Hugging Face and Scrimba partner to teach developers to utilize open-source AI models

Community blog post
Published September 19, 2023


We are happy to announce that Hugging Face and Scrimba have entered into a partnership to make it easier for developers to get started building AI-powered apps.

Scrimba is a code-learning platform with over a million users in total. Through an interactive video technology, Scrimba enable learners to easily switch between watching lectures and solving coding challenges.

In this partnership, Scrimba and Hugging Face will work together to teach JavaScript developers how to use powerful open source AI models in their web apps. This involves collaboratively creating and distributing a range of different AI tutorials using the scrim technology.

Enriching the Hugging Face docs

The first step in the partnership is to enrich our JavaScript documentation with scrims. These interactive video guides will be a valuable asset for aspiring AI developers, helping them turn their theoretical knowledge into practical experience.

The first scrim has already been deployed to the Transformers.js documentation, and it can be seen here. It teaches you how to build an object detector in vanilla JavaScript.

The creator of Transformers.js, Joshua Lochner, explains why scrims are a valuable addition to our docs:

“Bringing interactive tutorials to the docs is an absolute game changer in my eyes! Not only does it greatly enhance the learning experience, but it also lowers the barrier to entry for new users who want to experiment with powerful AI models. These improvements form part of our continued efforts to bridge the gap between web development and machine learning, and to make AI more accessible.”

Building high-quality AI Engineering courses

We will also collaborate on full-length courses that will teach web developers to build production-ready AI apps. The overarching goal is to give them a clear path to become hireable AI Engineers, or to launch their own AI startups.

According to Scrimba’s CEO, Per Borgen, these courses will help developers future-proof their careers:

"The demand for developers who know their way around AI is growing rapidly, and it will accelerate over the next few years as virtually all industries will be integrated with AI. So it is a safe bet for developers to learn AI Engineering”, says Borgen, and continues:

“Our goal at Scrimba is to provide the best learning material for this type of up-skilling. The partnership with Hugging Face will help us achieve that, as they give us access to some of the world’s leading AI experts in addition to unparalleled distribution.”