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Function Calling. Quantizing. Fine-Tuning. Summarizing. Long-context Length.

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last updated Feb 16th 2024


Trelis Research provides:

  • Function-calling models.
  • Advanced LLM fine-tuning scripts.
  • Advanced LLM inference guides.
  • Advanced vision fine-tuning scripts.
  • Advanced voice/transcription fine-tuning scripts.
  • One click LLM API templates

Function-calling Models and Datasets

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  • Fine-tuned models for function calling - from 1.3B to 70B in size, incl. Mixtral, Yi, Deepseek, Llama and more. Collection here
  • Dataset to fine-tune models for function calling. Access here
  • Scripts to fine-tune models for function calling and structured responses.

ADVANCED Fine-tuning Scripts

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  1. Unsupervised + Supervised Fine-tuning Notebooks
  2. Chat fine-tuning scripts
  3. Long context fine-tuning scripts
  4. Function calling fine-tuning
  5. Q&A Dataset Preparation + Cleaning Scripts
  6. Scripts to create and use Embeddings
  7. Quantization Scripts

ADVANCED Inference

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  • Server setup, API setup and inference guide for open source models.
  • Inference for function calling.


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  • Dataset Preparation
  • Fine-tuning Llava and IDEFICS

ADVANCED Transcription

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  • Fine-tuning Whisper on custom datasets
  • Dataset Generation
  • Evaluation

One-click LLM API/Server Templates

  • Check out the full list here
  • Includes Llama 70B, Mistral 7B, Mixtral 8x7B and many more