Mikhail Belyaev position held minister of war, country of citizenship Russian Empire, allegiance Russian Empire, date of birth 23 December 1863, date of death 01 January 1918
Mikhail Alekseyevich Belyaev (Russian: ; December 23, 1863 - 1918) was a Russian general of the Infantry, statesman, Chief of Staff of the Imperial Russian Army from August 1, 1914 to August 10, 1916, and was the last Minister of War of the Russian Empire from January 3, 1917 to February 28, 1917.
Shiels Jewellers inception 01 January 1945
Shiels Jewellers is an Australian jewellery retailer and was founded by Jack Shiels in Adelaide in 1945.
Assassin 's Creed II Roger Craig Smith character role Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Nolan North character role Desmond Miles
The framing story is set in the 21st century and follows Desmond Miles as Assassin 's Creed II relives the genetic memories of his ancestor Ezio Auditore da Firenze.
Cyclopites taxon rank Genus
Cyclopites is a genus of aglaspidid arthropods that lived in shallow seas in what is now Wisconsin during Late Cambrian times.
Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair instance of Film
Dors performed the film's theme song over the opening titles.
The Planets ( 1999 TV series ) publication date 01 January 1999, narrator Samuel West
The series featured appearances from famous pioneering space scientists and explorers, and was narrated by Samuel West in the original 1999 edition, and Mark Halliley in the 2004 remastered edition.
Manny Diaz ( California politician ) occupation Politician, position held member of the California State Assembly, date of birth 04 July 1953
Manolo J. Diaz (born July 4, 1953 in San Francisco, California) is an American engineer and politician who served as a member of the California State Assembly from 2000 to 2004, representing the 23rd District.
Battle Magic ( novel ) follows Street Magic, genre Novel
The book follows Pierce's characters Briar Moss, Evumeimei Dingzai (nicknamed Evvy), and Rosethorn after the events of Battle Magic ( novel )'s 2001 novel Street Magic.
Ty Cobb ( attorney ) occupation Lawyer
Ty Cobb (born 1950) is an American lawyer.
Peter Kelland educated at University of Cambridge
After two years in the Marines Peter Kelland began his studies at the University of Cambridge.
Potter Cove continent Antarctica
Potter Cove is a cove indenting the south-west side of King George Island to the east of Barton Peninsula, in the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica.
Tancred Tancredi date of death 09 September 1241
Though Tancred did not remain at the head of the Dominicans in the Holy Land, Tancred Tancredi did remain there until his death in 1241.
Stromiecka Wola country Poland, located in the administrative territorial entity Gmina Stromiec
Stromiecka Wola [strmjtska vla] is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Stromiec, within Białobrzegi County, Masovian Voivodeship, in east-central Poland.
Agostina Soria sex or gender female, date of birth 09 October 1998
Agostina Denisse Soria (born 9 October 1998) is an Argentine female volleyball player.
Danny Barnes ( rugby league ) occupation rugby league player
Danny Barnes is a former professional rugby league footballer who played in the 1990s.
KXGR located in the administrative territorial entity Colorado
Programming is simulcast on 101.7 KXCL in Rock Creek Park, Colorado, which serves Colorado Springs, and on 75 watt translator station 101.7 K299AO in Sterling, Colorado.
Ed Herman ( fighter ) occupation mixed martial artist, date of birth 02 October 1980
Edward Benson "Ed" Herman (born October 2, 1980) is an American professional mixed martial artist currently competing in the Light Heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
1987 Virginia Slims of Dallas point in time 00 1987, country United States, sport Tennis
The 1987 Virginia Slims of Dallas was a women's tennis tournament played on indoor carpet courts at the Moody Coliseum in Dallas, Texas in the United States and was part of the Category 4 tier of the 1987 WTA Tour.
Tim Goodbody occupation sailor, date of birth 25 January 1983
Tim Goodbody (born 1983) is an Irish sailor.
A Way to See in the Dark instance of Album
Other songs on the album cover themes ranging from fear, shame, hope, and God's love as the basis for our identity.
Robert G. Greenler field of work Physics
Robert G. Greenler is well known for his popular lectures on physics "The Science Bag", which he started with colleague Glenn Schmieg in 1973.
Agara , Bangalore instance of Lake
Agara is visited for Agara , Bangalore's Oriyan temple, Agara Lake, Ayyappa Temple & Aanjaneya Temple.
Karl Gustav Jöreskog occupation Statistician, date of birth 25 April 1935
Karl Gustav Jöreskog (born 25 April 1935) is a Swedish statistician.
Dye My Hair publication date 28 October 2016
The song was released in Finland as a digital download on 28 October 2016 as the second single from her debut extended play Dye My Hair (2016).
Russian Love country of origin Finland, inception 00 1986
Russian Love was a rock group (active 1986-1998) that came from Northern Finland and was one of the first gothic rock bands in Finland to sing in English and the first one have an album released.
Ocean Mercier educated at Victoria University of Wellington
(Hons) Mercier did a PhD at Victoria University of Wellington, in association with Industrial Research Ltd. Mercier is involved in the field of Māori Science, the application of scientific principles and mātauranga Māori to real-world problems.
Francesco di Antonio del Chierico occupation illuminator, place of death Florence, place of birth Florence, work location Florence, date of birth 01 January 1433, date of death 17 October 1484
Francesco di Antonio del Chierico (1433-1484) was a manuscript illuminator of the early Renaissance period in Florence.
Juan Astigarrabía country of citizenship Spain
Later Juan Astigarrabía was rehabilitated and later still returned to Spain.
Southeast Alaska Discovery Center country United States
The Southeast Alaska Discovery Center is a visitor center in Ketchikan, Alaska, operated by the United States Forest Service as part of the Tongass National Forest.
Moni Ovadia given name Salomone
Moni is short for "Salomone" (Solomon).
One pound ( British coin ) Ian Rank-Broadley applies to part obverse, depicts Elizabeth II
One pound ( British coin )'s obverse bears the Latin engraving ELIZABETH II D G REG (Dei Gratia Regina) F D (Fidei defensor) meaning, Elizabeth II, by the grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith.
Ian Date date of birth 00 1960
Ian Date (born c. 1960) is an Australian acoustic and electric guitarist most associated with the Gypsy jazz and bebop genres.
The Lady of Red Butte screenwriter C. Gardner Sullivan, director Victor Schertzinger, publication date 01 January 1919, instance of Film
The Lady of Red Butte is a 1919 American Western film written by C. Gardner Sullivan and directed by Victor Schertzinger.
Rugbrød country of origin Denmark, subclass of Rye bread
Rugbrød ([upœð]) (Danish style rye bread) is a very common form of rye bread in Denmark.
The Stag owned by University of Surrey, newspaper format Magazine
The Stag is a student magazine published by students of the University of Surrey online and in print.
Bel Ami ( 1955 film ) country of origin France, country of origin Austria
Bel Ami ( 1955 film ) was a co-production between Austria, France and East Germany.
Sarcoplasmic reticulum subclass of Endoplasmic reticulum
The sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) is a membrane-bound structure found within muscle cells that is similar to the endoplasmic reticulum in other cells.
Michael Morris ( director ) place of birth London
From 1999 to 2002, Michael Morris ( director ) was Director of The Old Vic theatre in London.
Bolan Boogie record label Fly Records
After Marc Bolan had left Fly Records to form Bolan Boogie's own label distributed through EMI/T.
Fourier series part of Fourier analysis
The process of deriving the weights that describe a given function is a form of Fourier analysis.
Aransas County Airport located in the administrative territorial entity Texas
Aransas County Airport (IATA: RKP, ICAO: KRKP, FAA LID: RKP) is in Aransas County five miles (7 km) north of Rockport, Texas.
Dyschirius subarcticus taxon rank Species
Dyschirius subarcticus is a species of ground beetle in the subfamily Scaritinae.
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 : Torna -- The Golden Country developer Monolith Soft, publication date 14 September 2018, instance of Expansion pack
Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna - The Golden Country is an expansion pack released for the 2017 action role-playing video game Xenoblade Chronicles 2 released in September 2018 by Monolith Soft.
Strictly for Mothers instance of television series
Strictly for Mothers was an Australian television series which aired on Melbourne television station HSV-7.
The Second Wind screenwriter Alain Corneau, director Alain Corneau, publication date 01 January 2007, cast member Daniel Auteuil, cast member Monica Bellucci, instance of Film, genre Crime film
The Second Wind (French: Le Deuxième Souffle) is a 2007 French crime film directed by Alain Corneau and starring Daniel Auteuil and Monica Bellucci.
Karl Munro present in work Coronation Street
Michie is from Scotland, but because Coronation Street is set in Manchester, Karl Munro uses a Mancunian accent for the role.
Ninnu Kori cast member Nivetha Thomas
Nani and Nivetha Thomas play the lead roles in the movie while Aadhi Pinisetty plays a pivotal role.
Morten Gunnar Larsen occupation Pianist, date of birth 01 October 1955, genre Jazz, instrument Piano
Morten Gunnar Larsen (born 1 October 1955) is a Norwegian jazz pianist and composer, well known for several stride piano recordings and collaborations.
Two Hearts ( story ) World Fantasy Award -- Short Fiction point in time 00 2006, Nebula Award for Best Novelette point in time 00 2006, Nebula Award for Best Novelette point in time 00 2006, Hugo Award for Best Novelette point in time 00 2006, Hugo Award for Best Novelette point in time 00 2006, follows The Last Unicorn, author Peter S. Beagle, genre Fantasy, Nebula Award for Best Novelette winner Peter S. Beagle, Hugo Award for Best Novelette winner Peter S. Beagle
Two Hearts ( story ) can also be found in Beagle's short story collection The Line Between (Tachyon Publ., 2006); in the deluxe edition of The Last Unicorn (New American Library ROC, 2007); The Very Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction: Sixtieth Anniversary Anthology (Tachyon, 2009); and Mirror Kingdoms: The Best Of Peter S. Beagle (Subterranean Press, 2010).
List of mathematical examples instance of Wikimedia list article
This page will attempt to list examples in mathematics.
The Pirates of Orion set in period 23rd century, characters James T. Kirk
Set in the 23rd century, the series follows the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk (voiced by William Shatner) and the crew of the Starfleet starship Enterprise.
Hammond -- Harwood House located in the administrative territorial entity Maryland
The Hammond-Harwood House is a historic house museum at 19 Maryland Avenue in Annapolis, Maryland, USA.
Helpston railway station operator Midland Railway
Helpston railway station was a station in Helpston, Cambridgeshire, on the Midland Railway's Syston and Peterborough Railway.
Paul Quaye position played on team / speciality Midfielder, date of birth 16 September 1995
Paul Quaye (born 16 September 1995) is a Ghanaian footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder.
Khudadat Rafibeyli child Nigar Rafibeyli
Khudadat Rafibeyli was the father of Azerbaijani writer Nigar Rafibeyli, father-in-law of Rasul Rza and grandfather of Anar Rzayev, chairman of Writers' Union of Azerbaijan.
Sparedrus parent taxon Oedemeridae, taxon rank Genus
Sparedrus is a genus of false blister beetles in the family Oedemeridae.
Saint-Augustin ( Paris Métro ) instance of Metro station
After the extension of Line 14 to Saint-Lazare opened in 2004, the station is connected to Saint-Lazare metro station (which is near Saint-Lazare railway station) by a long underground passageway.
Metula cumingi taxon rank Species
Metula cumingi is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Buccinidae, the true whelks.
Povilas Lukšys member of sports team FK Ekranas
In 2005, Lukšys helped FK Ekranas to win the A Lyga.
Condrò shares border with San Pier Niceto, shares border with Pace del Mela
Condrò borders the following municipalities: Gualtieri Sicaminò, Pace del Mela, San Pier Niceto.
Colorado War participant Cheyenne, participant Arapaho
The Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Sioux played the major role in actions that occurred north of the Arkansas River and along the South Platte River, the Great Platte River Road, and the eastern portion of the Overland Trail.
Robert Stanfield date of birth 11 April 1914
Robert Stanfield was born into an affluent Nova Scotia clothing manufacturing and political family in 1914.
Suspiria Franklyn country of citizenship Portugal
At the moment, Suspiria lives in Portugal and Suspiria Franklyn had been doing several art exhibitions and working on her first book.
Ramses Lonlack country of citizenship Cameroon
Lonlack was born in Belabo, Cameroon and is a native of Bertoua.
The Booker T. Set instance of Album
The Booker T. Set is a studio album by the Southern soul band Booker T. & the M.G.
Carlos Gálviz country of citizenship Venezuela, position played on team / speciality Individual time trial
In 2014, Carlos Gálviz was the national individual time trial champion of Venezuela.
Mario Milano ( archbishop ) date of birth 23 April 1936
Mario Milano (born 23 April 1936) is an Italian Catholic bishop.
Caroline M. Solomon employer Gallaudet University
Having experienced first-hand the problems for deaf students in classrooms without sign language interpreters, Solomon, who teaches biology at Gallaudet University, has designed databases to help students and teachers network with organizations and interpreters familiar with educational bridges for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.
9 ( Mercyful Fate album ) record label Metal Blade Records, publication date 15 June 1999
9 was recorded during February and March 1999, and was released on June 15, 1999, on Metal Blade Records.
Kotorsko country Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in the administrative territorial entity Doboj, instance of Village
Kotorsko (Cyrillic: ) is a village in the municipality of Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Hyposmocoma cryptogamiella taxon rank Species
Hyposmocoma cryptogamiella is a species of moth of the family Cosmopterigidae.
Lists of hospitals in Oceania instance of Wikimedia list article
This is a list of hospitals in Oceania for each sovereign state, associated states of New Zealand, and dependencies, and territories.
Albert Schwarz occupation Mathematician, occupation university teacher, occupation Physicist, date of birth 24 June 1934, Kazan located in the administrative territorial entity Soviet Union
Albert Solomonovich Schwarz (/wrts/; Russian: . . ; born June 24, 1934) is a mathematician and a theoretical physicist educated in the Soviet Union and now a professor at the University of California, Davis.
Yves Rocher ( company ) location of formation La Gacilly, headquarters location La Gacilly
The company maintains a botanical garden, the Jardin botanique Yves Rocher de La Gacilly, at Yves Rocher ( company )'s industrial site in La Gacilly.
Task Force 1-41 Infantry inception 00 1991
Task Force 1-41 Infantry was the first coalition force to breach the Saudi Arabian border on 15 February 1991 and conduct ground combat operations in Iraq engaging in direct and indirect fire fights with the enemy on 17 February 1991.
Rama Lakshamana Temple , Baradia country India
The Rama Lakshamana Temples or Samba Lakshamana Temples are the late 12th century twin Hindu temples in Baradia, a village in Okhamandal region of Devbhoomi Dwarka district, Gujarat, India.
Beneath the Palms on the Blue Sea director Hans Deppe, publication date 00 1957, cast member Bibi Johns, cast member Giulia Rubini, cast member Harald Juhnke, instance of Film, genre Musical film
Beneath the Palms on the Blue Sea (German: Unter Palmen am blauen Meer, Italian: Vacanze a Portofino) is a 1957 German-Italian musical film directed by Hans Deppe and starring Bibi Johns, Giulia Rubini and Harald Juhnke.
Park Mee-kyung country of citizenship South Korea, sport Volleyball, sex or gender female
Park Mee-kyung was part of the South Korea women's national volleyball team.
South West Osborn Island country Australia
South West Osborn Island is an island off the coast of the Kimberley region in Western Australia.
Thomas Hanford date of birth 22 July 1621, date of death 01 January 1693, date of death 04 January 1693
Thomas Hanford (July 22, 1621 - 1693) was a founding settler of Norwalk, Connecticut.
North Carolina Cabinet part of Government of North Carolina
The North Carolina Cabinet is the group of unelected heads of the executive departments of the Government of North Carolina.
Pocono Mountain Lake Estates , Pennsylvania instance of Census-designated place
Pocono Mountain Lake Estates is a census-designated place located in Lehman Township, Pike County in the state of Pennsylvania.
Capital and Coast District Health Board country New Zealand, located in the administrative territorial entity Wellington, instance of District health board
The Capital and Coast District Health Board (CCDHB) is a district health board with the focus on providing healthcare to Wellington City, Porirua City and the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand.
Björnen sover instance of Song
Since Björnen sover became famous, the tune been used for several different lyrics during the span of 200 years, including many children's song.
José Antonio Páez Municipality located in the administrative territorial entity Yaracuy
The municipality is located in southwestern Yaracuy, occupying an area of 135 km ² with a population of 15,101 inhabitants in 2001.
Parque 18 de marzo de 1938 point in time 00 1938
Parque 18 de marzo de 1938 is a stadium in Minatitlán, Veracruz.
Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain author Jin Yong, genre Novel
Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain, also known as Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain, is a wuxia novel by Jin Yong (Louis Cha).
Reach for Infinity genre Anthology
In 2015, Reach for Infinity was nominated for a Locus Award for Best Anthology, an Aurealis Award for Best Anthology and the Philip K. Dick Award.
Raniganj Girls ' College instance of University
Raniganj Girls ' College is affiliated to Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol.
Kingdom of Great Britain Sovereign state start time 01 May 1707, Kingdom of England applies to part England, Kingdom of Scotland applies to part Scotland, Kingdom of England applies to part Wales, inception 01 May 1707, contains administrative territorial entity England, contains administrative territorial entity Scotland, contains administrative territorial entity Wales
The state came into being following the Treaty of Union in 1706, ratified by the Acts of Union 1707, which united the kingdoms of England (which included Wales) and Scotland to form a single kingdom encompassing the whole island of Great Britain and Kingdom of Great Britain's outlying islands, with the exception of the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.
Beverley Peck Johnson occupation Pianist, voice type Soprano, date of birth 12 June 1904, date of death 20 January 2001, employer Juilliard School, employer Manhattan School of Music
Beverley Peck Johnson (sometimes referred to as Beverley Johnson; June 12, 1904 - January 20, 2001) was an American voice teacher, soprano, and pianist who taught on the faculties of several institutions, including Manhattan School of Music and The Juilliard School.
Nagireddypalle country India
Nagireddypalle is a village and panchayat in Ranga Reddy district, AP, India.
That Cold Day in the Park publication date 01 January 1969, instance of Film
The picture was screened at the 1969 Cannes Film Festival outside of the main competition.
Raising Asia occupation dancer
The show focuses mainly on Asia's career as a dancer and the repercussions fame can have on a family.
Ethiopia , Be happy instance of National anthem
Ethiopia , Be happy remained the national anthem until the Emperor was overthrown by the Derg regime in 1975.
Paraloricaria agastor taxon rank Species
Paraloricaria agastor is a species of armored catfish native to Argentina and Paraguay where it is found in the Paraguay River basin.
Norman S. Hall occupation Screenwriter, date of birth 21 July 1895, date of death 12 December 1964
Norman S. Hall (July 21, 1895 - 12 December 1964) was an American screenwriter from the 1930s to the 1960s.
Netai country India, located in the administrative territorial entity Binpur I
Netai is a village in Binpur I CD Block in Jhargram subdivision of Jhargram district in the state of West Bengal, India.
Fillmore , Utah inception 00 1851
Fillmore was the capital of the Utah Territory from 1851 to 1856, although the territorial legislature met in Fillmore only one term (1855).
Lucius Jacques Dupré occupation Judge
Lucius Jacques Dupré was born in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, and served as a state court judge in 1853.

Dataset Card for Corpus for Knowledge-Enhanced Language Model Pre-training (KELM)

Dataset Summary

Data-To-Text Generation involves converting knowledge graph (KG) triples of the form (subject, relation, object) into a natural language sentence(s). This dataset consists of English KG data converted into paired natural language text. The generated corpus consists of ∼18M sentences spanning ∼45M triples with ∼1500 distinct relations.

Supported Tasks and Leaderboards

The intended task is data-to-text generation, taking in a knowledge graph tuple and generating a natural language representation from it. Specifically, the data is in the format the authors used to train a seq2seq language model with the tuples concatenated into a single sequence.


The dataset is in English.

Dataset Structure

Data Instances

Each instance consists of one KG triple paired with corresponding natural language.

Data Fields

  • triple: Wikipedia triples of the form <subject> <relation> <object> where some subjects have multiple relations, e.g. <subject> <relation1> <object1> <relation2> <object2> <relation3> <object3>. For more details on how these relations are grouped, please refer to the paper.
  • sentence: The corresponding Wikipedia sentence.

Data Splits

The dataset includes a pre-determined train, validation, and test split.

Dataset Creation

Curation Rationale

The goal of the dataset's curation and the associated modeling work discussed in the paper is to be able to generate natural text from a knowledge graph.

Source Data

Initial Data Collection and Normalization

[More Information Needed]

Who are the source language producers?

The data is sourced from English Wikipedia and it's associated knowledge graph.


Annotation process

[More Information Needed]

Who are the annotators?

[More Information Needed]

Personal and Sensitive Information

[More Information Needed]

Considerations for Using the Data

Social Impact of Dataset

[More Information Needed]

Discussion of Biases

From the paper:

Wikipedia has documented ideological, gender6, and racial biases in its text. While the KELM corpus may still contain some of these biases, certain types of biases may be reduced.

Other Known Limitations

[More Information Needed]

Additional Information

Dataset Curators

[More Information Needed]

Licensing Information

This dataset has been released under the CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

Citation Information

      title={Large Scale Knowledge Graph Based Synthetic Corpus Generation for Knowledge-Enhanced Language Model Pre-training}, 
      author={Oshin Agarwal and Heming Ge and Siamak Shakeri and Rami Al-Rfou},


Thanks to @joeddav for adding this dataset.

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