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🤗 About us

• We are on a mission to democratize good machine learning, one commit at a time.

• We aim at recruiting people who have a generalist & diverse mindset. We thrive on multidisciplinarity & are passionate about the full scope of machine learning, from science to engineering to its societal and business impact.

• We have thousands of active contributors helping us build the future.

• We open-source AI by providing a one-stop-shop of resources, ranging from models (+30k), datasets (+5k), ML demos (+2k) and libraries.

• We accelerate AI deployment by providing MLOps solutions, ranging from customized support, training, fine-tuning, deployment services, optimizing facilities, APIs and on-premise solutions for ultra-fast inference, no-code tools

• Our science team democratizes AI breakthroughs in society, and our research projects help improve the quality of our assets. Find out more about BigScience, one of our latest projects.

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• Explore our job positions.

• Share your models, datasets, ML demos to the community.

• Learn how to build Machine Learning collaboratively.

• Make the most out of ML via customized support.

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