Dataset Card for DuskfallCrewArtStyle_Lora

Dataset Summary

This data set is the basis for the LoRa that is in this repository.

Supported Tasks and Leaderboards

Text to Image / Stable Diffusion/ LoRA



Source Data

Personal and Sensitive Information

This is based on our own Art, and while we're A OK for you to use it, you don't own the art within the dataset, but you may not care to anyways.

Considerations for Using the Data

Social Impact of Dataset

Shitty Art!

Discussion of Biases

It largely has non binary features, not sure if it has any one specific gender. We have Dissociative identity disorder so laregely the faces in here are either alters in our system or other systems we've done art for.

Other Known Limitations


Additional Information

Licensing Information

While it's under the lisc listed, we do ask you that you don't resell the dataset. You're responsible for your use of the dataset, and the faces within it. Your outputs are up to you.

Citation Information

If you use the dataset, citation is nice, but it'd be even nicer if you gave us coffee!

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