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from datasets import load_dataset dataset = load_dataset("mlsum")


We present MLSUM, the first large-scale MultiLingual SUMmarization dataset. Obtained from online newspapers, it contains 1.5M+ article/summary pairs in five different languages -- namely, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Turkish. Together with English newspapers from the popular CNN/Daily mail dataset, the collected data form a large scale multilingual dataset which can enable new research directions for the text summarization community. We report cross-lingual comparative analyses based on state-of-the-art systems. These highlight existing biases which motivate the use of a multi-lingual dataset.


  title={MLSUM: The Multilingual Summarization Corpus},
  author={Scialom, Thomas and Dray, Paul-Alexis and Lamprier, Sylvain and Piwowarski, Benjamin and Staiano, Jacopo},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2004.14900},

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