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Dataset: cfq 🏷
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How to load this dataset directly with the πŸ€—/datasets library:

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from datasets import load_dataset dataset = load_dataset("cfq")


The CFQ dataset (and it's splits) for measuring compositional generalization. See for background. Example usage: data = datasets.load_dataset('cfq/mcd1')


  title={Measuring Compositional Generalization: A Comprehensive Method on
         Realistic Data},
  author={Daniel Keysers and Nathanael Sch\"{a}rli and Nathan Scales and
          Hylke Buisman and Daniel Furrer and Sergii Kashubin and
          Nikola Momchev and Danila Sinopalnikov and Lukasz Stafiniak and
          Tibor Tihon and Dmitry Tsarkov and Xiao Wang and Marc van Zee and
          Olivier Bousquet},

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