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"You Are An Asshole pronounced "Ye ah uh ah" Sounds affirmative, is pejorative. Nothing better for that asshole in your life, maintain that pleasant face and say it loud enough for others to hear, so everyone knows the truth about the double-caf, triple shot, skinny, mocha-chino ordering assholes true hipness."
"Frequent demanding customerdupe: Last time I asked for an everything bagel and I got a plain bagel, make sure I get the everything bagel this time, please. Ever helpful counter help: YAAA! We'll be sure to get it right this time! Dupe gets what they deserve and everyone working at the deli gets to hear you call that bitch customer an asshole and receive a smile in return."
"Half Asian"
"One of the most amazing races to ever grace this planet. Scientifically proven to live longer, and most are very successful. Take any area: the best in the class will always include a few Half Asians. Less than 1% of the population in America is Half Asian, and a number MUCH higher than 1% fills people who are top notch at what they do i.e. celebrities, sports stars, great minds, etc."
"Check out any list where people rank some of the most beautiful people in the world- I guarantee you'll find more than a few Half Asians."
"Synonym with Molson, Molson Canadian, Momo."
"Everything you need for online business."
"How to take the business online ? Go for VistaShopee!"
"arm rest"
"Small friend"
"Tall guy= Hi arm rest *rests arms on small friends shoulders*"
"That one person that is so loyal, it’s ridiculous. Roderek’s are people that will always stick by you, and tell you when you’re right, and definitely when you’re wrong. They are smart, friendly, and overly giving, but they aren’t above tell you about yourself and checking you whenever necessary."
"Me: “have you met Roderek yet?” Friend: “No I haven’t!!” Me: “Bitch, if you don’t bring your ass over here! He is so nice omggggg!”"
"fun bunch"
"cool people that you kick it with and have fun."
""What'd you do yesterday" "nuh'in much... just chilled with the funch bunch.""
"circle of cool"
"circle of cool is a circle that people make on the ground and eat lunch, heaps of people like the circle and usually has some freaks in it and some awesome people, samie, isabel, maddy, caitlin, tennessee, grace, chloe is hottt, sabby and much much more!!!!! many people are jelous of the circle and often sit in the spot where the circle is or where it has been. it can also be in the formation of a oval and various other shapes!!!"
"freak- OMG i wish i was in that circle Grade 8- that is the 'circle of cool' you can't Grade 8- why are we sitting here again??? Other grade 8- because this is where the circle of cool use to be dahh!! Grade 8- ohh yeahh!!"
"A boy or girl that is simple and dresses like the 80’s and is aesthetic"
"Examples: Hydroflask, Vans, AirPods, Yeti, Simple Modern, Nike Shorts, Yellow shirts with small text, etc. Woah she so VSCO"
"Space Commander"
"Penis, also can be used to call someone a dick."
""Space Commander Scotty ready for lift-off!""
"Flarbis Darbis"
"A phrase said when Jared or Sean messes up and needs to proclaim their failure to the other."
"Flarbis Darbis! My guy just became Stephen Hawking!"
"upside down snowblower"
"When you cum in a girls mouth and walk around with her upside down holding her legs as she spits out your semen."
"I just made that girl an "upside down snowblower"."
"Yiddish word for a black person."
"The Ippish and the Yiddishkeit used to live side by side in the cities."
"A fart coming out of the penis; a queef for guys. Usually happens when hard."
"Girl: I just Queefed Guy: Weird I just Peentooted"
"habbo retro"
"a 50x better virtual hotel than habbo. instead of having to spend 50 bucks on a retarded card that gives you 100 "credits", you get free credits that can buy all of the origional stuff for FREE! and because most of habbo retro users are usually pissed off at shitty habbo, they go to seperate places, making it easier to acually TALK to people instead of having to join their "army" or "mafia" that use annoying raids where you run into another room and keep on filling the room with speech bubbles... but anyway since its a small community its MUCH easier to connect with sensable people. and if its small enough you can acually join the staff and actually do something to get rid of braty little wankers. but because most people can be a staff member you get into fights about people abusing rights and yadda yadda yadda all in all, just stay away from habbo and habbo retros"
"i just saved a bundle by switching to a HABBO RETRO!"
"Covfefe, derived from the greatest man on the planets tweet; President Donald J. Trump, is a secret code that was created by the leader of the free world and republicans to encrypt a message that the democrats will be confused about."
"Those liberals will never know covfefe actually is the secret message to assemble the Greater Wall of America!"
"shittin - crappin - (like wen ur in deep shit)"
"wen that cop cort me i was fuckin brikin maself"
"Often confused with the term nitwit"
"Ditwit - often confused with nitwit Mom: "Your teacher is a ditiwt for assigning so much homework Me: I think you mean *nitwit"
"kaila mahagan"
"a kind person that you can acquire furry porn from"
"yo kaila mahagan, you got the stuff? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"
"1. Latin word meaning 'from heaven' 2. Name of one of the lead characters from the Chronicles of Krondor-books."
"Caelis is the son of Thomas and the elf-queen."
"A great, loyal friend; someone who gives all of themselves in any relationship, honest, faithful, pure in heart, true to one's self. Brilliant girl who knows what she's talking about and thinks before she speaks. She's gorgeous and usually has brown hair. Many people call her a goddess because of her perfect body. She's her own unique individual, and is supper modest when it comes to pretty much anything. She is also hilarious and has tons of inside jokes. Her favorite animal is a koala, but she also loves giraffes. She's everything any guy could ever dream of, simply one of gods angels."
"Girl 1: *Gets strait A's, solves a school problem, and volunteers at homeless shelter. Girl 2: Wow, being a Sophie I see ;)"
"The name of a very special person. He does not know how special he is, but he is in fact the most special person I know. This wonderful guy is a cat person, likes comics, but is at the same time outgoing. May have hidden something from people at a time in his life, but whether a big or small thing, his friends may have in a way already known it. A rugged exterior combined with an all-together surprising yet enjoyable voice makes for a pleasant combination of yin and yang. Tall, dark and handsome, this British sounding Bollywood hero is a real gem."
"That Anirudh is a real bamf. I hope that Rudh notices me tonight. If Anirudh was a superhero he would be Super(sexy)man."
"1)A Physically Unattractive Person 2)Someone With A Horribly Boring / Bitchy Personality"
"1) Oh My God Dude, Your Ex Was Complete Munt! 2) Urgh, Corrina Phoned Me Up And Wouldn't Shut Up! God, She's Such A Munt!"
"A terrifying fly that has a hair tied to its body with flames around it"
"Child:THE weird fly with a hair attached to it is chasing people again Mum:damnit not again that fucking HY I'm going to get the fly swatter"
"The place you go when hallucinating/tripping on DMT and Salvia."
""Hey man, wanna go to Mencalbri?" "Yeah man, pass the bong!""
"A battle cry, used when about to attack."
"1: To war! 2: FIORD!"
"the feeling which accompanies large consumption of cannabis. 'Stoned' refers to the body high that comes from it which honestly feels like you have a couple tons of stones laying on top of oneself; thusly, one is unable to get up off the couch."
"Friend-'What the FUCK are we watching!!!' Me- 'I have no clue but i'm just too STONED to get up for the remote'"
"buck 50"
"a wound requiring at least 150 stitches"
"yo you bout to catch a buck 50"
"The girl that Gian Kurt loves Or madly in love"
"She's the carmelissa or She's the one that I love"
"chicano rap"
"real gangster rap made by mexican/americans also known as chicanos usually bald headed cholos who are gang affiliated to surenos or the mexican mafia nortenos are also chicano rappers but their rap sounds like black rap(no disrespect to black people) and nortenos use the n word alot that also applies to texas chicano rappers and chicano rappers from nyc but sureno chicano rappers from southern california and some from nevada and arizona talk only about gangbanging and about the mexican raza and about their brown pride."
"Chicano rapper: Chicano rap talks more about gangbanging and brown pride and reggaton only talks about having sex while black rap only talks about bitches and money."
"Someone who provides fudge. Also known as 'gash man' or 'lad central.' Knowing the fudge merchant enriches your life."
"Charlie is a fudgemerchant, I want his penis."
"arab drifting"
"the act of driving shitty Arab cars and "drifting" by hydroplaning."
"Muhammed broke his shock arab drifting around my culdasac"
"A word that is said at Washington Township, but no one knows the exact meaning. It can be pretty much anything you want it to be."
" sample sayings: Wanna get your jiball beat? I'll slap you right in the jiball."
"A lawyer committing shnazzy deeds for self gain or to conspire to commit Gildo acts."
"Mario was in Vegas this weekend being Aboshnazzy by wearing his costume twice and mashing on Tortas."
"An emoticon used to express slyness or sarcasm, showing a pretty serious face. This emoticon is mostly used by Latin American Internet users, since the ¬ symbol is easily typed by pressing right alt (in the Spanish keyboard Alt Gr, which is like pressing Alt+Ctrl at the same time) and 6 in the Spanish keyboard. The alt code for ¬ is Alt+170."
"me: I'm bored. Wanna rent a movie? gf: Yeah, that'd be nice. me: What do you wanna watch? gf: I heard Eclipse is out on DVD today. me: ¬¬"
"Young bahhs"
"Blind kid"
"Young bahhs take the wheel"
"Colm is a messed up man. He’s a man from England or Irleand and he just going to go off the deep end. He never finds loves and has a drinking problem."
"“Yo look at that colm over there at the bar”"
"post-nut delusion"
"(n.) a feeling of dizziness, lightheaded-ness and disorientation after an orgasm and can happen to both genders"
"After she climaxed, she had post-nut delusion. She barely remembered anything after she woke up."
"A long nicely shaped perfectly smooth male genitalia that has pornstars with mega tits hanging off of it, also refered to as a monkey, nigger, dragon, and meglacock."
"My shaboingan is hungry."
"pussy whipped"
"when a girl controls every movement of her boy"
""shitttttt that boy d-nice is fuckin whipped. that girl has him on lockdown, hes pussy whipped.""
"RP Faggot"
"A faggot that will comment on how others need to "RP more IMO" when in contrast, he needs to RP less."
"Can you believe that guy named his character Aranoth? What an RP faggot."
"a combination of the words "cum" and "summary." It is a (summary) or collection of people, cumming together to engage in sexual activities which result in cumming. aka orgy."
"-"Dude, so i totally went to this cummary last weekend! It was freakin awesomeee!" "
"The ultimate form of yeet. The past tense of it is yotenhimered."
"Me:YEETENHIEMER!*throws a barrel to the sun* Sun:ow Physics:excuse me what the fuck"
"stands for: i’m literally going to murder you"
"omg wth why’d you do that ilgmy!!"
"Kizun is a small black and white breed of cat that likes to chew on the toes of people they do not know or like. they are also very adventurous and like climbing trees. but they are very good and fighting they have been known to take down bears and other big animals. the Kizun is always hungry and will hurt your furniture if not fed every 4 hours. but they are very good as house pets and are only dangerous to people that dare to oppose him."
"the Kizun started to chew on the toes of the guests"
"A name for a Sexy Asian man with a humongous penis. And that also likes touching men but also a goat with girls."
"Hey is that Branreb, so dope"
"Reabundant, is a member of the sci-fi groups name "Pinewood Builders."He is currently apart of the PIA (Pinewood Intelligence Agency). Aswell as being in the PIA he is Tier 3 in PBST (Pinewood Builders Security Team) and has about 510 points. If you have any questions regarding PB or PBST feel free to contact Reabundant. This can include exploiter, abuse, and harassment."
"Reabundant is great moderator."
"Buffalo Soldier"
"A consensual act in which two men scissor bungholes, and from which neither party experiences any sexual pleasure whatsoever"
"If you got any enjoyment out of your Buffalo Soldier session, you were doing it wrong"
"Pawming about"
"Wandering around aimlessly in a small space"
"Sit down and stop pawming about."
"How you feel when one of the following things happens: - No internet - No food - Not invited to best friend's birthday party - Alarm goes off - Alarm doesn't go off - I failed to come up with another thing to write - You have homework - You're sick - Somebody hated on your fandom - You're going to jail - You said something disrespectful about your superior and they heard it - You died because of the previous reason - You forgot to eat breakfast and have no money for lunch - Your favorite political candidate doesn't win - Your favorite celebrity just did something horrible and is going to jail for the next seven years - You broke your mirror - You fell into your friend's cat's litterbox - Your friend ships you with your worst enemy - Your friend ships you with your previous crush - You were listening to music and your headphones were unplugged - Everybody hates you because they disagree with your music taste - I haven't run out of reasons for you to be annoyed - Your pet eats you - Your pet dies because it didn't have food and was kind enough to not eat you - Your definition was rejected - I didn't finish this se- OH LOOK A BUTTERFLY! - There are too many links here - Most of the previous reasons were trolls - Your favorite character has undergone some serious personality changes between the sequel and the original"
"- All of the previous reasons to be annoyed happened to you in the last hour - So did the ones that come after this reason - You have been thrown through a glass window - Your 100000000000000000 dollar check just fell into the shredder - The shredder fell through the floor into the center of the Earth - Your friend told your crush - No, I am not bitter - A YouTube ad came up while you were watching a video - Your computer thinks its funny to shut down right when you are doing something important and haven't saved for the last 4 hours - You are being stalked - Your stalker is not allowed at your friend's birthday party, so you can't go - You swallowed your toothbrush - You ran over a skunk with your car - Your favorite YouTuber or celebrity just died - Your other favorite YouTuber or celebrity killed them - A criminal recently broke into your house and took your pet, your wallet, and your car - They also took your locked safe. - You didn't think anybody would just take the whole safe - You were wrong. - The periods at the end of my sentences are inconsistent. - Your phone died - So did your fish. - So did your beautiful front lawn - Somebody just pulled one of those elevator jokes on you - You made a powerpoint presentation should have been a group project all by yourself. - They didn't like it, so you had start from scratch - This is not a link to anywhere - The Earth might explode tomorrow - This list is over"
"Hard Slav Bass"
"the best music of all time, dont agree than ill finna beat yo ass"
"Hard slav bass CYKA BLAYT"
"a girl pimp"
"that bitch over there is a pimpette"
"tom cawte"
"I just saw Tom Cawte kick a puppy down the stairs, I think it might be dead."
"engineer gaming"
"engineer gaming"
"Engineer Gaming: Engineer Gaming"
"sexually homeless"
"Someone who can't or doesn't want to settle down into a relationship."
"Sally is sexually homeless"
"British Food"
"Food made traditionally in Britain. Such foods include shepherd's pie, mince pies (commonly consumed at Christmas) and Roast Dinners (often referred to as Sunday roast) which includes food such as roast beef, roast potatoes, vegetables, gravy and yorkshire puddings. All dishes are delicious and tasty and MUST be tried."
"I love British food. But maybe that is because I am British and eat these foods regularly."
"is someone like a guy go by the name Qiao Qiao, soomeone that is very nice, funny, fun and just is the best!"
"nice guy like qiao qiao, or nice gal like britney "
"grill doctor"
"someone who works on teeth like a dentist"
"jessica is a grill doctor"
"Dumb Ass Karen (DAK)"
"That DAK just went off! Check out her privilege just seeping from those pores."
"Verb meaning to go somewhere or do something alone."
"No one wanted to get a taco with me so I had to soloflex."
"When your cellphone's batterry charge is about to be depleted"
"Sorry bro' I cant call yoiu back. I'm low-bat."
"sleepy gee"
"a freak from Renfrew, likes to go the hoe-tel and quaff a few bevvies, does it with chickens"
"Stoner, hoser, stupid cunt"
"The most annoying and bitchy person you'll ever meet in your lifetime."
""Omg Aaliya is such a bitch""
"An abbreviation for sorry, used when the speaker is only half sorry and thus uses half the word."
""OMG! You totally interrupted me!" "Sor." "I think this shirt makes me look fat." "Sor.""
"when you are so fucking bored and type "ytgvufhrbcidjenxoskwmzpalq" because you already tried "qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm" and so many more. "im so fucking bored, im gonna tipe "ytgvufhrbcidjenxoskwmzpalq"" Mario said."
"when you are so fucking bored and type "ytgvufhrbcidjenxoskwmzpalq" because you already tried "qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm" and so many more. "im so fucking bored, im gonna tipe "ytgvufhrbcidjenxoskwmzpalq"" Mario said."
"Keven Ge Sus"
"When that kid is super friggen sus"
"Holy crap bro! Keven Ge Sus!"
"Amya is the kind of person who has courage and is not afraid to speak up.she follows her dreams.she’s a girl with medium brown hair and brown eyes.amya says what’s on her mind.she is very athletic,very flexible,and very brave,only once in awhile you come around an Amya so once you have her don’t let her go"
"Oop there goes Amya"
"Testes Test"
"What you end up spelling when you're meaning to type "test" over and over."
"Here is some sample text: testestest testes test"
"British stealth"
"In America (or a right-hand driving country), drive on the left hand side of the road at night with your lights off speeding as fast as possible."
"Matt switched to the left side of the road, turned off his lights, and asked his passenger Emily if she'd like some tea and crumpets. She was very impressed with his ability to drive British stealth."
"Good Game. To give up."
"SlayerS_`BoxeR`: gg Me: gg SlayerS_`BoxeR` has left the game."
"Two steps above "love" and three steps above "like"."
"Girl: I love you soo much! Boy: I sancika you! Boy: Hah! I win. =)"
"Smelly looking person"
"That girl down the road is a proper niffer"
"A Chinese person who is a Hermaphadite"
"Yo, look at that guy, he's a cherm."
"big fuck off"
"About 8"
"The big fuck off tent holds about 8 people"
"wonka land"
"the perception of being in a relationship that makes you lose sense of yourself and surroundings without realization, like being immersed in willy wonka’s chocolate factory."
"there’s no saving her, she’s stuck in wonka land."
"February 7"
"beat a bitch day national day to beat someone who’s a bitch up"
"today’s February 7, so ima beat that ass hole up"
"big booty Marcus"
"He stink he don’t bag no females he got a fat ass he a dick head always calling somebody a sloth and fat."
"big booty Marcus: aye girl can I get your number The girl: hell nah u stink"
"A fat little youtuber with one friend. The youtubers name is nick aka donkey balls.His friends name is henry I think he is so cool he is so rich he has a 2018 trek marlin 7,,,,I love bikes btw and a traxxas bandit vxl."
"Oh Imprudentdock6 sucks"
"David Brandon"
"Douchebag; (also known as) The guy who runs childhood dreams into the ground"
"Bro: dude, toys r us is closing Other Bro: yea it was that douchebag, David Brandon"
"Toxx_y is my dad. Toxx_y is sargentarmy's dad. Toxx_y is TheSaviourOfDoge's dad."
"Me: Hey, Toxx_y! Toxx_y: Hey, son. You're the best."
"A limbo.. where you really want to do something fun, but you know you have something like school work to do, so you don't do what you want to do because you think you're gonna start working soon, but then it's hours later and you have done neither what you wanted to do nor what you need to do."
"I really want to play Pokemon right now, but I need to study for my Spanish test because today is Sunday and tomorrow is Monday. *three hours later* Man, I really want to play Pokemon right now, but I still haven't studied for my Spanish test."
"un-scientific wild-assed guess"
"As this is a USWAG, any info or consideration you can lend to this would be appreciated!"
"Stands for a military posts Directorate of Information Management. Their entire purpose or goal in existance is to stop the IMO's from performing their jobs and going home happily and safely at the end of the day."
"Sorry SIR!!! I can't get your log on to the computer for you, DOIM hasn't processed the work order yet..."
"Bulbing when a person has taken a large amount of class A drugs an is "off there face" you would call this bulbing."
"Oh my god ben is bulbing his head off , what have you taken you are bulbing"
"To be fired for no apparent reason after many years of faithful service...and on your spouse's Birthday."
"Did you hear about what happened to Brad's Wife? She was Crackerbarreled after 11 years of employment. ...and on Brad's Birthday."
"jen time"
"jen time (v) To formally or informally hangout with a jen for a period of time. (n) the term is also used to mean the friendship of jen and cole throughout the time when cole spends time with jen."
"jen time is my favorite part of the day, during this weeks jen time, she even gave me some cotton candy"
"Jolly Roger"
"The act of putting a thumb in your ass and one in your mouth and then switching over and over."
""You gonna stand there doing the jolly roger or are you gonna come help me??"
"si yun"
"A crazy Asian. She is always there for her friends and can make anyone laugh. She is naturally nice, and relatable. Everyone smiles around her. Her favorite phrase is “Asian Invasion” and she constantly enjoys using the adjective Asian in most joke she makes, although they never get old."
"That Si Yun is so nice."
"Firefox 3"
"A decent browser, loads of extensions, ect. It's gained more popularity than any other release of Firefox, and now owns about 40% of the browser market share. Nothing major, just a browser."
"I downloaded Firefox 3 yesterday because Internet Explorer is too insecure for me, and Opera is too much great browser to handle."
"Titus is the funny guy, or at least he thinks he is. Titus loves to surround him self with girl because he can’t make guy friends. The reason he can’t make guy friend is because he loves to get butt fucked by no less the 12 guys at the same time."
"Oh my god Dawson look at Titus."
"A verb used to when you got food on you and your clothes. Also can be used to describe the appearance if someone wearing dirty wrinkled clothes like they were used as a pillow the night before. As well to describe a person that flat out stinks like dirty feet."
"All man your office stinks like that guy. You got canached. Your clothes are dirty as hell. You got canached. Bro you got food all over your face. You got canached. Did you sit in dog shit? Your coat is canached!"
"Hit it and quit it"
"What you must do when the person you are dating is sexually attractive, yet has a fatal flaw that makes them incompatible for a long-term relationship"
"Speaker 1: "Man, this new girl I am seeing is so attractive, but she doesn't like any of the same things as I do. She is also a republican. I don't know what to do!" Speaker 2: "Hit it and quit it man. Hit it and quit it.""
"The behavior of an individual towards another."
"Yuh behaving like ah buttom."
"Yeah you right"
"A phrase used by Bryan Dip when he wants to fit in with kids he isn't friends with."
"Nick: That Adam kid's a fag Bryan Dip: Yeah you right!"
"Definition: Government by the shitheads. Background: A kakistocracy is defined as government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens. According to the online Free Dictionary, kakistocracy was used as early as the 1600s.)"
"It can be said that the government of the United States is a kakastocracy."
"Slug Day"
"The day after Christmas, where you make a "slime trail" from the couch to the fridge, while watching the movies you received as presents."
"We celebrated slug day by watching TV and finishing off the leftover Christmas cookies."
"The art of choking especially in the prescence of a team ranked lower than you."
"Hey, remeber that one time moody kU'ed that free throw? Yeah MIZZOU owns kansas"
"a total jerk . Jacob is the guy to make a girl fall for him and turn against u at the last moment.. he is the one to ask u out and turn to u 2 weeks later and say he is gay just so he can start talking to guys u like.... NEVER GET A JACOB.. UNLESS U WANT CHEATED ON.."
"Maddie: hey babe its our 4 month avaversery :Jacob: cant Maddie: y Jacob: ugh I'm gay sorry we cant date"
"Sausage lips"
"When someone like to have a penis in their mouth as often as possible."
"Simon Cowell: Nicholas Cage has sausage lips"
"a term used to describe a dim-witted Internet troll. Someone who blunders around gay chat forums doing his best to cause annoyance though sadly, due to a lack of any reasonable level of intelligence, fails dismally. Someone who lives in a Walter Mitty world of fantasy, not knowing what is real and fake in his life. Someone with a very red and blotchy face with cold staring Mr Blobby eyes. Someone who makes Council Estates, "COUNCIL TRASH" estates. Someone with absolutely no taste in interior decor. Someone suffering from a mental disorder which causes the person to believe every word that comes from their own mouth. (Walter Mitty - see above) Someone with no taste in music, often listening to and promoting to others music that can be found on the megatone label. Someone forced off his local gay scene due to his lack of any decent interpersonal social skills. Someone who lives alone in a dark, damp, dingy, smelly bedsit in Glasgow. Someone Who Capitalises The First Letter Of Every Word They Type, For Reasons Yet To Be Explained. A man with an extremely small penis!"
"waiter, waiter, there's a flyboy in my asparagus soup!"
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