions varied significantly depending on the chef that night . The buffet breakfast is ok although not the best I've had and usually includes a selection of fresh fruit as well as the usual 'full english' The food in the ground floor restaurant is good I haven't had problems with room service although the menu has recently changed and doesn't have as good a selection as it did . When the food arrive it was the wrong order . I can also tell you that there is nothing fantastic about the food . While travelling out of London to any of the popular destinations, food can be pretty expensive . The rooms have never disappointed and the food is always nice . Breakfast was OK, great choice, but the cooked food was a bit tepid . The area is really safe with great food, boots, tesco, waitrose burger king, kfc and starbucks . Additionally, they recommended the Cafe Forum which was about two blocks from the hotel for breakfast, the prices were reasonable and food was excellent . 00, good quality food, lots of choice, continental, full english, hot and fresh, very friendly staffs . There is 24 hour room service, a restaurant, and a tavern in the hotel although we did not sample the hotel food . Many hotels I have stayed in the food has been rarely hot . The bed was very comfortable, and the empty refrigerator was a great place to store food and beverages . Within easy reach you have all you could want peaceful areas and shops and food outlets . I can't comment on any of the hotel restaurants or food as we never ate there with so many other choices nearby . Avoid the food in the hotel restaurant as it is ridiculously overpriced . Also there is a nice bistro around the corner with very good food that is moderately priced . The food here is great, we had breakfast brought to our room, although pricy well worth it . Minimall with Boots pharmacy, Whole Foods type ritzy fullservice market, coffee shops, etc . Would not recommend the Patisserie food looked overpriced, pastries were dry ! Food is overpriced everywhere due to $ to pound conversion of course . there are a variety of priced places to eat in the immediate area, but the food costs are always high, we ate mostly at pubs, where the beer and scotch were very reasonably priced always ! More than enough food choices with coffee or tea, juice, pastries, toast, yogurt, cereal and assorted cold cuts to please every taste . Another good thing is that the rooms have mini, fridges and it's great for storing ready, to, eat food from Waitrose . they mark down their food at the end of the day and you can get great deals on everything from sandwhiches to desserts at a fraction of the cost . The food in the restaurant is terrible . Both of these offer good variety of good food at very reasonable prices and suitable for children . The Glouster Road tube station is just two minutes away, along with other food stores, pubs, internet cafes, restaurants etc . Its a chain but the food was cheap and delicious ! Stunning food, amazing service . We didn't eat at the hotel , there were some great cafe's just around the block with great food at a much better price . If you're a family vacation traveller, you'll probably make use of the grocery store often becuse food in London is expensive when you consider the terrible USD, GPB exchange rate . Many restaurants in the neighborhood, ranging from swanky to fast food to haute cuisine . There are coffee and pastry shops around the corner and fast food . There is also a grocery store in a shopping plaza on the corner where you can buy take out food, wine, etc . It was in a fantastic position, one block to the Gloucester Road tube station there's a supermarket and fast food shops, as well as other shops nearby and opposite the station . But it's great value for money, great location, pleasant staff, good food, and we'll be staying there again . Food was OK, service very haphazard . The range of food available would have satirfied anyone, all well cooked and efficiently replenished . I didn't sample any of the food options but there are several outlets just around the hotel . The huge coffe bar in the lobby is quite nice and offers drinks and food at good prices . The Delhi Brasserie restaurant recommended by the hotel's concierge was a short walk, the food delicious and reasonable . The food was good and the service was very good . Additionally, there are numerous restaurants everywhere ranging from fast food to upscale . There was also a more expensive English breakfast with many hot foods which was included in some room prices . The frig doesn聮t keep items cold enough for food safety 聳 it聮s merely to slightly chill . The Waitrose Market sells yummy food . I want close proximity to tube station, starbucks, and food . Food was expensive, but that is true all over London just now . The Waitrose supermarket has many take out food options . Another reviewer mentioned the smell of food on the 25th floor . Very convenient, but don't stay on that floor as the smell of heating food wafts down the corridor . The best food deal in this area is the local grocery store down the street , get your breakfast and lunch here and dine out nightly . One block from the tube, half a block from a nice grocery store for essentials like bottled water, snacks and takeaway prepared food, tissues, etc . Food quality was good, service prompt, everything prepared as we had ordered . The food in their pub as far as sandwiches etc, was reasonable . Food in Pub is excellent value . All the 4 nights we stayed there we relished the hot Indian food takeout from the WaitRose grocery chain, which is just around the corner . Really good Indian food is just a few blocks away . There is an Internet cafe, laundramat and Sainsbury grocery store to the left up Cromwell Road and fast food, Banks and post offices to the right down Cromwell road . It is in a nice neighborhood with fast food, resturants, and shopping with in walking distance . because it has sensor to count how many times you open it for beverage service, nice area, near Starbucks, pastry shops, fast foods, supermarket, walking distances to Kensington Palace, London Natural Science Museum, Harrods, Victoria Albert Musuem, pubs, and what else could you ask for . The food was delicious in both the Consortia and Forum restaurants in the hotel .
[ "Food was excellent with a wide range of choices and good services.\r\nIt was a bit expensive though.", "Food can be a little bit overpriced, but is good for a hotel.", "The food in the hotel was a little over priced but excellent in taste and choice.\r\nThere were also many choices to eat in the near vicinity of the hotel.", "The food is good, the service great.\r\nVery good selection of food for breakfast buffet." ]
The food for our event was delicious . The food in the lounge was great and very fresh, , , salads, sandwiches etc . As far as food, walk a few blocks toward Michigan Ave turn left or right and there are plently of less expensive places to eat . The Palm resturant in the hotel had some specials Sunday night, we ate there and the food service,etc were outstanding portions are large and we shared since we are not big eaters . Took the charge of the minibar which we had used to keep my 2 year old sons food . We never ate anything onsite so I can't vouch for the food options immediately avialable . The Lobby bar does not serve food very late at night and we couldn't find any vending machines for soda or snacks, so stop at a nearby market before going in for the night . In any case, I had allotted approximately $150 for 聯food聰 for 4 days 3 nights . But the presentation was awesome and the food was so good and not having to walk in the dark at night and scare my mother or pay for a taxi or bus, but sit around and eat comfortably in my pajamas was well worth the cost to me . The food was delicious and the view was fabulous . For self catering types, Bockwinkels is a well stocked mini grocery 2 blocks south and 1 block east on street level for snacks, drinks and all kinds of deli prepared foods, plus the Aon Center's underground food court 2 blocks south and 2 . Room service was extortionate though, very very expensive, so we didnt bother, as food outlets a few minutes walk away . We also did the chicago food tasting tour which you can find here on travelzoo, this was fantastic and well worth the $40 pp . So if you move around bottles in the fridge so that you can store your own food personal items, the sensor will send a signal to the hotel and you will be charged . We passed on the restaurants simply because the cost of breakfast was insane and the food tends to be mediocre . Also don't forget to go the &quot The River North&quot for great food . An added bonus was the Executive Lounge with complimentary food throughout the day . Room service food quality was very good but with a $7 tray charge plus 20% service, I then absolutely refuse to tip for delivery . there is a market one block south of the Hyatt that has wine beer and food for reasonable prices until 2am, and a Dominick's grocery store across the river open til 1am . Had an appetizer at the Lobby Lounge, and the food came from the Palm Restaurant . The hotel buffet had fabulous food . I didn't dine in the hotel, so I can't tell you about the food . We enjoyed the breakfast although the other evening food service was a bit skimpy . Room service got my breakfast order wrong but they made it up the next day when I ordered a kids meal and got enough food for three people . I was delighted as the waiters were very friendly and the seafood was delicious . mile with traditional Italian food and a great atmosphere . A nice restaurant with reasonable prices and great food . Good but pricey food, great breakfast . My only complaint is the Palm restaurant, it is expensive and the food not very good . If you want good food at a decent price, there is a restaurant called Houlihan's down the street from the hotel on Wacker St . We ordered room service for late night ice cream and fruit and also breakfast and it was prompt and very excellent food . Ed Debevics is fun, , sassy servers, diner food, total check about $30 for all four of us . Brain Food Cafe in the museum of Science and Industry, , sounds crazy I know but it was the best museum food ever . No line, a plate full of REAL food with drink included for $7 each . Staying with food, try also the Weber Grill, N . The few complaints I had were as follows , refrigerator was stocked with food that was weight sensitive . But the food was good and fresh . Very friendly servers and nice selection of food at a reasonable price . We called several times and within 30 minutes our food was at the door . The Italian food was superb . My wife and I are food snobs, and this place really was a treat . Very much enjoyed the Chicago Food Tour, a walking tour that incorporates food tastings at various places like a bakery, traditional deli, pizza, chocolate lounge, etc . Room service was efficient, average priced, and decent food . I ate their last night and the food and service were top noch . I had a great experience here from the quality of the lobby, to the quality of the room, to the view, to the room service, to the food . The hotel is advertised to have multiple restaurants, but that was not the case either , , other than room service the only option for dinner is The Palms restaurant which is very overpriced for the quality of the food . There's an escalator that goes into the basement where you'll find a nice upscale restaurant and a long walkway concourse that leads to an underground mini, mall, with a grocery store, fast, food restaurants, barber shop etc . , followed shortly thereafter by a knock and a housekeeper telling us our sign wasn't out the hotel's extremely limited cable service our housekeeper didn't refill replace our shampoo or shower gel our entire stay, nor did she empty all of our trash bins at any one time our room service on two occasions brought us cold soggy, , and very late, , food the lobby bar closes at 9 p . Food unexceptional although the breakfast buffet in the basement restaurant was of good quality . We were able to get a crib, a play pen, and a small room refrigerator for storing baby food at NO additional cost . The food at the Swissotel is better than the average hotel but nothing special .
[ "The presentation was awesome and the food is good.\r\nRoom service has good food quality, but it's fairly expensive.", "Overall, the food was good and reasonably priced.\r\nThe food service was good.", "Food was good quality.\r\nFood was fresh and real.\r\nTasted excellent in most cases.", "I just loved the food, it was very fresh and hygenic.", "The food was very good, better than average." ]
The wine reception is a great idea as it is nice to meet other travellers and great having access to the free Internet access in our room . They also have a computer available with free internet which is a nice bonus but I didn't find that out till the day before we left but was still able to get on there to check our flight to Vegas the next day . The service was good, very friendly staff and we loved the free wine reception each night . has free wireless and help you with transportation needs . The nightly free wine tasting from 5 , 6 pm is a brilliant idea and gets guests together to socialise witheach other . They have a happy hour where you have a couple offree drinks between 5 and 6 and this gives you a chance to meet other travellers . free wifi and happy hour wine every afternoon ! The parking was free, which was great, and the hotel was conveniently located for public transport, and local attractions . We were also told of the free wine reception at 5pm, great idea as it meant you could chat to your fellow guests . Free internet access and Happy Hour every afternoon . As said before, the free wine reception in the evening is Two Buck Chuck, drinkable, but certainly not anything to write home about . The free wine tasting every night was a wonderful extra and welcomed relaxment in between a long day of sightseeing and evenings out . That and also the free coffee and tea every morning were little extras that we felt made you feel like a welcomed guest and that they are going out of their way to make the hotel special . Free internet in the lobby but none of any sort in the rooms . The hotel lobby was lovely, real fire, large comfy chairs and free internet access in the corner . There is a concierge, also free wine and appetizers in the afternoon . 00 for an adult with free entrance for shildren , , we were both fascinated for nearly two hours and it was not crowded . We went down for the free wine reception, and had a great time . The hotel has one computer available with free internet . And free wifi throughout the hotel which worked flawlessly . The room also has free wireless which I've read other hotels nearby don't . Free Wifi in your room, and the free wine reception in the evenings was great . The free happy hour really made the visit extra special , we met so many wonderful people during our 7 day stay this way . I personally appreciated the free internet service in the hotel . Free internet and a computer for use in the lobby was helpful . The manager's cocktail hour was a nice touch, and the free coffee in the morning was also nice though I had to ask both mornings for hot chocolate to be brought out for the kids, and the advertised biscotti was no where to be found . I didn't get to take advantage of the free coffee in the morning, but my husband and I did go to the 5pm, 6pm cocktail hour, which we enjoyed . Coffee and biscotti were available in reception every morning free of charge or if you preferred, there was a restaurant in the hotel that served breakfast or a Starbucks round the corner . This hotel offers a lot , a great location, great staff, free wine tastings and morning coffee . I booked a standard king room and was up graded to a premier king free of charge upon our arrival . This is a hassle, free place to stay with a dog . The hotel had free coffee and drinks everyday and free access to wireless internet . Free coffee and biscotti in the morning helped get the GF out of bed . 00 found most other places closing so it was Hobsons choiceThe best part of the stay were the free wine and eats in the lounge arond 17 : The free wine and nibbles served between 5pm and 6pm were a lovely touch . We did however take advantage of the free coffee and biscotti that was offered every morning in the lobby . No bar as such in the hotel but they have free wine tasting every day at 5p . The free wine beer and coffee hot chocolate biscotti is a wonderful touch and we took full advantage of it . The late afternoon free wine reception was a really nice touch and we enjoyed this very much . Although we didn't use it, there was free Internet access in the room . l also enjoyed the morning coffee in the lobby and the free wine . The lobby area was really pleasant and the free wine gets you talking to other guests . The free morning hot cocoa and coffee was nice before our daily excursions . The afternoon wine and cheese was a nice bonus as was the free Internet . We were surprised and delighted when, on arrival, we were given tokens for free continental breakasts . The reception area is compact and during the free evening wine sampling gets quite busy . The free morning coffee is also well appreciated and attended . The free drinks are great if you and like the feeling of getting something for nothing . The free coffee and biscotti in the morning kept us going until breakfast . Evening wine hour from 5, 6 was also good , free wine and nibbles and a chance to talk to other guests about places to visit , eat etc . Very clean, get a glass of wine free between 5 6pm in the lobby . Free high speed wireless Internet access, which in San Francisco most always has a charge . With this hotel we received a free 1 hour tour cruise around Alcatraz and down to the Golden Gate Bridge . You also get 2 free transportation passes each day of your stay that we used for the trolley systems . And remember the MUNI passes were free ! The free drinks held every evening are welcoming after a long day out . It was freezing cold in the room and I don't think it warmed up even with the heat on until the next day . If you have any other questions please feel free to msg me and I will do my best to answer your questions . The wine tasting in the afternoon made available from the manager was a really nice touch as was the free tea and coffee in the lobby in the morning which got you off to a great start for the day . The hotel has free wireless . At 5 o'clock every evening in the hotel lobby there is a free wine reception for an hour . Nothing disappointed us about our stay and we didn聮t even take advantage of the free wine tasting between 5, 6pm . We did however make use of the free tea and coffee when we had an early start . Earily evening free wine tasting . In the morning free great coffee and biscotti in the lobby, with carry, out cups . Another great thing about the hotel is that every day, they offer wine and beer from 5, 6pm for free for all hotel guests . Then we picked up the free lobby coffee and the WSJ and the USA Today newspapers, thus having a cheap breakfast . We particularly enjoyed the nightly 'manager's reception' when wine and nibbles are freely available ! The nightly free wine reception is a great way to meet people and find out what is worth seeing and what is not . Free Wireless internet access . Speaking of parking, you're going to have to pay and it's going to have to be valet service, as there are no free self park lots that are part of the hotel . The staff were friendly and the free coffee and biscoti each morning and wine at 6pm each evening were occassions when one could meet other guests . The hotel provides free hot drinks and biscotti in the mornings, which was good quality but why ? Free wine and mingle from 5 to 6pm . It really does save if you can get a deal with free parking, but the fee is not out of line . There was a free wine tasting that the hotel put on that we were, unfortunately, too jet, lagged to participate in . Every evening 5pm to 6pm, guests are invited to have free wine in the reception area and there is free coffee there every morning . The hotel's evening wine hour and morning's biscotti hour also distinguish the property as a cut above, and our group, which has stayed at many a biz hotel, had no problem whatsoever in fact, a courtesy upgrade got us a fine meeting space with free internet, which even impressed our boss . The great thing for us was the free parking . We stayed at the BW Tuscan Inn only because they were offering a great winter deal , $99 for a room with king, size bed and free parking . Overall, we would recommend this place to friends, especially if they are able to get a good discount and free parking . Oh,yes, free coffee and biscotti for breakfast, and wine in the afternoon ! There's free coffee, teas at breakfast time with little biscotti and, best of all, from 5 til 6pm you get a free wine 'tasting' reception which, as long as you don't take the p No free internet here though . but it's great to get a couple of free drinks . Excellent free wine reception in evening . And free NEw York Times to go with it . 00 free wine and beer very popular and nice if you happen to catch it before you go out to dinner . Being the lushes that we are, my wife and I took full advantage of the free happy hour, arriving promptly at five, and not leaving until six . Stayed for two nights and really enjoyed the free wine in the evenings and biscotti and coffee and or wide range of teas in the morning . Refrigerator, minibar, free wifi, iron board, hairdryer, down comforters and pillow top beds . The lobby has a wine tasting for free between 5, 6pm each night and you meet dozens of really nice people from all over the world . and the free coffee tea and beer wine daily was very nice and allowed for a cozy feeling among the quests . The hotel offers free wifi to all guests who have a laptop . Free coffee in the morning, free beer and wine in the afternoon, what more could you ask for ? Free coffee in the lobby in the mornings is nice . The free wine in the lounge each evening was very nice, and given with good grace , even the fourth glass ! Coffee and hot chocolate were also available free from 6am each morning, although there was also a coffee maker in the room . The only criticism I have is that there was no safe in the room, although safety deposit boxes were available free of charge in reception . The rest of the immediate neighborhood seemed safe and nondescript, and largely free of the homeless and the street people that are in evidence elsewhere in this costly city . A complete disappointment , from losing the reservation made through Best Western toll, free number to charging our credit card for someone elses stay 3 WEEKS AFTER WE LEFT ! Dont let the &quot free&quot wine and biscotti fool you . The free beer, wine etc and snacks on an afternoon was a lovely touch and helped you swap tips and chat to other guests . The coffee and biscotti offered in the morning is a good way to start the day, and the free wine hour from 5 to 6 is very pleasant, although we were so busy we only attended twice . Great free &quot coffee and&quot in the morning and a very pleasant afternoon complimentary wine . I had read a prior review complaning about the fact the hotel had run out of the &quot free&quot morning biscotti's as promised to quests . We also always look for free wifi . Internet access was not free . Free wireless internet in the room , fantastic ! Best feature was the freebie drinks in reception from 5, 6pm . Free internet use in the reception area was a great touch . Guests actually talk to one another during morning coffee, and the free hour of wine at 5 pm . In the lobby they have free coffee, tea and biscotti everyday and have wine and snacks from 5 p to 6 p daily . The concierge even gave us a pair of City Passes someone had turned in with four more days still on them, so we rode everywhere for free . The afternoon wine beer was a great idea, as was the free morning tea cofee . The use of the foyer for free drinks between 5, 6pm was popular especially with fellow Brits ! Free coffee and biscotti in the morning is a nice touch but we never made it back in time for free beer and wine from 5, 6pm . The free morning coffee and evening wine reception were both good opportunities to meet other guests . Morning coffee and biscotti was a nice touch as well as the all you can drink free wine hour in the evening . Parking was $26 day , free valet with on and off priv . The hotel was of a good standard, big clean rooms, decent bathroom and the free wine reception in the evening was an added bonus . The staff are friendly and there is one computer for internet access as well as free coffee and biscuits in the afternoon . During that time there is a very nice and knowledgable gentlemen who offers free chair massages . It's location is fantastic if you want to get to the Ballpark, to the cable car, on and off the freeway, to the wharf, etc .
[ "There is free WiFi internet access available in all the rooms.\r\nAlso, the hotel has one computer with public access if you don't have a computer with you.\r\nFrom 5 -6 p.m. there is free wine tasting and appetizers available to all the guests.", "Free parking provided unless using valet.\r\nFree breakfast and coffee.\r\nFree wifi in some cases.", "Evening wine reception and free coffee in the morning.\r\nFree internet, free parking and free massage.", "Evening wine reception and free coffee in the morning.\r\nFree internet, free parking and free massage.", "Hotel offers free wine in the evening and coffee and biscotti in the morning.\r\nAmenities includes free parking, free wifi, and free wireless." ]

Dataset Card for "opinosis"

Dataset Summary

The Opinosis Opinion Dataset consists of sentences extracted from reviews for 51 topics. Topics and opinions are obtained from Tripadvisor, and

Supported Tasks and Leaderboards

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Dataset Structure

Data Instances


  • Size of downloaded dataset files: 0.75 MB
  • Size of the generated dataset: 0.74 MB
  • Total amount of disk used: 1.50 MB

An example of 'train' looks as follows.

    "review_sents": "This is a fake topic. \nThe topics have multiple sentence inputs. \n",
    "summaries": ["This is a gold summary for topic 1. \nSentences in gold summaries are separated by newlines.", "This is another gold summary for topic 1. \nSentences in gold summaries are separated by newlines."]

Data Fields

The data fields are the same among all splits.


  • review_sents: a string feature.
  • summaries: a list of string features.

Data Splits

name train
default 51

Dataset Creation

Curation Rationale

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Source Data

Initial Data Collection and Normalization

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Who are the source language producers?

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Annotation process

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Who are the annotators?

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Personal and Sensitive Information

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Considerations for Using the Data

Social Impact of Dataset

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Discussion of Biases

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Other Known Limitations

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Additional Information

Dataset Curators

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Licensing Information

The license for this dataset is Apache License 2.0 and can be found here.

Citation Information

  title={Opinosis: a graph-based approach to abstractive summarization of highly redundant opinions},
  author={Ganesan, Kavita and Zhai, ChengXiang and Han, Jiawei},
  booktitle={Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Computational Linguistics},
  organization={Association for Computational Linguistics}


Thanks to @thomwolf, @patrickvonplaten for adding this dataset.

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