Announcing our new Community Policy

Published June 15, 2023
Update on GitHub

As a community-driven platform that aims to advance Open, Collaborative, and Responsible Machine Learning, we are thrilled to support and maintain a welcoming space for our entire community! In support of this goal, we've updated our Content Policy.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the complete document to fully understand what it entails. Meanwhile, this blog post serves to provide an overview, outline the rationale, and highlight the values driving the update of our Content Policy. By delving into both resources, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the expectations and goals for content on our platform.

Moderating Machine Learning Content

Moderating Machine Learning artifacts introduces new challenges. Even more than static content, the risks associated with developing and deploying artificial intelligence systems and/or models require in-depth analysis and a wide-ranging approach to foresee possible harms. That is why the efforts to draft this new Content Policy come from different members and expertise in our cross-company teams, all of which are indispensable to have both a general and a detailed picture to provide clarity on how we enable responsible development and deployment on our platform.

Furthermore, as the field of AI and machine learning continues to expand, the variety of use cases and applications proliferates. This makes it essential for us to stay up-to-date with the latest research, ethical considerations, and best practices. For this reason, promoting user collaboration is also vital to the sustainability of our platform. Namely, through our community features, such as the Community Tab, we encourage and foster collaborative solutions between repository authors, users, organizations, and our team.

Consent as a Core Value

As we prioritize respecting people's rights throughout the development and use of Machine Learning systems, we take a forward-looking view to account for developments in the technology and law affecting those rights. New ways of processing information enabled by Machine Learning are posing entirely new questions, both in the field of AI and in regulatory circles, about people's agency and rights with respect to their work, their image, and their privacy. Central to these discussions are how people's rights should be operationalized -- and we offer one avenue for addressing this here.

In this evolving legal landscape, it becomes increasingly important to emphasize the intrinsic value of "consent" to avoid enabling harm. By doing so, we focus on the individual's agency and subjective experiences. This approach not only supports forethought and a more empathetic understanding of consent but also encourages proactive measures to address cultural and contextual factors. In particular, our Content Policy aims to address consent related to what users see, and to how people's identities and expressions are represented.

This consideration for people's consent and experiences on the platform extends to Community Content and people's behaviors on the Hub. To maintain a safe and welcoming environment, we do not allow aggressive or harassing language directed at our users and/or the Hugging Face staff. We focus on fostering collaborative resolutions for any potential conflicts between users and repository authors, intervening only when necessary. To promote transparency, we encourage open discussions to occur within our Community tab.

Our approach is a reflection of our ongoing efforts to adapt and progress, which is made possible by the invaluable input of our users who actively collaborate and share their feedback. We are committed to being receptive to comments and constantly striving for improvement. We encourage you to reach out to with any questions or concerns.

Let's join forces to build a friendly and supportive community that encourages open AI and ML collaboration! Together, we can make great strides forward in fostering a welcoming environment for everyone.