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Dataset: emotion 🏷
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How to load this dataset directly with the πŸ€—/datasets library:

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from datasets import load_dataset dataset = load_dataset("emotion")


Emotion is a dataset of English Twitter messages with six basic emotions: anger, fear, joy, love, sadness, and surprise. For more detailed information please refer to the paper.


    title = "{CARER}: Contextualized Affect Representations for Emotion Recognition",
    author = "Saravia, Elvis  and
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    url = "",
    doi = "10.18653/v1/D18-1404",
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    abstract = "Emotions are expressed in nuanced ways, which varies by collective or individual experiences, knowledge, and beliefs. Therefore, to understand emotion, as conveyed through text, a robust mechanism capable of capturing and modeling different linguistic nuances and phenomena is needed. We propose a semi-supervised, graph-based algorithm to produce rich structural descriptors which serve as the building blocks for constructing contextualized affect representations from text. The pattern-based representations are further enriched with word embeddings and evaluated through several emotion recognition tasks. Our experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method outperforms state-of-the-art techniques on emotion recognition tasks.",

Models trained or fine-tuned on emotion