Welcome Stable-baselines3 to the Hugging Face Hub 🤗

At Hugging Face, we are contributing to the ecosystem for Deep Reinforcement Learning researchers and enthusiasts. That’s why we’re happy to announce that we integrated Stable-Baselines3 to the Hugging Face Hub.

Stable-Baselines3 is one of the most popular PyTorch Deep Reinforcement Learning library that makes it easy to train and test your agents in a variety of environments (Gym, Atari, MuJoco, Procgen...). With this integration, you can now host your saved models 💾 and load powerful models from the community.

In this article, we’re going to show how you can do it.


To use stable-baselines3 with Hugging Face Hub, you just need to install these 2 libraries:

pip install huggingface_hub
pip install huggingface_sb3

Finding Models

We’re currently uploading saved models of agents playing Space Invaders, Breakout, LunarLander and more. On top of this, you can find all stable-baselines-3 models from the community here

When you found the model you need, you just have to copy the repository id:

Image showing how to copy a repository id

Download a model from the Hub

The coolest feature of this integration is that you can now very easily load a saved model from Hub to Stable-baselines3.

In order to do that you just need to copy the repo-id that contains your saved model and the name of the saved model zip file in the repo.

For instancesb3/demo-hf-CartPole-v1:

import gym

from huggingface_sb3 import load_from_hub
from stable_baselines3 import PPO
from stable_baselines3.common.evaluation import evaluate_policy

# Retrieve the model from the hub
## repo_id = id of the model repository from the Hugging Face Hub (repo_id = {organization}/{repo_name})
## filename = name of the model zip file from the repository including the extension .zip
checkpoint = load_from_hub(
model = PPO.load(checkpoint)

# Evaluate the agent and watch it
eval_env = gym.make("CartPole-v1")
mean_reward, std_reward = evaluate_policy(
    model, eval_env, render=True, n_eval_episodes=5, deterministic=True, warn=False
print(f"mean_reward={mean_reward:.2f} +/- {std_reward}")

Sharing a model to the Hub

In just a minute, you can get your saved model in the Hub.

First, you need to be logged in to Hugging Face to upload a model:

  • If you're using Colab/Jupyter Notebooks:
from huggingface_hub import notebook_login
  • Else:
huggingface-cli login

Then, in this example, we train a PPO agent to play CartPole-v1 and push it to a new repo ThomasSimonini/demo-hf-CartPole-v1 `

from huggingface_sb3 import push_to_hub
from stable_baselines3 import PPO

# Define a PPO model with MLP policy network
model = PPO("MlpPolicy", "CartPole-v1", verbose=1)

# Train it for 10000 timesteps

# Save the model

# Push this saved model to the hf repo
# If this repo does not exists it will be created
## repo_id = id of the model repository from the Hugging Face Hub (repo_id = {organization}/{repo_name})
## filename: the name of the file == "name" inside model.save("ppo-CartPole-v1")
    commit_message="Added Cartpole-v1 model trained with PPO",

Try it out and share your models with the community!

What's next?

In the coming weeks and months, we will be extending the ecosystem by:

  • Integrating RL-baselines3-zoo
  • Uploading RL-trained-agents models into the Hub: a big collection of pre-trained Reinforcement Learning agents using stable-baselines3
  • Integrating other Deep Reinforcement Learning libraries
  • Implementing Decision Transformers 🔥
  • And more to come 🥳

The best way to keep in touch is to join our discord server to exchange with us and with the community.

And if you want to dive deeper, we wrote a tutorial where you’ll learn:

  • How to train a Deep Reinforcement Learning lander agent to land correctly on the Moon 🌕
  • How to upload it to the Hub 🚀


  • How to download and use a saved model from the Hub that plays Space Invaders 👾.


👉 The tutorial


We're excited to see what you're working on with Stable-baselines3 and try your models in the Hub 😍.

And we would love to hear your feedback 💖. 📧 Feel free to reach us.

Finally, we would like to thank the SB3 team and in particular Antonin Raffin for their precious help for the integration of the library 🤗.

Would you like to integrate your library to the Hub?

This integration is possible thanks to the huggingface_hub library which has all our widgets and the API for all our supported libraries. If you would like to integrate your library to the Hub, we have a guide for you!